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Levi Ackerman’s Journey

The world of Attack on Titan is filled with many dangers, but Levi Ackerman is one of the most badass characters to come out of it. He’s part of the Survey Corps, an elite branch of the military specializing in exploring beyond the walls and eventually finding their way back home again. Levi has grown up with his best friend Eren Yeager and shares many common goals- exploring outside and finding a way back home again.

Levi had a rough childhood. His mother’s death hit him hard and affected his relationships with others- Levi often appeared cold and distant to those around him, including Eren Yeager. Despite their close friendship, Levi always kept some distance between them because he didn’t want Eren to get in the way, especially when it came to his dangerous line of work.

Luckily, Eren was persistent and even followed Levi into the Survey Corps, much to Levi’s dismay. Levi wanted him to stay home with his family, but Eren was determined to follow after him and learn from his expertise. After joining, Eren and Levi fought together as a two-person team fighting for the same cause. Even though Eren was still somewhat new to the Corps, his passion helped him learn quickly.

The Appearance of Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman is a character from Attack on Titan and is part of the Survey Corps, which is an elite branch of the military that specializes in exploring the outside world. He has grown up with his best friend Eren Yeager and they share many common goals- to explore beyond the walls and eventually find their way back home again.

The Personality of Levi Ackerman in Attack on Titans

In Attack on Titans, Levi is a serious person who is often seen working hard. He has been shown to be willing to kill in order to achieve his goals, and he is a perfectionist. He does not take kindly to people who do not follow orders which causes him to have a dislike for his friend Eren Yeager.

He is cold and harsh towards most people but can be caring sometimes. Despite his bad-boy persona, he is also willing to show kindness which makes him very mysterious indeed.

History of Levi Ackerman

Levi was born and raised in the Shiganshina District, which is the outermost territory of human civilization. He grew up with his best friend Eren Yeager and they shared many common goals- to explore beyond the walls and eventually find their way back home again.

The Survey Corps met a new member, a girl named Petra Ral, who has a strong interest in exploring outside the walls. Levi’s thought about her was that if she wasn’t careful, he would have to “eject” her from the corps.

Near the end of their first expedition outside the Walls – they were attacked by Titans after scaling a Titan-infested mountain range. Levi killed two Titans before being knocked down from his position. Eren, who ended up being a Titan himself, helped him escape from the Titans by killing them, but ultimately died in the process.

Around this time – Erwin Smith was assassinated while trying to persuade the King about abandoning Wall Maria and fleeing to his father’s land of grand victory, Trost District. This caused a ripple effect in the Survey Corps, with many of its members being uncertain about their future. After losing his best friend Eren Yeager – Levi decided that they must reclaim Wall Maria to honor his memory.

The Story of Levi Ackerman

Ilse’s Notebook of Levi Ackerman

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Battle of Trost District Arc

The Trost district encompasses the southernmost perimeter of humanity’s territory which is around Wall Rose. The Titans breach Wall Rose, which quickly leads to Titans invading the Trost District. After much debate, Commander Erwin orders actives outside the Wall to seal the breach. Upon Eren’s activation of his Titan form, the citizens of Trost are able to be saved.

The Female Titan Arc

Eren and Mikasa have been captured by a mysterious titan that has trapped them in its mouth. Eren is eaten but Mikasa escapes. She releases some nearby fluid as she was scared and this is what attracts the female titan to her. The female titan throws Mikasa around like prey and tries to keep her from escaping. Mikasa manages to escape and find Eren who has managed to return as a titan and frees them both.

The Female Titan arc of Levi Ackerman’s journey takes place within the first three-volumevolumes of the Attack on Titan manga which was released between November 27, 2009 and April 18, 2010. There are many great things that Levi has accomplished during this time, including confronting the Female Titan, freeing his comrades from her mouth, and killing the Female Titan. Also during this arc, Levi goes back to his home town with Eren and Mikasa, where they discover a number of bodies that have been devoured by titans.

Levi’s journey from this time period is one filled with rage and the want to kill all titans. The fact that he has been betrayed by someone who was supposed to be his friend has made him lose trust in anyone around him. He starts keeping a distance from everyone, including Eren and Mikasa because of these feelings. However, when they are being chased by the Female Titan, he gets to see all of them fighting together and realizes that, even though it may be out of a sense of duty or obligation rather than trust, he does have comrades in his division that will fight with him.

The female titan arc has many great things in it for Levi’s journey because we see him taking control of his division once again by confronting the Female Titan. We see him caring about his friends enough to fight even though he doesn’t want to be there. This proves that, though Levi is very much a loner, he does have some trust in the Survey Corps and wants to keep them alive for their sake as well as his own.

The Female Titan arc is a great thing that happens for Levi’s journey because it shows him realizing that there are people who he can care about and who will sacrifice themselves to save others. Though this may be met with anger from him at first, he does take the time to help rescue Eren after his death. He realizes that these people are family and that, as long as they are alive, he can’t give up.

The Female Titan arc is filled with important events for Levi’s journey because we see him realizing who his friends really are and how much they mean to him. We also see him taking control of his division yet again and stopping the Female Titan from killing anyone else. This proves that he is very skilled and that he does care about his comrades.

The Female Titan arc of Levi’s journey has many great aspects to it, but there are also a lot of negative sides as well. The fact that, during this time period, we see Levi keeping a distance from Eren and Mikasa shows us how much he doesn’t want to get close to people. He has had his trust betrayed by someone who was supposed to be not only his superiors but also his best friend. The fact that he still can’t bring himself to get close to Eren and Mikasa shows us how hard it is for him to let his guard down even around people who mean a lot to him.

This arc of Levi’s journey also has many negatives because we see him losing control during the Female Titan fight. He gets more and more angry at the titans, especially Annie, who is one of his closest friends. He ends up killing the Female Titan instead of trying to get information or anything else that would be useful in figuring out all that is going on.

Clash of the Titans Arc

In the second arc of the manga, Levi and Hange lead a Survey Corps expedition beyond the Walls for the first time in years. They find evidence that there has been a recent Titan breach from Wall Maria and discover a new type of Titan with long hair-like appendages and bearing eerily human-like mental faculties. Levi and his friend Armin theorize that these Titans were once humans who transformed into mindless Titans after being devoured by other Titans to the point where they became nothing but pure meat.

As the expedition team investigates a ruined city within Wall Maria, they are attacked by these new Titans. Despite their initial advantage in firepower, Levi and his squadmates are outmaneuvered by the Titans who pretended to be harmless until one of them escapes with captured equipment. These events greatly trouble Commander Erwin Smith as he fears that other humans may have also transformed into Titans and may soon begin attacking the walls.

Royal Government Arc of Attack on Titan

This arc is an anime and manga arc that first appeared in the first anime season and first manga volume. It starts with a young boy named Eren Yeager, who dreamed of exploring outside the district’s walls and to someday return home again one day. He also hates the people in power for oppressing their population and takes his anger out on them by shifting into a titan to terrorize them.

This is because he has been taught that titans must be exterminated at all costs because they are dangerous creatures who threaten humanity’s very survival. Established as humanity’s last line of defense against the Titans, the Survey Corps leads expeditions beyond the walls to explore old ruins and learn more about titans and their weaknesses. They travel farther and farther from the safety of their walls, braving dangerous lands and many horrifying surprises.

Levi Ackerman is a titan shifter which gives him an advantage over the other cadets at training. He is quick to take action and incredibly accurate with his vertical maneuvering equipment (used to scale buildings), earning himself the nickname “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier”. He is also placed as a special target for Eren Yeager to practice on, as Levi has been noted as the best titan fighter in history.

Eren finds himself hated by those around him and he can’t help but feel responsible because of his ability to transform into a titan at will. Because of this, he is sent to an elite military school for training, where his revolutionary ideas are not appreciated by the other cadets. Eren learns that many people die each time he tries to transform into a titan.

The Survey Corps succeeds in breaching through the outermost walls for the first time, but face heavy losses at the hands of numerous titans. Eren uses his newfound abilities to save Captain Levi, who then takes the young cadet into a retreat and sacrifices his vertical equipment and horses in order for everyone else to make it out alive. Eren and Mikasa find shelter in a nearby castle with abandoned guns and cannons; however, they soon return to discover their comrades have all been devoured by titans. Eren decides to confront the titan responsible for eating his mother, but with little success in damaging its hard skin with his fists alone.

Before they can be killed, Captain Levi returns and begins killing surrounding titans to save the two cadets. He is successful, but Mikasa faints after she witnesses a fellow cadet being eaten by a titan.

“What’s Kenny?” Levi inquired, his voice low and serious. The dangerous glint in his eye was evident even in the dark.

Mikasa hesitated. “Kenny is- he was one of Eren’s friends.” She chose her words carefully, not wanting to break Levi’s trust if he chose not to speak about it. “Eren said that Kenny used to be really nice, but lately he had changed.”

Levi nodded gravely. His silence seemed to convey more than any words could. He looked down at the ground, lost in thought for a few seconds before suddenly asking Mikasa what her name meant.

“It means- well, it means chrysanthemum flower. Why?” Mikasa suddenly started to feel self-conscious.

“Fitting.” Levi replied firmly, nodding his head as if that was the most obvious thing in the world. “Why would you want a war name like Ackerman? Didn’t your parents want you to have a normal life?” He cocked his head at her with a piercingly inquisitive look.

Mikasa felt her face heat up in embarrassment and she looked away from him, glaring out into the darkness. “Ackerman is my mother’s family name.” Mikasa replied after a few moments of silence. “My mom died when I was little and so an Ackerman took me in. I was raised alongside Eren and Armin, but then they were sent to military training school and I went to a normal girls’ school. When I came back, the only one left was Eren.”

Levi remained silent after Mikasa paused for a few moments. The dark atmosphere of the forest surrounded them in its blanket of blackness. Everything felt different; the nighttime sky seemed much larger and darker, stifling almost as if its darkness was pressing down on them like a heavyweight.

Mikasa stared up at the sky as well, her eyes glancing over at Levi’s silhouette as he stood beside her. She could tell that he was staring off into the sky as well, his tousled hair being illuminated by the moonlight.

“I have some things I need to figure out.” Levi’s voice broke the silence like a knife cutting through cloth. He sounded… weak, Mikasa thought. She could hear his tone wavering and she had never heard him sound like that before.

“What is it?” Mikasa asked, her voice calm and even.

Levi looked over but did not reply. Though the moonlight was dim, they both could see each other’s faces well enough to read their expressions. Levi looked so vulnerable in that moment- so uncharacteristically unsure of himself- that Mikasa could feel her heart constricting inside of her chest.

“I’m… conflicted.” Levi replied, his voice so quiet it was almost a whisper. He stared at Mikasa with an unreadable expression on his face, but she could see how serious he was.

Mikasa looked down at the ground for a few moments, her eyes scanning the forest floor as if it could give her an answer. After a few seconds, she looked back up at Levi, nodding her head. “What are you conflicted about?” She asked him almost fearfully.

Something flickered in his gaze, and he bit down on his lip- clearly trying to stop himself from talking- but then he looked away, turning his gaze to the sky once again.

“About everything.” Levi murmured, his voice quiet yet still strong in its conviction. “Mikasa… where do you think we came from?” He asked her after a few seconds of silence, his brow furrowed in confusion even though he wasn’t looking at her.

Mikasa stared down at the ground, deep in thought for a few moments before looking up again. “I don’t know.” She replied truthfully after a few seconds. It was less of an answer and more of a confession- she didn’t have any idea where they came from and tried not to think about it too much. She knew that Levi had more of an answer than her- he took things like this very seriously, but she couldn’t help him with his question.

Levi looked away again, his lips forming a thin line as he stared out into the darkness once more. “I don’t either.” He told her after a few moments in a voice so low she almost couldn’t hear him.

Mikasa stared at him, surprised by his answer. The look on his face- it was so vulnerable, so honest- made Mikasa want to reach out and hold him tightly against her chest protectively, but something stopped her. She didn’t know what it was, only that the instinct to comfort him was there.

“What are you trying to figure out then?” Mikasa asked after a few long moments of silence. Levi didn’t reply for a moment, his brow furrowed before he turned back towards her. His gaze made Mikasa’s heart skip a beat- she knew very well how intense his gaze could get- but she didn’t feel afraid of him.

“I’m trying to figure out… what it is that I need.” He said after a moment, his tone so conflicted it made her chest ache. There was something pained about the way he spoke- as if there were some sort of internal struggle within him that refused to be silenced.

Mikasa looked down at the ground for a few moments, her arms crossing over her chest as she did so. After a few seconds of consideration, she looked back up at Levi’s face and nodded her head slowly. “If I can help you-” She began but was cut off by Levi immediately.

“You can’t help me.” He told her with a slight laugh, one that sounded almost self-deprecating. “I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while now but I always end up in the same place.” Levi looked back at Mikasa and she saw an emotion in his gaze that dawned on her as pain.

“I think… I think what I’m trying to figure out is why you care so much about me.” Levi told her as he looked at her, his eyes piercing into hers as if they could see right through her. “Why does that matter?” Mikasa asked him after a few moments, not understanding where this train of thought was coming from.

Levi’s eyes widened slightly in momentary surprise before he shook his head and laughed- it was a short, cynical laugh that didn’t make Mikasa feel very good. “You really don’t know?” He asked her, still sounding somewhat bitter.

Mikasa bit down on her lip, shaking her head in response. “No, I really don’t know.” She told him honestly before looking up at Levi’s face, trying to read his expression to see if she could figure out what was going on.

“You’re the only person that cares about me because you have to.” Levi told her after a few moments of silence, his voice so quiet it was almost a whisper. “You’re my friend.”

Mikasa’s eyes widened slightly in surprise at Levi’s words, but she said nothing for a few moments as she tried to process what he meant by that.

Levi turned away from her again after a few seconds of silence, looking back out into the darkness once more. Mikasa continued to stare at his back and eventually decided that he wasn’t going to tell her anything else, so she moved across the room and sat down on her bedroll.

Mikasa felt off after their conversation- like something was weighing on her mind but she didn’t know what it could possibly be. She ultimately decided that it was probably nothing at all and she quickly fell asleep not long after Levi rejoined her in their room.

Levi didn’t confront Mikasa about his feelings for her again, but there were times when he caught the look of disapproval on Mikasa’s face whenever he did something reckless or stupid- like running off against orders or going on ahead while the squad waited for him.

We’re. It made Levi want to curl up next to her and have her hold him tightly in her arms, but he knew that wouldn’t be good for either of them. He was a soldier and a damn good one at that- it wasn’t his job to be cuddling or hugged by his squadmates.

Levi knew he was probably being stupid for wanting to cling onto Mikasa, but there was nothing else that felt as good as having her next to him- she always made the pain go away no matter how much it hurt.

Name. However, after nearly dying at the hands of the Female Titan, Levi found himself wondering why he even fought anymore if all it did was push the people he cared about further and further away from him. He vowed never to fight again if it would put anyone in danger- not just because they were close to him, but because fighting seemed so damn pointless now after what happened.

Return to Shiganshina Arc Attack on Titan

One mind looked past the ground beneath him, struggling to find anything that remained recognizable. They were back at Shiganshina after a month of absence. All the way down the street, there was nothing left but rubble and ashes. The soldier stumbled back in horror as he connected the dots. He had been here just a few weeks ago- this is where he would have died if not for his quick return to Headquarters with scouts from Stohess District.

A whole month had been lost- turned into a pile of ash now reclaimed by nature’s cold touch. His best friend wasn’t here anymore- how could he have forgotten?

He recovers from the shock and his memories begin to flood back.

The winter months were cold, but not as cold as the people of Wall Rose had been lead to believe. Although it had never snowed in their town as far as he could remember, they were given extra warm coats and gloves nonetheless. The theory was that they would be better prepared if there is ever an emergency involving snowstorms or even worse: blizzards. If that day came, Levi’s family wouldn’t be able to last very long without warmth and equipment built for snow and ice. “You’re going on a trip with your school again!” His father cheerfully reminds him over breakfast one morning before he sets out to work at another job. His sister, whose age is about 22 and just recently graduated from the university had gotten a job as a government employee for one of the districts. “It’s not like I’m going to be gone that long though, just a few weeks this time.” He says it without much enthusiasm but his father continues to smile.

“You were always so smart kid! You’ll be able to come back home soon, right?” He looks up at his son with eyes filled with hope- something that Levi won’t show him. It was hard enough convincing himself he would survive this trip, let alone leave behind all ties he had in town. Why does his father have to keep believing? “I know what you dad… you’ll see me again.”

His father was always so easy to convince, and his words were usually enough of a reassurance. He gets up from the table and kisses his mother on the forehead before ruffling his sister’s hair affectionately. “Don’t get into trouble while I’m gone sis, okay?” His older sister only pushes him off playfully with a grin.

“Oh no! Don’t you dare leave on your trip without giving me a goodbye hug!” She tightens her grip around her little brother and he feels himself wriggle away in discomfort. Maybe not everyone is excited about this trip; she seems very sad already even though it hasn’t started yet. He tries to console her but she cut onto him harder- like if somehow she doesn’t let go, he’ll stay forever.

“Bye bye big brother! Have fun!” She finally releases him and waves goodbye as he walks out to meet with his classmates. He can still feel the warmth of her embrace around his body long after he had left it behind- comforted by the thought that someone would be waiting for him when he gets back again.

The decision to leave home was not very difficult for Levi because all of his friends agreed to come along with him on this trip into town. There wasn’t much information about the area they were headed too but whatever little that has been explained to them, it didn’t sound like a good place for human beings to live long term or even try surviving at all.

“What’s over there Levi? Why do we have to go somewhere so dangerous?” Petra asked him as they packed their bags and prepared to leave for this trip. He had been asking himself the same thing, but he didn’t like showing his emotions of not knowing- it would make it too obvious that he wasn’t very smart or strong like everyone said he was. “It’s probably better if you don’t know; I’m sure there is a reason.”

Petra looked confused and maybe even a little betrayed by his response, “But why would the government send us on such a scary place without explaining anything?” She wasn’t satisfied with his answer and her question continues to echo through his mind as they board the bus headed for Wall Rose. There was a moment of excitement as they finally departed from the town and headed towards Wall Rose that seemed to have been shared amongst everyone on the bus. They all begin to chat with one another about their plans for the holidays and how excited they were to start this mission with no idea what it entailed.

“Is something wrong Levi?” Mikasa is sitting next to him now, but her voice sounds very far away even though she is looking right at him, “You seem really distant today.” Maybe he had been staring out of the window for too long- examining every little detail of the forest as if his life depended on it because sometimes it felt like maybe it did? He couldn’t tell anymore…

Marley Arc Attack on Titan

Marley arc attack on titan is an event that happens in Attack on Titan. It consists of the survey corps fighting against some human-like creatures known as the Marley. They are machines with some organic components and they are stationed north of the wall to search for the breach (entry point). The Marley were standing up to help find out what was happening, but their technology is not advanced enough to identify how it happened.

They were not sure if the walls would fall, so they decided to stay on their territory. But, one day during an expedition mission, Eren Yeager and his friends found some old weapons laying around in a box. They thought it was just junk until Jean told them that they looked like cannons, but better. When Mikasa Ackerman touched one of the unknown items, she realized that her hands felt warmer after she had held it. She soon found out that it was very similar to titan skin which is why the weapon got warm after being handled by her. Then she gave up trying to figure out what these machines are because there was no known technology on the walls at this point in time- how could there be advanced weaponry?

The next episode starts after the survey corps came home. It was very quiet at first because they were back safely, but then Annie Leonhart started to lose control of her titan form. After she woke up, she said that there was someone inside of her giving her orders and not letting her regain control over herself. They had never heard anything like this before so it began to bother them all night until things got worse- another man-like Titan appeared in front of them. If you recall what happened with Eren Yeager’s titan form, he lost control as well- except he lost it completely because he was being eaten by his titan form for 3 full days straight without moving an inch or saying a word.

This new titan appeared during the attack on titan manga chapter 115. The Survey Corps was ordered to kill it, but they were very surprised because the man inside did not try to resist at all. They killed it and found out that he was a member of the survey corps named Falco Grice. After this event, Eren Yeager lost his memory and started living like a normal child… but with titan powers. He realized he could control them and went back to save Mikasa (who had been kidnapped by Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover).

Levi Ackerman’s journey ends with both Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman killing Annie Leonhart as she is transforming into her titan form in order to keep her from talking about their secret- which would lead to their discovery.

Levi Ackerman’s journey is the historic journey that Levi Ackerman has experienced within the anime/manga ‘Attack on Titan’. Within this article, it will discuss his battle with the titans and humans alike, as he fights to find himself after losing both friends and family early in his career. Additionally, it will focus on how he copes with loss and go into detail about why he is so highly respected within the military career.

The attack on titan arc begins when Eren Yeager joins the Survey Corps, which are a branch of the Military Police who specialize in exploring beyond the walls that protect their city from Titans- giant man-eating humanoids who have driven humanity to near extinction. During an expedition mission, Eren and his friends find some old weapons in a box laying around. After touching one of them, Mikasa Ackerman realizes her hands feel warmer than before. Soon after it is realized that the weapons are similar to titan skin which is why they grew warm when touched by her.

After this arc, Annie Leonhart begins losing control over herself due to someone else controlling her titan form. During the same time, another man-like Titan appears during the attack on titan manga chapter 115. The Survey Corps was ordered to kill it, but instead, they found out that Falco Grice was inside of it without resisting at all, making no attempt at all to fight back. Eren Yeager loses his memory while living like a normal child, but with the titan power to move at high speeds. He eventually goes back to save Mikasa who has been kidnapped by Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover after realizing he can control his titan form.

During Levi Ackerman’s journey, he is confronted by many humans in order to fulfill their own agenda either through fear or greed. However, when they are faced against an enemy that is too strong for them alone, they tend to team up with him- despite the fact that they still see him as a threat due to his past deeds. This makes it hard for him to trust people in general because most of them have ulterior motives… even if some of their intentions are selfless in nature.

Levi Ackerman’s journey ends with ending the attack on titan manga chapter 144 when Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman kill Annie Leonhart as she is transforming into her titan form in order to keep her from talking about their secret- which would lead to their discovery.

  • Levi Ackerman
  • Mikasa Ackerman
  • Eren Yeager
  • Annie Leonhardt
  • Falco Grice

War for Paradis Arc Attach on Titan

You are the titans, the evil that plagues humanity. That is what people think of you. The mere thought of your existence makes them shudder in terror. Your size and sheer power is enough to intimidate even the most hardened veteran. You drive humanity to despair and according to them you deserve all that you get.

What they don’t realize is that you aren’t what you seem. You may be large, but so are the giants. Your terrifying appearance only serves to mask your true nature, which can hardly be called monstrous. Inside of you lies something akin to humanity, hidden deep beneath the surface until it’s needed.

When someone loses their loved one or home to war or disaster, that pain is shared with everyone else who shares my kind. Even if we never interacted before and were nothing alike in life, we share a common bond now as titans and humans alike tear each other apart over resources and land. It’s all because of blind fear- fear causes anger and anger causes hate and hate causes suffering for all those involved .

It doesn’t have to be this way. Not all humans are cruel. There are some among them who would rather resolve their disputes with words than violence, but that’s not what the other side wants. They are too afraid of losing power that they continue to fight back, never bothering to discover why our kind exists in the first place. What could possibly be worth fighting over so desperately?

“They’re just trying to take back what’s theirs,” is one excuse made for humanity’s actions against you and your fellow titans. The only thing being taken back though is death- a war fought so stupidly will lead to more needless deaths while reaping no real results. No matter how long the conflict drags on, it will remain a war without end anything is better than nothing.

History is filled with strife and pain, most of it caused by humanity itself. They would rather fight each other over petty differences than work together to solve their problems. The Survey Corps was one of the most hopeful developments in recent history, hoping to explore the world outside humanity’s walls for both knowledge and resources. That hope still lives on in at least some humans even if it has become increasingly difficult given the state of the rest of the world.

Now that there are no titans to fight against, all they can do is continue fighting themselves until they destroy everything that makes life worth living. Titans may not be human but we share a common goal- peace between our kind for once and for all. You and your kind may not be the giants of legend, but you still have a choice in the path that is set out before us all.

Think about what you’re doing and why we exist. Maybe then we can stop tearing each other apart.

A letter was found written on a piece of paper inside Historia Reiss’ sling bag after she was kidnapped by Kenny Ackermann during the Battle for Trost District arc. No one has any idea where it came from or who wrote it, though most suspect it was Eren Yeager after his transformation into a titan early on in his training with Hange Zoë to experiment with his newfound powers even further.

Abilities of Levi Ackerman

Levi is a Titan-fighting expert, capable of slicing smaller Titans in half with his blade. He’s also one of the strongest humans around since he survived an encounter with both Rod Reiss’ Titan form and later Frieda Raziel’s Colossus Titan form without taking any injuries at all. Levi Ackerman has shown to be exceptionally intelligent as well, being able to anticipate his enemies actions and come up with counterattacks on the spot to take down many opponents. He also has excellent vision and can track movements even in fast-paced combat.

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Vertical Maneuvering Equipment Levi Ackerman

The vertical maneuvering equipment provides a high amount of mobility, dexterity and flexibility from the user. The equipment is made out of metal to give it a heavyweight, but also to make it durable. The equipment is made with a class three gas-powered jet engine for propulsion. The fuel used is a mix of synthetic muscle fluid and coal dust that has been pulverized into an ultra-fine powder. This is mixed with water and then distilled to create a gas.

The gas is stored in a metal canister and the fuel valve is turned on with an attached control wire. With this design, it can be operated by one or two people. The height of the equipment can be adjusted to correspond with the pilot’s vision and dexterity. For example, if Levi wanted to, he could bend down enough so his eyes are just barely above ground level or raise them high enough to see across long distances. He has great flexibility when it comes to movement while he is wearing his vertical maneuvering equipment; there is no limit for how far his leg can stretch (if he were holding onto something) and it also allows him to keep balance when moving around on a tree branch or an antenna tower.

Strength of Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman has a lot of strengths. He is one of the strongest people in the world and he uses his strength to help out everyone in need. He is also very quick on his feet and is able to react quickly when needed.

One area where Levi might lack is experience in regards to relationships with peers. Over the course of the manga, he has shown interest in Hannah, Mikasa, and Annie- three girls who are close friends from long before he joined the Survey Corps. His relationships with these girls have been complicated by misunderstandings and a general lack of empathy for other people’s feelings. Overall, however, it is clear that none of these relationships have gone any farther than friendship because Levi lacks social skills.

The Intelligence of Levi Ackerman

The intelligence of Levi Ackerman is very high. He has a genius-level intellect, being able to think 5 steps ahead of everyone else in most situations. His tactical skills are phenomenal and he is often one step ahead of the enemy. He has a photographic memory and therefore remembers everything no matter how challenging it is to remember.

Awakened Power of Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman, or “Ackerman”, is a character in the manga and anime series with the same name; he is the only human in Shiganshina District to possess “the power of the Titans” which gives him abilities similar to those of a Titan. He is also part of the Survey Corps, an elite branch of the military that specializes in exploring the outside world.

Sword-Wielding Technique of Levi Ackerman

The sword-wielding technique of Levi Ackerman is a technique that utilizes an alternate grip on the hilt of the blade. It was made famous by Levi Ackerman, Commander of the Survey Corps.

This grip requires two hands to execute properly, with the left hand placed completely over the right, forming just one large fist with thumbs pointed up to catch or grab onto the blade. Doing so will allow for more control over the movements of the blade, as well as provide protection from potential enemies.

Thunder Spears of Levi Ackerman

Levi’s Thunder Spear is 20.5ft long and has an extremely high piercing power and mobility. For this reason, it is the preferred weapon of its namesake and is utilized for close-range combat. So much so, that Levi has been said to be capable of killing a Titan in one hit.

Levi’s specialties as a soldier include speed and swordsmanship, which combine to make his spear as shown as above as a good enough weapon for short-range combat. He can throw them with such force and accuracy that they can even give off a powerful blast at their impact point after piercing a Titan’s nape.

The spear also possesses another trait not often seen- an ability to regenerate itself after being thrown. Although this is not a requirement in its usage, Levi prefers to use it at all times in order to give his opponents a false sense of security when facing him. The spear can be split into twin blades or used as a grappling hook after being impaled into the desired surface for mobility purposes, which is made possible by the unique formation of their shafts that act like small shock absorbers.

Relationships of Levi Ackerman

Levi was born in Shiganshina District prior to the fall of Wall Maria. Five years before the battle of Trost, he became friends with Eren Yeager and Armin Arlert, who lived nearby. The three often played together as children. During one such playtime, when they were seven years old, a curious Eren found an illegal book about the outside world hidden by his father and showed it to Levi and Armin.[3] It told them about places far beyond the Walls which were surrounded by oceans and had many islands,[4] as well as telling stories of man-eating giants called Titans that roamed outside the walls.[5][6] They believed it to be fiction until two months later when the Colossal Titan breached Wall Maria and allowed Titans to invade their home town.

In a single night, most of Shiganshina District was destroyed and many people killed, including Eren’s mother who was eaten by a Titan while trying to save him.[7] Vowing revenge against them for killing her,[8] Eren inspired both Levi and Armin into joining the military.[9][5] The three then met with other children who had also lost their families but still wanted to join the Survey Corps, forming a new group they called the 104th Training Corps.


Levi Ackerman has been a part of the Survey Corps since he was young and grew up with Eren Yeager. He is considered to be an elite member in his profession because he can quickly maneuver around enemies, but also fight them when needed. Levi’s blades are made from steel found in titan skeletons, and they have a sheath that protects him from being cut by accident or on purpose. His expertise as a person who specializes in exploring outside the walls makes him quite valuable for any group going into unknown territory- this includes humans who want to explore beyond their own borders too! It seems like no matter what happens, Levi will always find himself back home again someday soon enough.



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