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How to use Youtube video marketing for the growth of your startups

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the World. It has nearly 1.7 billion unique visitors monthly. As a social media, Youtube offers strong potential for marketers, businesses, and creative influencers to capture their audience.

Video content as such is the emperor of all marketing strategies. YouTube offers enhanced versatility and allows you to be proactive with marketing strategies. If you are venturing into startup growth, YouTube Video marketing is a must. 

Here are a few benefits you can avail of from YouTube Marketing. 

  • It helps you generate brand awareness. 
  • It makes your brand reachable. 
  • It helps you attract a targeted audience at large.
  • It gets you heavy traffic. 
  • It gets more conversion. 
  • It facilitates building a massive video library. 
  • It offers you higher visibility on Google. 

There are plenty of benefits for you compelling enough to start video marketing on YouTube. But what about content? After all, the quality and relevance of your content would decide the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. 

We will help you make resourceful utilisation of Video Content on YouTube through this article. 

  • Content Variations

  • What kind of content should you post on YouTube? 
  • What type of content would people like to watch? 
  • What category of content would your audience benefit from? 
  • What do you want to achieve with YouTube Marketing? 

Have an answer to all these questions. Only then can you plan and schedule the content for your YouTube channels. Also, the clarity of objective helps you create video content that is strong and compelling enough to generate action. 

Here are a few of the content variations you could play along with.

  • Display of product and service

People like to watch the videos before they make a purchasing decision. Images and texts don’t suffice. Competition out there is intense. You need to step up and give your viewers a way to feel your product closely.

A video allows you to display your products from all angles, under different lights and temperatures, and the texture of your product. Video offers assurance to the viewers about the quality and product they intend to buy. 64% of consumers buy a product after watching the video online. Well, this gives you a great idea to get started with. 

If yours is a service-centric startup, show people everything you can about your services. Services are intangible. But with video, you can materialize as many benefits as you want. It would give you veto power in generating sales. 

  • Educate the viewers

YouTube offers solutions for quick learning. Humans learn quickly through videos. Demonstrate your expertise by creating a series of videos that educate the viewers. Always think about what kind of content the viewer would search for. And then create a video educating the viewers with required information and skills. 

  • Keep the contents pretty simple.
  • Break down the complex topics into easy to understand modules. 
  • Ensure that the video is smooth flowing and has seamless transactions. 
  • Make the perfect use of graphics, images, texts, motions, and audio to create an impactful video. Access Youtube editor online to edit your videos quickly and efficiently. 

Ensure that you create relevant educational videos that are of your forte. 

  • Video Tutorials

People prefer to watch videos and learn about products rather than read a user manual. Upload videos showing effective and different ways to use your product. If the product needs assembling, create a video teaching the viewers how to make it.

If the offering is technical and complex, create step-by-step video modules, empowering the viewers to become proficient. You can shoot a video showing detailed procedures or create animated videos to add a fun quotient. The opportunities are endless; just show some interest in being creative. Create the videos using multiple online editors. Even Youtube online editor happens to be a great choice. 

The idea here is to put forth a video that simplifies the learning. 

By linking such videos to landing pages on your website, you will get heavy traffic. We will talk about this further, in detail. 

  • Testimonial Videos

People prefer to hear from people who have already availed of your product or service. With testimonial videos, you create a reputable and trusted brand image that would facilitate sales conversion. Testimonial videos show a definite increase in sales and conversions. 

  • Tell your story

Your Unique Startup plan and ideology must get marketed. Tell your story, ideologies, concepts, missions, Unique propositions to the audience. Capture an emotion. Allow the viewers to feel connected with you. Leverage YouTube and Video to establish a solid brand connection in the market. 

There are many other ideas for content variations on YouTube. You can market your startup creatively in a way to get your voice heard. 

  • Optimize your videos with Keywords. 

As mentioned earlier, youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. You have great potential to leverage this platform to generate heavy traffic. Incorporate SEO principles even on YouTube for easy searchability. You want people to land on your video when they enter specific keywords.

Find your targeted keywords on tools like Keyword tool and keyword keg. These tools can also help you get an idea about the type of content you should create. Add the keywords in your YouTube video description, headlines and captions. They would make your videos rank better. 

  • Add CTA and Interlinks

Always add CTA towards the end of your videos. These CTA’s should compel the viewers to take the action you want. The desired actions could be

  • To share the video.
  • subscribe the channel
  • Visit the website
  • Generate sales
  • Generate traffic

Videos on YouTube should redirect to pages on your website or sales page. It would lead to heavy conversions. Add links to your website and social media pages. It would help the viewers reach you easily. 

  • Repurpose the videos

Be creative and smart. Repurpose the videos on YouTube for your social media and websites. Use online editors to help you create multiple contents from the same source. Understand the purpose of each social media platform and modify them accordingly. 

For instance

  • If there is a podcast video on your YouTube channel, you can create a teaser and trailer from it for your Social Media Handles. 
  • You can link your product and tutorial videos on the website landing page and blogs. 
  • Use Testimonial blurbs on social media as well as websites.
  • Add Product videos, launch videos and company videos to your marketing emails. 

Modify the content invariably so that you don’t need to create new content for each platform. The best way is to upload similar content across all streams. However, modify it to suit the taste of the audience and the needs of social media platforms. 

YouTube Shorts is also getting immense popularity for its short content. It’s time to start creating short content for your YouTube channels also. 

Lastly, respond to your YouTube videos. It is important to gain engagement. Also, track and monitor your YouTube videos consistently and draw conclusions from the metrics. Start with consistent posting on YouTube channels. Your viewers should have a fair idea of when to expect the new video. Increase the frequency of posting as soon as you get the grip of YouTube video marketing.



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