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4 Tips on Using Personalized Video in Your Sales Process

Monotony is sales pitches might be the biggest reason for failure to convert leads into revenue. Every time you call a customer care center, you might hear the same script from the agent. Sales reps and their calls can also sound like a broken record. For instance, a receptionist at a staffing firm Pennsylvania may have the same salutation every time. This can become boring and the words can lose value and meaning for most customers.

So, companies are now changing that by creating unique experiences for each customer. For instance, you might get a promotional text message from a restaurant. Most of the time you won’t even read it. But if the salutation mentions your name, the text message might resonate more to you. Marketers think that customization can make experiences memorable for your customers. That is why many businesses are now incorporating personalized videos for sales and marketing.

What Is a Personalized Video? 

Personalized videos can be any video content that is designed for a specific person or company. It might have their name or other personal information like interests and hobbies, etc. So, it is a dedicated attempt at getting someone’s attention in the form of a video. The message might be specific to one person and it can also make them feel special.

You might be wondering how you can make a promotional video personal for each customer and why it can make a difference. Take the example of Starbucks and their practice of writing customer names on their coffee orders. When you hear your name being called out when your order is ready, it becomes a unique memory. So, you may remember it more and this experience is what brings customers back to Starbucks every time.

How Can Personalized Videos Boost Your Sales? 

Most customers can expect a curated experience in marketing campaigns. So, they may also want the same type of experience in their sales relationship. From the first conversation to accepting the proposal, a personalized video can help you go the extra mile with your customers.

Here are a few ways you can use personalized videos to speed up your sales process.

#1: Video Outreach Emails 

Many companies find it difficult to get responses from potential leads over outreach emails. The reason is the same: all outreach emails look and sound the same. So, there are very little chances of a lead to become a customer if there is nothing standing out in the email. You can try sending out personalized videos with lead-generation emails to your clients.

For this purpose, you can use a personal message or their name in the title of the email. A/B testing can be the best way to come up with the right title. As a result, your marketing and outreach emails can have a much lower bounce rate.

#2: Video Meeting Summaries 

For most sales reps, even setting up a meeting with a potential lead can be a hassle. So, if you get a meeting, you should make sure that it makes a difference. Sales meetings can be dreary and most people can forget what you talked about. So, in order to make your meeting talking points stick, follow-up with a video summary.

You can make the video as fun as you want but don’t make it as long as the meeting itself. A quick, 30-second summary with all the important points should do it. You can also add the next steps that they can take and other ways to get in touch with you. Attaching an electronic copy of your proposal can also be a great idea.

#3: Answer Frequently Asked Questions 

Engaging a client might be the toughest part of the whole process. But that isn’t where the journey ends. Until the client signs on with you, your work isn’t done and dusted. Sometimes, the client can come back with the same questions on functionality. It can get frustrating to answer again and again but you can’t let it show. So, recording a video can be a great way to do it.

You can repurpose the same video for all your clients by changing the intros or some parts of it. As a result, you can answer all their questions and make a positive impact as well. The client can also revisit the video again whenever they want to. They will be impressed that you went the extra mile for them.

#4: Re-Engage Lost Leads 

Sometimes you might get ahead with a lead but then they suddenly lose interest. There could be no plausible explanations and the lead could ghost you. But you can send them a personalized video and get their attention right back. You can remind them of the sales and marketing recruitment proposal that you sent them a while ago. They might get back to you and you can revisit the terms and conditions discussed in the previous conversation.



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