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When Do You Say Walaikum Assalam?

It is a phrase that Muslims say to one another as a way of wishing them peace. Saying this phrase is also an acknowledgment that Islam is the only true religion and that you are at peace with your faith. There are many other greetings in Islam, but walaikum assalam is arguably the most important one.

The Arabic word “assalam” means “peace be upon you” and it can also mean “greetings from God be on you” or simply “Welcome!” It comes from the same root as “Islam” (which means “submission”) because when people say it they are submitting themselves to Allah’s will and acknowledging their belief in his message.

The greeting is typically said, “al-salāmu ʿalaykum” (peace be upon you) which should always be used when saying walaikum assalam to others. Because the phrase itself means “greetings from God,” it is generally considered good manners to use this greeting instead of just saying salaam to someone.

What Is Walaikum Assalam

Walaikum asalaam is an Islamic phrase meaning “peace be upon you”. It is a greeting among Muslims, and the answer to walaikum asalaam is wa ʾliyukum asʾalām.

Muslims greet each other with this phrase or just say it to themselves to acknowledge that they are at peace with their faith and that Islam is the only true religion. Saying this phrase also acknowledges that we live in a world of opposites and imperfection, but we do our best not to let it drive us away from Allah (SWT). The entire sentence can be translated as “I greet you with peace. Peace be on you.”

How To React if Someone Says Walaikum Assalam to You

If someone says “walaikum assalam” to you, you should reply with “wa ʾalaykumu wa rahmatullah”. This phrase is the same as the first one but it means “and unto you peace and mercy of Allah.” If you’re saying this sentence to your parents, for example, then they should reply back with “wa ʾalaykumu wa rahmatullah” as well.

Tips for Saying Walaikum Assalam Correctly and With Meaning

To say walaikum assalam correctly and with meaning, do so as if you were greeting someone who is waiting for your reply. The phrase should sound like “wah-LEE-koom ahs-sah-LAHM.” Additionally, you should say it with the correct pronunciation of assalamu alaikum. The emphasis is on the last syllable of “assalamu.”

It’s also important to understand that walaikum assalam shouldn’t be used every time someone says salam or goodbye–walaikum assalam is more than just a goodbye. It is an acknowledgement that Islam is the truth and that you are happy with your faith. Finally, say walaikum assalam at the end of a conversation–not in the middle or towards someone who is simply leaving.

Some Muslims also believe that walaikum assalam should be said when two Muslims meet. If two Muslims don’t say it to one another, they should say assalamu alaikum.

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Tips on How To Greet Someone With Walaikum Assalam Correctly

When greeting a Muslim with walaikum assalam, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. The first is that this phrase is used as a way of saying peace to them and acknowledging that Allah (God) is the only god. When using this greeting, it’s important to greet the person back, “walaikum assalam.”

Make sure to listen for responses because not everyone will say it back if they’re in public. For example, if someone greets you outside of your workplace or college or school where people don’t know each other well, they may not say anything back. Because the greeting includes an acknowledgement of Islam being the only true religion, it’s also sometimes considered impolite for non-Muslims to say this phrase.

Common Mistakes When Saying “Walaikum Assalam” and What They Mean

Some common mistakes when saying this phrase include forgetting to say “walaikum assalam” back. When you forget to do that, then the person who greeted you isn’t at peace with their faith and believes there is more than one true religion. They’ll also think that maybe you’re not Muslim because you didn’t say “walaikum assalam” back.

Final Words:

Walaikum assalam is an Islamic greeting of peace that Muslims say to one another when they meet. It’s a way of wishing them peace and acknowledging the truthfulness in their faith. Saying this phrase also acknowledges the other person as your brother or sister in Islam.

There are many different greetings in Islam, but walaikum assalam may be the most important one because it symbolizes love for Allah (God), His messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) and all people who follow his religion with sincerity and devotion. A common mistake made by those saying Walaikum Assalamm is not pronouncing the word correctly; some pronounce it like “walla-eekam ASS-uhlumm” The proper way to pronounce it is “wala-ee-koom ass-uhlum”

The root word for this greeting is “assalamu” which means peace. It’s an Arabic phrase that Muslims will often use in their daily conversations, whether they’re talking about peace or not. Interacting with other Muslims in this way is a great way to build relationships, keep your faith strong and foster unity within the Muslim community.




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