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It’s no doubt among the most well-known social networks that exist on the Internet. It’s not just a place for people to interact with family and friends as well as to follow their favorite brands. In fact, over 80% of Instagram users follow companies on Instagram!

It is crucial for companies to establish an Instagram profile in order to reach their target audience. But, it can be depressing when you invest hours, money, and many resources into a channel which doesn’t even expand. A lot of accounts choose to go the easy option and buy Instagram followers, however we strongly discourage doing so. Sure, your followers’ number goes dramatically however, you’re paying for an amount. These are basically bots ghost followers, fake followers, and even ghosts. They’re not likely to love your images, buy your products or answer your post. They’ll never ask questions on your latest blog post. It’s more beneficial to have 100 genuine and engaged followers rather than 1 million fake fans.


Instead of purchasing the products, you need to discover how to grow your Instagram account and increase engagement! It takes a bit (ok some, but much) longer however it’s extremely satisfying to achieve your goal in the right way. Here are some tips to help you grow organically your Instagram account.

1. Post Consistently

To allow users to sign up with your brand, you have to provide them with something they can connect to! Brands that have a reputation for consistency are reliable and on time. Make use of a scheduling tool to sketch out your schedule in advance. This will make sure that you’re publishing content regardless of how busy your week gets.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that you must also consider the time of day you’re posting for the intended target audience. For example, if the intended users are university students, then it’s not a good idea to schedule an Instagram post for 7:30 am on a Saturday morning.

Instagram provides valuable information about your target audience through The Insights area of your account mobile application. It lets you know what the day and time that your audience is the most engaged – and less active! Take note of this data when planning and publishing content. For additional information:

BuyFollowersMalaysia said “If your followers aren’t able to find an obvious optimal time there are some general times that be the most popular for Instagram engagement in general:”


  • Wednesday at 3:00 PM
  • The Thursday of the 11th at 3 pm, at 3PM, and 4 5
  • Five AM on Fridays


2. Watch for Competition

You could post the content at the ideal time on the most perfect time of the week, but if the content you post isn’t excellent, people may not enjoy it, or even follow your account to get more. Pay attention to accounts that share the same to your target audience. What’s going on for them? What’s not working? What types of posts get the most interest for them? Doing this is an excellent way to find out which content is most effective for your particular audience, without the need to try it for yourself.

3. Mix it up

Don’t be afraid to play with the many possibilities Instagram offers! Photos are fantastic however, it’s also important to try a video when resources permit it. In reality 70% of impressions of ads on Instagram result from video.

In the event that you do not have enough funds to make videos for Instagram in the moment there are many possibilities to consider. Instagram Stories has countless ways to personalize your content, such as music, polls, questions boxes, GIFs.

Snapchat-style video. Instagram users can use hashtags in Stories the same way they do in posts. Make sure to incorporate them into every story!

In addition, IGTV offers the ability to publish long-form content on your social media accounts, including demonstrations of your products, Q&As and behind-the-scenes tour tours.


4. Engage with Your Audience

Once you’ve decided on the content you want to share, when and in what format, you’ll see that people are now taking notice of your posts through comments and likes. You can turn these users into loyal fans by responding to their comments! It’s not easy to respond to every comment, and if aren’t able to, that’s okay. But, you should try being as involved as you can. Answering questions of consumers via social media encourages 40% of followers to buy in the opinion of Sprout Social. In the same way that not responding to a simple product query on Instagram could result in a loss of sales. If someone asks a question about a product for example, a miss answer could mean a missed sales!


5. Hashtag, Hashtag, Hashtag

Hashtags are, in my opinion, the most significant aspect in growing organically on Instagram growth. It’s basically the way users discover your content even if they are not following your account already. One mistake that is made all too often is choosing a few hashtags, and then repeating them posting after post. Big mistake! It is essential to determine the perfect hashtag for your post by choosing one or two from the four categories below:

Hashtags that are brand-related: These should include your company’s name in order to create an engagement that is directly linked with your company’s brand.

Popular Tags when hashtags that appear on the Explore page of Instagram have relevance to your business you can include them on your posts to boost the reach of your post.

Keywords that are popular: Think of these as hashtags that are extremely broad like #Nature, #Detroit, and #Food.

Local Tags Do you know that posts that include geotags can earn up to 79 percent more engagement? Always include hashtags that relate to a place, in addition to marking the actual location in upper left-hand corner of your post (if is applicable). Buy Instagram followers Malaysia from top rated agency to make yourself famous.

6. Don’t just make, but curate!

If you’re posting adverts for your business and images you’ve created then you’re doing it wrong! Re-gram content that is relevant to the brand you represent, share pictures of your products which customers have shared, and add some stunning images to the mix. Over-advertising is among the most irritating practices that a company can engage in on social media, and it often leads to de-following.

7. Give something away

Your current followers can assist you! The average consumer is 7 times more likely from a company that their friends recommend to them about. Make a contest which requires people to like your page and tag their friends on the comment section for a chance to win. Your current followers will add those they believe will appreciate your brand. They will most likely then participate in your giveaway by liking your page and then tagging some friends!

Let the advertising train continue to speed by inviting the winner to share images that showcase your brand (share with friends, share, and share). This teaches and inspires friends of friends who might not have participated in the contest to promote the contest and gain exposure for your product or your brand, and build momentum for your brand organically.



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