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Get a Unique IP For a Dedicated Server Italy Hosting From Serverwala


Every business wants to have a uniqueness in its business portals. It’s by providing the best products or services or by having a unique IP address for the server. A unique IP differentiates your business portal however people generally host their websites on a shared server. And shared servers have shared IPs that are shared among multiple websites. It means your brand image amalgamates with other business brands. It badly affects your brand image when other brands are making fewer activities on the server.

Therefore, Serverwala brings its Dedicated Server Italy Hosting to offer you a unique IP address. Apart from Ip address they also provide features like unlimited bandwidth, SSD storage, and a private SSL certificate. To know about all these features and about the importance of unique IP addresses you have to go through the whole article. So, let’s get began.

What is a Unique IP Address and Why Does Any Brand Need It?

A unique IP address is an address that is specific to your domain name. When you connect your domain to a hosting it is allocated by an IP address. If you buy a shared server then it will be shared with every website that is present on the server. It is difficult to recognize your site with shared IP. Hence a Serverwala Dedicated Server Italy offers a committed IP address that you can search only by an IP address rather than an area name. With this, you are ready to use FTP to find your site record whether your space name is open or not. Even when your business is getting high traffic, it keeps the speed of the reaction.

Advantages of Having a Dedicated IP Address

  • Makes Your Brand Unique from Others.

When you have a committed IP then your brand’s standing is in your hand. This is helpful when you are sending some emails to public email suppliers like Gmail and Outlook. It is easy to screen your emails by them.

  • Direct Admittance to The Server.

A devoted IP gives direct admittance to the admin that makes it easy to observe the presentation of the website. Without a change in the DNS setting for space, you have the access to the server or it will take a maximum of 48 hours.

  • Additional Security.

An IP address has a private SSL certificate that keeps your site’s data secure. It will be easy to transfer the files and help to secure your client’s information.

  • Deal With High-Traffic Volume.

If you have a well-known business that is getting high volume visitors to its web portal then switching to a dedicated IP helps to handle high traffic.

Serverwala Dedicated Servers Provider in Milan, Italy

Serverwala which is emerging as the best web hosting provider all around the world is providing its dedicated server services in Italy. Many customers have bought this web hosting service and are happy with the results. Its Dedicated Server Italy has features like Supreme security, SSD storage, SSH access, more bandwidth, and many more.

We will discuss all these features in the further section. 

Some Dedicated Features of an Italy Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server not only offers a devoted IP but also has devoted features. These features help your website to grow in all forms. Where you are getting a high traffic problem or file’s security problem. A Dedicated Server in Italy will solve all your problem by just providing the best features.

Unlimited Bandwidth

A devoted bandwidth option is only available in Dedicated Server Italy hosting. A maximum bandwidth means you get ample space to transfer more data at a time between the browser and the server. It helps people to keep visiting your website because of the good page load speed. According to Google, your page should load in 3 seconds, and this feature of Italy Dedicated Server will help you to achieve that.

SSD Storage

With a Dedicated Server in Italy, you get SSD storage to store your data and transfer them very easily without any problem.SSD means Solid State Drives that have enough space to upload more data on the server.

SSL Certificate

A Dedicated Server Italy hosting comes with a private SSL certificate that layers up the site’s security system. It makes people trust your brand that all their credentials are safe with your site. With an HTTPS protocol that is provided by an SSL certificate makes your website appearance secure on Google.

Secure Network Connectivity

You can easily connect your Dedicated Server Italy internally with your private cloud server without any trouble.

Cheap Italy Dedicated Server Plans By Serverwala

Serverwala has a specialty to provide Dedicated servers at a reasonable price. Its Dedicated Server Italy plan for one-month starts from $305. In this plan, you get a CPU, 32 GB RAM, and SSD storage of unlimited facility. Let’s have a look at the pricing section of the Italy Dedicated Server Hosting by Serverwala.

Cheap Dedicated Server Italy


Now, you have concluded that a Dedicated Server Italy with a unique is important for security purposes and server performance too. A unique IP helps you in various ways that now we already knew about. Therefore, Serverwala Dedicated Servers get the unique IP option to choose between IP4 or IP6. You can also buy both IP addresses for your server. Serverwala is there for 24 hours to solve all your queries related to its Best Dedicated Hosting Italy services. You can contact them any time.



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