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10 Signs Your Walking Dead Cats Is Plotting Against You

Your cat may not be alive, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead. These are the signs your zombie feline is plotting against you!

Walking Dead Cats can be sneaky creatures, and they’ve been known to toy with their owners in all sorts of ways.

But what many people don’t know is that cats can also come back from the grave (or should I say living room rug) as zombies intent on getting revenge on those who wronged them while they were still breathing.

Here are 10 signs that your walking dead cat is plotting against you:

  1. You forgot to feed him for three days straight; he’s taken control of the kitchen and has a secret stash of food hidden under his bed.
  2. He’s started showing up at strange times, like in the middle of the night, and there’s something unearthly glowing in his eyes.
  3. You locked him out of your bedroom; he has started knocking on your door every evening at midnight (he has that evil grin that cats get when they want to play with fire).
  4. He no longer eats his food; he’s waiting for you to go to bed so he can summon the armies of darkness.
  5. He hisses at your visitors; they’re just looking out for your best interests, trying to keep you away from him by giving you a warning.
  6. He has an odd look in his eye that tells you he’s fully aware of what is going on around him.
  7. He’s been trying to convince you to get more cats; they will have a zombie army at their disposal the next time he dies.
  8. He hasn’t been able to kill any of your other pets lately, and has started pouncing on every black thing he sees.
  9. His eyes turn green in the light of a full moon, and his face takes on a look of unholy glee.
  10. You come home from work to find he has been busy while you were gone; there’s blood on the walls, the furniture is outside on the lawn, and your other pets have disappeared.

Fear the Walking Dead Eye of the Beholder Cats

New research has been done to determine that cats have incredibly sensitive hearing. To use a metaphor, it is like having a cotton ball in your ear.

They can hear things from a long way away and they do not need to make a sound for you to know there is something going on.

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The new research also found that while they may be deaf to the sound of people talking, if their food dish is empty after ten minutes of sitting there, they can sense it. In conclusion, one must always be careful with what they say about the walking dead!

What Is Daniels Cats Name in Fear the Walking Dead

Daniels’s cat’s name in the Walking Dead is Rosita.

Where Are All the Dogs and Cats in the Walking Dead

This is the question that many people are asking. The answer to this question is actually not too difficult to figure out. Anytime you hear of a zombie story, there are never any dogs or cats mentioned; this is because they would be an easy meal for the zombies.

Signs of Walking Dead Cats

Your cat may be plotting against you for two reasons. Firstly, it could be that they are tired of being your pet and want to eat you instead (which would not be the worst idea). Secondly, they might just want some attention.

You can tell which of these reasons applies to your cat by taking note of whether or not there is any blood on them, which will show that they have recently killed.

Cat’s Meow? More Like Miaow!

Walking dead cats are known for their cute meows, but some cats might change their tune and make a miaow instead. If your cat is meowing like this it might be time to lock them up somewhere until the apocalypse is over with, just to be on the safe side.

What Is the Cats Name in the Walking Dead

The name of the cat in The Walking Dead TV show is named ‘Duane.’

Dogs or Cats on the Walking Dead

Tomorrow night, AMC airs the mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead.” The show, based on Robert Kirkman’s comic series of the same name is about a ruthless world filled with flesh-hungry zombies.

Lori is killed by being buried alive in episode five. We see our little girl walker. Rick sees Lori as a zombie crawling through the dirt trying to find prey.

How Much the Walking Dead Cats

No one is really sure how many of these poor creatures there are, but it’s estimated that they may be as many as 100-200 million worldwide. The cats are just like any other cat, but instead of hunting their prey, they kill for human consumption.

These “walking dead” cats sort of existing on the fringes of society, but on very rare occasions you will see one on someone’s porch or in the neighborhood cat colony.

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Warrior Cats Walking Dead

In Warrior Cats, cats can be alive or dead. Alive cats are often seen as a sign of good luck and a strong indication that they will live a long life.

They’re often described as being energetic and curious with bright eyes.

A dead cat is different from living cats in that it is missing its spirit. It’s easily identifiable by its lack of energy and curiosity.

There has been evidence to show that some cats have been able to come back from the dead after being buried for years.

In these cases, the signs of life can return days or months after they were believed to be dead. Some have made claims about their cat coming back from the dead within hours after being buried, but this has not been verified by any other source.

If you find your cat is doing any of the following, it could be a sign that it has lost its spirit and become a walking dead cat:

  • -Lack of energy; may appear to need help getting up or be harder to wake up than normal. The eyes also will appear less bright and dimmer.
  • -The cat will have more difficulty grooming itself.
  • -Lack of interest in hunting or playing with toys that it once loved. At the end of their life, all cats are more interested in sleeping than doing anything else. This is normal for house cats, but if your cat appears to be lacking energy before it’s due for its next sleep cycle, this indicates that its spirit has died.
  • -If the cat is alive and you think it’s dead (it may be showing signs of deadness), try washing your cat to see if this wakes it up. If the cat was a normal one before burial, the wash will usually rouse them from their slumber. If so, take it to the doctor immediately. If you suspect your cat was a dead one before washing, its spirit won’t be able to return even if it’s clean.
  • -The cat will often appear to be stiff and lack fluid motions. It is very hard for them to jump or climb objects that they could before their burial. They are sometimes described as being “wooden.”
  • -If your cat returns from the dead, it might be acting differently than before death. It could no longer want to eat or play as much, and may appear more aggressive. This is normal for cats who have died, but if your cat seems to be acting contrary to its nature (e.g., an aloof cat starts to cuddle with you), it is more than likely a sign that its spirit has left.
  • -The cat may make unusual meowing or growling sounds. If your normally friendly and quiet cat becomes loud and chatty, its spirit is gone and it will need to be killed (by stabbing) before the disease can spread to other cats.
  • -If your cat returns from the dead, it will not be able to go to the bathroom on its own. It may need assistance in this area.
  • -The cat may run into things that it wasn’t able to before death. The eyesight could have been damaged during burial, or the spirit might just leave soon after returning.
  • -The cat may appear pale instead of its normal colour, or the colour might change all at once to a dull grey/white shade. This is due to lack of circulation, which happens when it’s buried alive.
  • -Do not allow your walking dead cat near any other cats. If you have other pets that are still alive, keep your dead cat in a secluded area (like the bathroom or basement) and make sure that there are no holes in the walls for it to escape.
  • -If you don’t want this disease spreading to other cats, you must kill it using any method of your choice (making sure not to get bitten). If its body is not burned or properly disposed of, the disease will continue to spread.
  • -If your cat does not show any signs of being a walking dead cat, but is able to survive after being buried for several days/weeks, it is likely that its spirit has returned.

Why Are There No Cats in the Walking Dead

I’ve thought about that question for years. I don’t know. They should be! Cats are the best zombie killers- they’re silent, stealthy, and merciless. I hope to see more cats in season two!

Final Words:

Walkin’ dead cats have misunderstood creatures. This article is meant to help you get your facts straight about this mysterious animal and what it does when they venture out of the house!

We hope that after reading, you will be able to detect signs from your furry friends before they damage anything in the home or try any funny business with other animals on the property.

If these tips helped clarify some misconceptions for you, please share them with others who might need more information about walkin’-dead felines!



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