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7 Viable Ways of Time Management While Studying

Time management is an art. It helps you to be accommodative and disciplined. However, students would benefit from this practice in the long run as working adults. Students train to manage time at the Abu Dhabi Indian School while they study or participate in recreational activities.

Here are 7 significant ways that might help students to manage time.

Prepare a schedule:

Use a planner, timetable or calendar to plan your schedule and have a master plan that would diagrammatically show your working and spare time. It will help the students work and prioritize their projects and deadlines. In addition, it will help students structurally keep track of their assignments or meetings with supervisors. For example, using a different color for each project or session would streamline things seamlessly. Students from the junior high school level should follow this method.

Divide big tasks into smaller ones:

If the professor wants a 200-page book review, it might feel baffling for the student. The trick would be to divide those 200 pages into 20 pages for 10 days. It would make the task look more straightforward, less monotonous and more reachable.  The student should set a due date for any assignment and split the job into smaller parts which would also benefit in completing the work on time. Students can use this approach to write an article or submit a research article.

To-do list:

Listing and prioritizing tasks is an integral part of a student’s life. A student can list all the things to be done within their deadlines to help them prioritize tasks accordingly. Any list of tasks might look overwhelming initially, but streamlining it helps. A to-do list prepares students to set priorities when they step into their work life. Many consider this to be a massive productivity hack.

Start the day early:

It is an effective way to wake up early no matter how difficult it sounds. If you start your day early in the morning, you finish your work without rush and stress. So, if you wish to wake up early, try to sleep early. It will also increase your productivity and benefit in approaching complex matters. It also provides you some time for recreation after taking care of your commitments.

Reduce distractions:

Unnecessary distractions take up a good amount of your time. Eliminating these distractions is in your hand. Parents must fix a particular time for students to watch TV or other gadgets. Junior high school students and above should not use any devices while studying. To keep yourself focused, blocking social networking sites and other distracting apps could be helpful. A helpful tip could be holding the phone in another room while studying or finishing assignments. Also, avoid procrastination!

Balancing act:

A student needs to learn the balancing act well. A balancing act will help them in their future work life. Plan your day in a way that you can study and have time for recreation. Divide your time so that you can attend classes and meet friends, spend time with family or go out shopping. Balancing helps in better productivity.

Have realistic goals:

Reviewing a 200-pages book in two days is thoroughly unrealistic. Set realistic and achievable goals rather than just meeting the deadline and ticking the box.  Try writing down your goals, as studies have shown that you’re more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.

Appropriately managing time will benefit in finishing a lot of work within time. Abu Dhabi Indian School encourages students to manage time through checklists. It enables students to understand how effective their time management plans are.




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