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What is dry needling? Everything you need to know about this pain-relieving technique

Dry needling and physiotherapy are the two most common procedures used by physiotherapists for the pain management originated from the muscles. Dry needling in Delhi and physiotherapy in Delhi are best carried out by the experts Dr Vikrant Bhardwaj and his team at physiorevive. Thanks to them, everyone can get the best dry needling and physiotherapy in Delhi. Dr Bhardwaj is very well qualified in the techniques of dry needling and is very active in spreading knowledge about the same. In this article, we will study everything about the technique of dry needling.

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What is dry needling?

Dry needling is a process that involves treating muscular pain using a thin needle. It is aimed at certain spots in skeletal muscles. In these muscles, there are certain spots with certain hypersensitivity palpable nodules in the muscle bands. Dry needling releases these painful hypersensitive spots by achieving a local twitch response. Visit a physiotherapy near you to find more details about it.

Is dry needling the same as acupuncture?

Dry needling is not the same as acupuncture, rather its origin lies in western medicine unlike acupuncture, whose origin lies in the eastern tradition. Dry needling is meant for the treatment of muscular pain, whereas acupuncture influences meridians and energy. The only similarity between the two is that both of them use the same tool, which is a needle.

History of the technique:-

The use of injections into the trigger points to treat muscle pain was first developed by Janet Travell and David Simond in the early 1940s. The wider use of the technique of dry needling was first initiated by Czech physician Karel Lewit in 1979. He was the first one to understand that the insertion of these very thin needles into the trigger points did not require any drug. Later in the same context, the technique of superficial dry needling was developed by Peter Baldry.

Models of dry needling:-

There are two models of dry needling namely radiculopathy model and trigger point models. The first model which is the radiculopathy model is based on the observations made by the physician Dr Chan Gunn. His name is also counted in the list of pioneers of dry needling. The trigger point model is the one that is currently used by all trained physiotherapists for the treatment of muscular pain.

How does it work?

Dry needling uses a technique where the medication involves the insertion of a dry needle into the trigger point. This trigger point in the pain area is first identified by the physiotherapist using hand movements. To understand how things work, lets first define trigger points. A trigger point is a band of skeletal muscle located within a larger muscle. This is exactly what gives the sensation of pain to the patient been touching

What it can cure?

Dry needling can cure the following kinds:-

  • Muscle tension and spasms
  • Arthritis painful conditions
  • Nerve irritation
  • Ligament damage
  • Disc pain

Pre-requisite of dry needling:-

Before a patient undergoes dry needling, he or she is thoroughly examined to know if the person is suitable for the treatment or not followed by a consent for the same.

What happens post dry needling:-

After the treatment of dry needling is successfully done, the physiotherapist will assess the affected area for any further kind of pain, inflammation, movement restrictions. The physiotherapist will then advise you with some stretching exercises. Ensures to give you enough information about how to take required precautions so that the pain is not activated again.


Dry needling is one of the most commonly practised treatments for muscle pain these days. It is very helpful and offers a faster response. But, one should always get it done only by a well-certified physiotherapist. Dry needling in Delhi and Physiotherapy is best carried out at physiorevive.



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