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6 Hotel Room Amenities to impress your Guest

The global hospitality industry is constantly evolving and so is the global market of Hotel supplies. When it comes to luxury and service, old and classic hotels have an edge over their contemporary counterparts. Apart from standard features like air conditioning, soundproofing, intercom facilities, modern hotel rooms must include the following features to stay competitive and up-to-date with the rest of the industry.

Starting from hotel towels, hand towels, bulk beach towels, luxury bed sheets, to electronic gadgets like smart TVs, power banks, or tablets- you get them all from a trusted hotel supplier at reasonable rates (when you buy them in bulk).

The following list will give you an idea of the facilities you can include to beat the competition and stay out from the crowd.

  1. Chargers and plugs that can be used with any USB device

It is increasingly necessary for travelers to have a USB port in order to charge their various electronic devices. Even on short trips, the gadgets and electronics outnumber their clothing! This means that a modern hotel room must have multiple outlets and USB ports for rapid charging, even next to the bed!

Think about installing universal outlets and USB ports in all of your hotel rooms if you want to stand out even more. Travelers from all over the world and the local community will definitely appreciate this.

  1. On-screen Movie Library with Free Movies for Smart TV Users

This simple and classic room service was no longer accessible in some hotels where the only TV alternatives are local channels in local languages. Netflix and other digital platforms are already part of many people’s everyday routines worldwide.

They can continue a movie they started watching on the flight or catch up on their favorite series on their Smart TV before bedtime with just a few simple clicks.

Your hotel’s Android and Apple smart TVs should work seamlessly together. Direct connectivity to all devices boosts this service. Make a digital selection of movies and TV series and make them available to your clients. This is highly recommended if you’re considering running a hotel.

  1. The coffee machine in the living room

When booking a stay, it doesn’t matter if the hotel serves breakfast. Even if they don’t use room service, a delicious cup of coffee is a terrific way to enhance their stay! Guests can enjoy a cup of coffee in their accommodation at any time by pressing a button.

Depending on your hotel’s categorization, you pick how many daily coffee capsules guests should receive. Most high-end and luxury hotels have one or two customer capsules every day.

  1. Tablet and smartphone music player with Bluetooth connectivity

Modern hotel rooms must have a music player. Clients can access music over Bluetooth, just as they can access lighting and temperature. Keep your guests happy by limiting the speaker volume.

Add a prominent speaker to elevate the modest service.

  1.  Station and Infusers

Hotels are becoming digital with streaming services, room keys, and more. Better coffee can boost guests’ enjoyment, and so can a unique guest room beverage station.

Your guests will like having a Porthole infuser to blend their favorite herbs, fruits, and spices for a morning blend and an evening refresher.

  1. Aroma Diffusers for a Relaxing Retreat

After a long day of travel, meeting, or even just jet lag, a hotel room is a pleasant retreat. Why not help your guests rest more? Envision a tranquil bedroom. Aroma diffusers and eye pillows are affordable relaxation tools.

A Myostorm massage ball and Homedics foot and neck massagers are some great options.


Today’s economy demands that businesses cater to the specific wants and needs of each and every customer individually. Individualized services and amenities in a modern, user-friendly technology room will make your customers happy and confident in you.



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