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The Canon PIXMA iP110 is very high in performance yet small in size which makes it very suitable for students as its compact size makes it portable. Now let’s go through the steps for the setup for Canon PIXMA iP110.


Before starting the process, there are some things that we need to keep in mind:

Points to follow before beginning with for Canon PIXMA iP110:

  • There should be a physical WPS push button at the access point. If you want details then you can also refer to the user’s guide which should be given to you with the canon ij set up the printer. In case the WPS push button is not available then you can also use the standard connection method.
  • Your network should be having access called Wi-Fi protected access or it should be secured with WPA2 Security. This protocol is available in most of the access points. setup journey 

  • First switch ON your printer.
  • There must be a Wi-Fi button in your printer and you have to press it until it flashes white light. Once you get to see the white light, you can release that button.
  • Now in some time the Wi-Fi button will start flashing blue light and when the blue light starts flashing, you have to click the WPS button less than two minutes of flashing the blue light. For the exact details about the flashes, you can also refer to the instruction manual.
  • The blue light on the Wi-Fi button will keep on flashing when it will be connecting or searching for the access point.
  • While the set up is taking place, the white light will also start flashing.
  • Once the searching for an access point will be done and the printer will connect to the access point, then both the white and blue lights will stop to flash and the will light constantly.


Network confirmation

If you wish to confirm if your printer is connected to Wi-Fi or not then you can print the network settings from your printer.

  • Turn your printer ON.
  • Load an A4 sheet into your printer it should be plain.
  • Now press the Resume/Cancel button and hold it till the white light flashes fir six times and once it has flashed six times, release that button. Now a page will be printed containing network information.
  • The correct name of your network should be mentioned in the printout. Here your WPS Setup is complete.
  • Now install the software which will help you to use your canon ij set up PIXMA iP110 to the most.

In case you have no access to the CD which comes with the printer, then you can also download the software and manuals from


Standard connection method in windows

  • First insert the CD inside your printer and then run the ij setup. In case the setup does not run by itself, then again insert the CD-ROM and then click on This PC or My Computer and click there twice. In case you do not have the CD-ROM, you can download the software and manuals.
  • An initial screen will appear then you tap next.
  • It will ask for the connection method, and then you have to select the Wireless LAN Connection and then tap next.
  • Now as the Wireless LAN Connection method, you have to select the Access point connection, and then you have to tap the Next button.
  • Now you have to make sure that your printer is switched ON and the white light is also lighting once you have checked these two things, you can proceed further and click the Next button.
  • The software will start searching the network for any printers that were already connected to the software but if you are setting your printer up for the first time, then it will not be able to find your printer. So, in this case, you have to select the setting printer could not be found on the list and then you can proceed by clicking the Next button.
  • Now, the installation for ij setup guide will start.
  • Tap next and go over the Cable less Setup.
  • Now when the screen will appear, you have to press the hold the Wi-Fi down button twice, and then when the second flash comes, you have to release the button. After this, tap next.
  • Now the blue light of Wi-Fi will flash quickly and the white light will be flashing constantly, once this happens, tap next.
  • A message will be displayed in which it will be written “Setting up”. The network connection is temporarily disabled during setup. Please Wait.
  • Make sure that the connection with the access point has taken place and after this, tap Next.
  • Then a screen will appear which will be asking you in which region do you live or what is your place of residence. Then you have to select the place of your residence and then once that is done, tap next.
  • Thereafter you have to select your language in the next screen and once you have selected your language you can tap Next and proceed further.
  • Then a list of software will be displayed on your screen, you just need to select the software(s) that you want to install and you can also install them later on if you do not want to install them at this stage or if you have downloaded extra software which you do not need then you can even uninstall them later whenever you want. After you have selected your desired software to install, you have to click the Next button given on the screen.
  • Then you will be given the user license agreement, you have to read and understand that agreement carefully and then click the Next button.
  • Then your system will ask you for permission for installing wizard processes and approve it and then click next.
  • Your software will start installing. If the system can’t detect your printer then click on redetect the printer and it will search for your printer once again. It may take some extra time depending upon the network that you are using.
  • A screen will appear showing your printer’s name and model. Tap Complete.
  • Tap next.
  • Now the is done. Press next.
  • If you want to, then you can also register your canon ij set up printer here.
  • Clicks on agree or not agree to take part in the survey.
  • Take the test print of you to wish to.
  • Now the ijsetup is complete. Tap on exit and complete the installation process.

Here your ijsetup is complete for PIXEL iP110 Printer. If you are still failing with the wireless set up then you can register yourself in the canon.ij/set up and you will be given further assistance.



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