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5 Best Yoga Poses to Increase Height

The benefits of yoga are recognized by people from various parts of the world. Not only the ancient art is limited to giving your mind, body, and soul great health but is also a great way to cope with various health and physical conditions. Among many, small height is a concern of many. If you are also one of those who are looking to increase your height, then YOGA can help you in a great manner. Yes, you read it right! Yoga poses to increase height include the practice of various asanas and techniques that can help you increase the growth of your body.

Note: The growth of the body is a complex process. There is a saying that after a certain age, you are unable to add inches to your height. So, we suggest you try doing yoga for height poses at an early age.

Top 5 Yoga Asanas to Increase Your Height

1. Tree Pose

Also known as Tadasana, these are the best yoga poses to increase height. During the practice of this pose, your body demands you to remain erect as a tree. With its practice, you feel stretched in your entire spinal column. It is a great yoga asana to stretch the spine and correct your posture as well. By adding the Tree pose to your daily yoga routine, you can certainly gain a few inches.

2. Cobra Pose

As the name implies, you need to enact as a cobra during the practice of this pose. The yoga pose works on the upper and lower back abs, muscles, and is a great move to shed some fat around your stomach. According to yoga guru Ramdev, it is suggested to be practised for increasing height too. To achieve results, however, you need to practice the pose on daily basis. It is expected that after the gap of 3 months of time frame, you can find some positive results when it comes to gaining height.

3. Sun Salutations

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations is the amalgamation of various energetic poses of yoga such as woodchopper, lunge, dog, cat, cobra, etc. It is known for its dozens of benefits and gaining height is also among others. The basic sun salutation pose needs you to stand on your feet, keep your face towards the direction of the sun, join your hands and then do Namaskar. This can be done by people of all ages without any hassle. However, the practice of precise sun salutations could be found a bit hard to practice by many.

4. Triangle Pose

The Triangle pose is also named Trikonasana. It is a perfect pose of yoga for increasing height. It stretches the spine muscles and offers flexibility to your body. While doing the pose, you need to turn your body into the shape of a triangle. Beginners may find the pose a bit difficult to practice, but over time you can get into the pose without any hassle.

5. Lying Down by Twisting Body/ Natrajasana

As the name proposes this yoga pose can be done by lying down. You should lie on the ground by extended arms evenly and keeping your legs straight. Now twist the knees uniting feet near the hips. Make sure your feet are flat and knees close swing to your left side without moving your chest area. Breathe in and stretch as much as conceivable, bit by bit knees should contact the ground. Breathe out and carry your legs to the right side the same way by breathing in. By doing this pose of yoga for height, it has been found that many people brought differences to their physical appearance.

Although our list of the 5 best yoga poses to increase height ends here, we have come up with one more yoga movement for you as a bonus. That is Side Plank. This simple yet efficient yoga pose can also help you gain height. For your information, the practice of plank consumes more calories compared to many other yoga poses. Thus, if you add a side plank to your daily routine, you can strengthen various muscles of your body. With strong muscles, your body will be demanding you to consume more calories, which results in an increase in height.

Wrapping Up

Here we are going, to sum up our guide on the best yoga poses to increase height. While practising the poses, we suggest you do consume proper meals and have proper sleep. Just in case you want more guidance on how to practice these yoga poses, let us know your concern in the comments section. We’ll come up with another post explaining an in-detail version of how to do these yoga poses. By that time, see ya! We wish you gain a few inches with the practice of these yoga poses.



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