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Strategies to Increase Your Followers on Instagram Naturally

The process is never a quick procedure however, if you approach it correctly, you’ll have the highest growth curve that you can. Do you recognize yourself? It’s not all on your own. With all the experts claiming that you can also make millions through Instagram It’s easy to feel as if you’re not getting it right. A crucial piece of information that’s meant to help you grow your Instagram followers organically in a matter of hours.

However, let’s get some things clear there are many Instagram influencers pay for their followers. In reality, this phenomenon costs brands around $1.3 billion each year. It’s not as authentic according to their claims, is it?

The success of Instagram doesn’t come overnight. If you’re told otherwise, it is likely to fall into the category above. Growth organically requires some time. It means that you can naturally increase your presence without investing in advertisements or the cost of engagement.

While it is always a matter of perseverance, there are actions you can take to ensure you’re growing at the speed you can. These are the eight seedlings that you can plant to increase your Instagram followers naturally.


1. Post Consistently

Consistent doesn’t necessarily mean that you are always consistent. It is not necessary to blog every single day. Your target audience should be aware of when they should anticipate hearing directly from you. Set your own guidelines (that is part of owning your own business, you think?) Select the days you would like to publish and stick with it.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to post every day manually and put aside what you’re doing to get the word out. Make a day in the month to plan and distribute your content. Utilize tools for social scheduling such as Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your content ahead of time.

Expert in social media Neil Patel explains: “If you are a regular of posting multiple times per day, and then shift to posting only occasionally per week, you’ll begin losing followers and create lower engagement for each post.”

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t to write and then disappear. Be sure to choose the right time to post when you’re available to be on the platform and be active.


The faster the engagement rates rise the better your blog will do.


2. Quality over Quantity

Instagram encourages us to “create amazing quality content.” But what exactly is great?

Although there isn’t any one answer, it is certainly possible to begin by improving your photography game. Make use of free programs such as VSCO, Snapseed, and Lightroom to give your photos that insta-worthy appearance. Be sure to think about what is your purpose? What is the value you are offering your readers? The aesthetics of your website are wonderful. However, you’re a businessperson and aesthetics alone will not cut it.


Here are some ways to help share the value:

  • Learn about a specific topic.
  • Find answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Get information about your process.
  • Create a story that illustrates the point.
  • Provide free resources.
  • Discuss trends that are emerging within your field.
  • Encourage and inspire.
  • Create content behind the scenes (yes it includes the person who is of the company!)

3. Engage with a Wide Variety of Users

Many posts advise users to participate with Instagram through liking and commenting that’s fine however you need to go beyond this. You should connect with your ideal followers and your peers in the industry as well as influential influencers who are relevant to your industry. But how do you locate them? Start by talking with previous clients. Keep in touch with them long after your collaboration is completed. You never know when they may be in search of your services and, even more importantly suggest you to others. Never think about the influence of word-of-mouth.

Search for hashtags that are specific to your industry to network with other professionals in your area of expertise. Begin with the latest articles and then move on to the most well-known. Choose a few individuals you’re really interested in and look through their pages. But, don’t just start contacting people! Engage with the intention to build connections, not just to increase followers. Commenting on posts by responding to questions or calls to action, or even answering questions on your own. Be aware that the response of a string of emojis will not suffice. Make sure you are authentic!

4. Choose Hashtags Wisely

One of the most effective ways to increase Instagram users organically via making use of hashtags. Do you realize that Instagram users could use as many as 30 hashtags per Instagram post? One thing you must remember is that you can’t utilize the same hashtags over and over again and the system will display your posts less often.

Create by creating a Google document and begin gathering relevant hashtags. They can be found by:

  • Be aware of the different tags your competition is using
  • Examining the tags of industry influencers’ tag
  • Utilizing the IG search feature to locate your personal

When you search for hashtags you must first look for general tags. On the top of the search results you will see more tags that are related to be displayed. The majority of them will be more precise (based on the industry, niche or the target people who use them). This is a quick and simple method to create an extensive list of relevant tags you can flip through on your blog posts.

An important note: Try to include tags in any of the between 10,000 to 500, 000 posts. This will ensure your article isn’t buried beneath thousands of other posts.



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