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Cats in Walking Dead: what if they were there?

Cats are always the ones who seem to survive anything, but what if they were part of the walking dead?

The walking dead cats is a comic book series about zombies that are everywhere. In an interview, Robert Kirkman, the author of this comic books series, said that he does not want any cats to be included because “The artist that draws the comics loves drawing people and zombie’szombie’s but doesn’t enjoy drawing animals so much.”

Cats have been known for being survivors throughout history, so it would make sense if they had survived the apocalypse as well.

They could have their personalities with how many cats there are, or they could be one big colony of cats hiding out somewhere.

What would happen if these cats were part of the walking dead? How would they act differently than the zombies that already exist, and how would people try to keep themselves safe from them? Would they be seen as enemies or allies?

The Walking Dead Cats

The walking dead cats are not featured in either the comics or TV series because the cat characters would be too clever to be caught by walking dead. Apart from the author’s preference for humans over cats, the primary assumption is that walking deads are not known for their manners, and cats hide in chaparral or hollow logs.

If walking dead cats were in the wild, they would hide in the shadows and would not be seen coming in to look for food. Robert Kirkman, says “The artist that draws the comic book loves drawing people, loves drawing zombies, does not enjoy drawing animals so much.”

Why Are There No Walking Dead Cats in the Comics or TV Series

The walking dead cat is an animal that is not seen in walking dead comics or walking dead TV series. There are two main assumptions about why walking dead cats are not added to walking dead comics or walking dead TV series. One of the main assumptions is that roaming dead cats are too clever; they would stay far away from walking dead zombies. The other assumption is that walking dead comic artists just does not enjoy drawing roaming dead cats as much as drawing people, zombies, and other animals.

If Walking Dead Cats Were in the Wild, They’dThey’d Be Hiding Out of Sight. 

The walking dead cats would be hiding out of sight in the shadows and not out in the open and walking and scavenging for food. They can just come in and take anything they want because there’s no one around to provide them with it. That’s what we find when we see them scavenge for food, but that wouldn’t happen if they were walking dead cats.

There Were No Walking Dead Cats in Walking Dead Comics nor TV

There are walking dead cats in the walking dead TV series, but not comics. We see walking dead cats scavenging for food but no roaming dead cats in comics because they are clever enough to hide out of sight when necessary. Roaming dead cats would be walking dead people’s best friends in a walking mortal world if they were around.

Final Words:

There were no walking dead cats in walking dead comics nor TV. The walking dead has no cats because the artist who draws it doesn’tdoesn’t like drawing them. They are also not included in the walking dead comics or TV series because they might be too clever to get caught by zombies. This is a shame, as there would have been an excellent opportunity to show how human intelligence evolves differently at different stages of zombie apocalypse survival (i.e., before and after).

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