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How Does a Chairperson Open a Virtual Meeting?

It can confuse the chairperson to open a virtual meeting. They are stuck on what you say or how to start a conversation. Moreover, they are the chairperson. They can not just say anything.

So, what can be the best starter for the chairperson? Are you curious too? You can get a perfect answer for your query in this article.

Hence, here are the various ways that can be helpful to open a virtual meeting for a chairperson.

11 Ways for a Chairperson to Open a Virtual Meeting!

11 Ways that can be helpful for a chairperson to open a virtual meeting are as follows:

  1. Start with a Small Talk

It may sound unrealistic or irrelevant, but the chairperson can also start with small talk. Moreover, you can use different topics rather than talking about the work. You can ask anything about the weather, family, weekend plans, etc.

  1. Be Available to Welcome Everyone

It is necessary that those in charge of the meeting, whether the chairperson or manager, join the virtual AGM platform first to greet everyone. You can make the attendees amazed with such an act and make them feel welcomed at some place. Moreover, you need to welcome everyone formally and thank them for joining the meeting. For example, start with the line, “First I’d like to welcome you all and thank everyone for coming… and so on.”

  1. Begin with a Small Introduction

It is essential to introduce yourself first if you are having a meeting. Moreover, it will be helpful for the newbies and guest speakers at the virtual exhibition platform to know who the host is and what they do. Also, the host should introduce the guest experts or ask them to introduce themselves to the attendees. This way, everyone can understand each other well before the meeting starts. So, you can prepare some lines as an introduction to open a virtual event successfully.

  1. Do a Roll Call or Apologies

You can take attendance when numerous attendees are present at the virtual AGM platform. Moreover, you should prepare an attendance sheet to send around or call out everyone’s names one by one. But this pointer is not applicable when the meeting is among a small group. The in charge of the minutes should know everyone required to join the event. So, that person can indicate who is present and who is absent in the MOM itself. Also, the chairperson or concerned person should apologize on behalf of the absent member.

  1. Provide a Brief Verbal Outline of the Objectives

You have to choose a proper way to share the object of your virtual event. Moreover, you can display it on the wall provided by the virtual AGM platform or share the copies around with the attendees. So, you need to make sure everyone present at the virtual event platform knows the complete schedule of the meeting. Hence, the chairperson should share all the details at the beginning of the virtual AGM.

  1. Use Some Virtual Icebreakers Ideas

Chairperson can use and implement some of the icebreaker ideas to start the meeting at the virtual AGM platform. Here is a complete overview of things you should consider to choose the best icebreaker and 7 examples. You can use these things to add a perfect icebreaker to your meeting.

2 Things to Consider while choosing an icebreaker idea for your virtual meeting are as follows:

  • Demographics, interests, personalities, and senses of humour of your employees
  • A quick activity or questions

7 Best Virtual Icebreakers Ideas

  • Share the song heard on repeat.
  • Tell us which city you are in without telling the city name
  • Dumb charades with images
  • Share the mandatory item they require on the desk
  • Share photos with your pet
  • Show the view from the place you are
  • Guess the two truths and a lie
  1. Come Up with an Online Team Building Games

Putting a game at the start of your virtual meeting can be another good idea. You can get more than 100+ AR/VR games with the best virtual AGM platform. Also, you can create a game as per your requirements. Here are some ideas from the webinar service experts.

7 Online Team Building Games Ideas

  • DIY Craft Challenge
  • Five Finger Showdown
  • Virtual Book Club
  • Coworking Low
  • Team Dinner
  • Recipe Roundup
  • Virtual Trash Challenge
  1. Add Some Remote Team Building Challenges

You can use some of the remote team-building challenges as a weapon to start your virtual meeting successfully. Hence, here are the 6 Ways shared by the virtual exhibition platform.

6 Ways to Start the Remote Team Building Challenges

  • Determine polling to establish suitable challenges for the team
  • Decide a challenge that you will come together
  • Define a fixed time duration to complete the challenge
  • Share the challenge rules with the team
  • Check-in for progress and updates
  • Call for celebration as soon you complete the challenge.
  1. Use Some Virtual Team Building Activities

You can add some of the virtual team meeting-building activities to engage the attendees easily from the start of your virtual meeting. Hence, here are the 10 online team-building activities by the virtual exhibition platform experts.

10 Virtual Team Building Activities

  • QuizBreaker
  • Virtual Escape Room
  • Virtual Murder Mystery
  • Virtual Hosted Trivia & Bingo
  • Pulse Employee Engagement Quiz
  • Virtual WorkStyle Personality Testing
  • Virtual City Tour
  • Virtual scavenger hunt
  • Pictionary
  • Whose Office Is It Anyway?
  1. Use Different Backgrounds

You can also start the virtual meeting with the changing environments. Moreover, you can get the AR photo booth with the best virtual AGM platform. It helps everyone present at the virtual exhibition change the backgrounds and even take photos. Also, they can share their photographs on their social media accounts.

  1. Plan Social Time Into Virtual Meetings

You can add the social time at the beginning of the virtual event. Moreover, it can be encouraging for the employees to unwind and take time to bond with colleagues. Also, the hybrid event can be more fun for the employees, as well they will feel less lonely at work.

So, these are the various ways that can be helpful to open a virtual meeting easily. Moreover, it can be difficult for the chairperson to create a better start for their virtual events. Hope, you will find this article beneficial to know various ways for a chairperson to open a virtual meeting.



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