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Huge Titan – Rod Reiss Titan Size Explained Aot

When it comes to the titans, there are few things more mysterious than Rod Reiss. He appears in several episodes of Huge Titan AOT, but what does he want? What is his motivation? Why doesn’t he try to stop the titans when he sees them doing terrible things? Let’s explore these questions and more in this article!

The 100-Meter Class

Rod Reiss is the one responsible for the creation of Eren’s titan power. This means that he should know everything about them, right? That includes their size. So let’s try to estimate it!

First, There Are Two Types of Titans in Aot: “Titans” and “Titan Shifters.”

Regular titans are 100-meter tall giants who can be killed in several ways: piercing the nape, ripping the limbs, cutting the muscles… But they also explode when they die. This explosion destroys everything within 50 meters and causes considerable damage to anything within several kilometers.

Titan Shifters are humans with the power to turn into titans. They can control their titan body and don’t explode when they die.

As the most potent Titan Shifter ever known, Rod Reiss is around 8 meters tall (the average height of an adult male).

But Rod is also a “shifter.” This means that he does not need to be in Titan Shifter mode to use the titan power. So what are the limits of his titan size? Let’s think logically.

Using 50 meters as an upper limit for when the body starts to deform when shifting, it would be logical that when in a normal human state, Rod Reiss’ maximum size is roughly around 100 meters tall, very similar to the regular titans.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Rod Reiss’ titan form shares feature with both the regular titans and Titan Shifters. This means that his body must be somehow different from a standard Titan’s. If he can control all of his muscles like a human, perhaps he also has extra bones inside his legs to allow movement even in that size?

All this information leads to one conclusion: Rod Reiss’ titan form is roughly 100 meters tall. It’s much smaller than the Colossus Titan but more significant than the Armored Titan, which demonstrates why it has not been seen before.

The 4th Secret Power of the 104th

Now that we have talked about Rod Reiss let’s go back to Eren and his titan power. When Annie and co. Realize he has it, and they show a great deal of surprise: Annie even says she never heard of anyone with this power before! So what is so special about it?

First, we should mention that only 1 to 4% of humans can turn into titans (it’s not sure how many people actually can since no one ever wanted to become a titan, and the statistics are based on the number of casualties). Furthermore, we know that Eren is at least partially immune to other humans’ attacks: take a look at how he kills Hitch without any problem.

This means that Eren’s powers are extraordinary, and it’s easy to understand why Annie and company were so surprised. It also explains why Rod Reiss went through the trouble of having Historia marry him, as she is part of the royal bloodline.

But what other secrets are hidden in Eren’s titan power? One of them is revealed at the very end of season 1 when he loses control. If you remember, the only way to stop him instantly was Annie shooting him with an electrical arrow… But there is more!

Another clue is found in episode 34 when Hanji tries to capture Eren’s titan form. She uses the same electrocution trick to stop him, but it does not work! The reason is straightforward: she sends one electrical arrow at high speed. However, Eren’s titan body has incredible reflexes and can dodge things moving far faster than that. If she wants to stop him, she needs to send at least ten missiles simultaneously!

Finally, there’s a third hint… Remember when Eren was supposed to be captured? Many soldiers surround him with guns, and it looks like they will kill him. But suddenly, one of them shoots himself in the head! That soldier is Mikasa’s father! And we don’t know why he does it… Maybe he realizes his daughter is in danger? Or maybe shooting Eren was part of some plan to help him recover from “Jaws”?

It’s a mystery, but one thing is for sure: there is more to Eren’s titan power than meets the eye.

The Secrets of Titan Shifters

Now that we have talked about Eren’s secret powers let’s move on to another original aspect of the series: the titan shifter. These characters can assume a human shape and fight as humans do: this gives them many advantages (the most notable one being their ability to use swords).

We have already talked about the secret of the shifters’ transformation, but there are still a few mysteries left. First of all, their ability to create other shifters is extraordinary… How do they do it? They have titan flesh inside them, so one would expect their flesh to become precisely like their titans: either hard with no sense of touch or full of muscles with no intelligence. So what gives? How can they maintain a human form with titan flesh in their bodies?

Does the Flesh Regenerate Automatically When It’s Cut Off, or Is There Some Serum Involved?

Another question we do not have an answer to is: why wasn’t this ability used before? If their flesh can become soft enough to maintain a human shape, why don’t they transform into titans all the time?

Finally, we come to the question about their weaknesses and what would happen if someone were to eat them. We know that touching titan shifters when in titan form is dangerous: it’s like letting an electric current inside your body. This also works vice versa: if you are a shifter, touching titans will paralyze you for a few seconds.

But what about eating them? From an evolutionary standpoint, it would seem that the best way to eliminate titans once and for all is to eat them! Of course, this is not possible because they’re not delicious, but what if they were? What would happen to someone who ate the flesh of a titan shifter?

This question may be answered in some way or another… But until then, you should keep these questions in mind!

What Is a Huge Titan?

A huge titan is one of the enormous titans in the series. There are many questions left unanswered about this particular type of titan, but the few known facts provide a lot of fodder for speculation. Let’s take a look at some of the facts surrounding this titan.

Who is Rod Reiss?

The first time this huge titan is ever seen, it appears in answer to Historia Reiss’ cry for help. This titan rescues her from being eaten by other titans and carries her to safety, instilling a sense of awe and wonder in the young girl. Her mother, Carla Jaeger, tells Historia that she believes this titan represents a god-like figure from their family line called the “First King.”

The first time we see Rod Reiss as a huge titan is during chapter 33. We don’t know much about him other than that he’s behind the coup d’état and knows a lot more about what’s going on in the world. Historia suspects that Reiss is related to this titan (the “First King”) and wants to learn more from him.

We first see Rod as… himself, in chapter 61. The first thing he does is kill Dimo Reeves (the mayor of Trost district). After almost losing control of his anger at this man’s alliance with the government, he calmly explains that it isn’t safe for Historia to remain inside the city walls and tells her that she must become queen. He then offers Historia a handkerchief that belonged to her mother, Carla.

At the end of chapter 61, you see Rod Reiss outside of his large house. He’s sitting on a bench and looking out over a city skyline. A member of the Military Police Brigade shows up and offers him an umbrella against the rain. This same scene is shown again in chapter 96.

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What does this scene mean? Is it just a way to show that Reiss is huge, or is there more to it? All we know for sure at this point is that Rod Reiss has been supporting the Survey Corps, but why? Let’s take a look back at what he says about Historia to understand his reasoning.

The Different Types of Huge Titans

The huge titans are a particular type of titan that is larger than the normal ones. It is theorized that there are at least two types of them, but this has not been confirmed. In Attack on Titan’s first season, the huge titan is responsible for killing most villagers inside Wall Maria.

In Attack on Titan’s second season, the Beast Titan captures Eren Yeager and reveals himself as Ymir wearing a cloak. She betrays Bertholdt Hoover and Reiner Braun by releasing their captives and shows her proper form. She also eats the captured Eren and regains her memories.

Rod Reiss transforms into a huge titan in Attack on Titan’s third season and fights Historia Reiss and Kenny Ackerman. After battling for a while, he is killed by Historia, who eats him to get her power back.

Final Words:

The titans are the main antagonists of Attack on Titan. They’ve been attacking humanity for over a century, and no one knows why they exist or what their motives are. But one titan seems to have some power over them: Rod Reiss, who has appeared several times in the story so far. Why does he know so much about these creatures? What’s his goal here? And how will it affect our heroes’ quest to eradicate all titans from society once and for all? Stay tuned! We’ll find out soon enough…



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