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Philip Anandraj Shows Run Your Hotel Efficiently: Beat the Competition

Philip Anandraj: The competition in the hospitality industry is fierce, and in order to succeed, you must employ some strategies. Some marketing and advertising strategies are there for your hotel. If you want to grow and become a big brand in this industry, then you need to have a proper plan for your business. Make your hotel accountable so that customers visit you rather than other hotels. But make sure your technique and strategies are unique. Keep up to date on customer demands and how hotels work hard to succeed. In current times, the internet, apps, and social media are key tools for creating a difference from other competitors. Philip Anandraj a qualified hotelier stated a few ideas that could have a huge impact on your business.

  • Invest money and time in your website:

 You can now easily plan and book your travel plans and reservations using the internet. So people are searching for some good hotels for business or vacation, and that’s why there is a lot of user traffic on your website. You should invest money and effort to make your website effective and cater to your customers. This makes your business successful. If you don’t have the knowledge of a good website, then you can hire an IT engineer professional to design your website. Your website must also be SEO-based. With the use of this website, you can provide the best service and offer them the best deal.

  • Increase your website budget allocation:

Philip Anandraj shares in the hospitality industry, the company’s primary concerns are promotion, marketing, and advertising, and they spend the majority of their budget on these things. But you should invest a good amount of money from your budget to make sure that your website has a good web design. Also, you can rely on digital advertising and promotion in this digital age. Today, competition in this industry is very tough and if you win against this competition, use digital marketing, which has a broader reach of people.

  • Make your booking process simpler:

Your booking process and information about your hotel should be as simple as possible so that clients can easily navigate the process. If your staff are well trained, then they can help your customers understand their needs. You need to make your client happy and plan their entire trip or give them suggestions. Also, your well-designed website can help you.

  • Make use of up-to-date tools:

 With the help of the internet, Philip Anandraj Hotelier knows you can use some other methods to stay ahead of your competitors. Social media is a good tool to connect with your customers and share their experiences with other customers. You can also conduct a competition or event on social media and offer your customers a discount. There are some hotel review sites where you can encourage your customers to leave reviews and share their thoughts on the service they received. This will make you a reputable and accountable company with a better customer base.

  • Research your contenders:

You can easily find your competitors’ business strategies, such as price, services provided, food variety, and so on, by using online websites. You can also use their social media pages to identify which hotel is popular in your area so that you find their guests. Finally, persuade them about your hotel’s location and ask them to book your hotel. These simple steps can help you gain an advantage over your competitors.

  • Build your brand:

You must work hard to build a brand and defend yourself against competing hotels. your competitor hotels offer their guests a wonderful room with a lot of services, but they don’t remember them because these hotels don’t have a brand. Your brand is important for you to attract your customers. And your guests will remember these details easily. You can also showcase your brand on your website and social media.

  • Examine your business strategies:

 Examine your business strategies on a regular basis and update them as needed. Be flexible with new things in the market and grab any new idea for your marketing strategy. This makes your strategy more versatile.

  • Develop a relationship with your guest and listen to their feedback:

 if you develop a relationship with your guest, it will be much easier to obtain a customer. Because new customers are hard to attract. Listen carefully to your guest feedback, evaluate what is right and wrong, and engage with your guests via social media. This interaction can build trust in your brand. Respond to their reviews and if there is anything wrong, improve it quickly. Sometimes you can reward your guest, and this can build trust. It leads to repeat bookings at your hotel.

Philip Anandraj hotelier stated that you must learn your strengths and weaknesses to stay afloat in this industry. If you improve your hotel services with feedback and create a customer-friendly environment, then you have an advantage over your competitors.



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