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Seven Easy Ways to Memorize Quran

Memorizing the Quran is a huge undertaking, but it’s also hugely rewarding. Having said that, this does not necessitate a difficult task! To aid you on your way, Memorizing Quran has great rewards for Muslims. Quran memorization is not very difficult in these days. You can Hifz Quran online from online Quran academies. here are some tried-and-true tips.

1: Make the Intention

Always have a specific goal in mind before you begin. You can become a more devout Muslim by memorizing the Quran, right? Do you want to enter Jannah with your family? Do you want Allah to be pleased with your actions? Remember that Allah rewards us according to our intentions, no matter our goals.

Make a note of your objective and post it somewhere you’ll see it often. This can be a powerful motivator for others.


Creating and maintaining a daily routine is essential for any endeavor, especially for Hifz. You should set up a specific time each day to study the Quran. Students should be taught a new concept during the first session, and during the second session, they should work on mastering it.

Much of what we’ve learned is lost in the first 24 hours after a lesson. Make the most of your second session to avoid wasting all of your hard work! Numerous Huffaz advise having a morning session and a nighttime session.

3: Revise Previous Learning

This connects to the prior point in a way. Maintain reviewing what you’ve memorized to keep it in your long-term memory! The Sabaq (new lessons), Sabqi (recent lessons), and Manzil (previous lessons) technique is a good way to keep yourself on track.

4: Must-Have SomeOne to Read to

Hifz buddies are a must for this task! After you’ve learned the lesson, have someone else listen to it aloud to you. Even if you think you’re succeeding well on your own, it’s important to get some help.

Hifz buddies can be from family members to close friends or even teachers. Hifz buddies are those you can rely on to point out your errors.


When memorizing the Quran, many people fall into the trap of trying to do too much in a short period. Sister Bushra Awan, the head of the Tahfeez department at Quba Academy, was consulted for her opinion.

They are encouraged to break down their choice into smaller components. Once you’ve memorized each section, move on to the next.

Instead of memorizing seven lines, focus on two and polish them before moving on to the next two (within that same session). The final step is to blend all the lines and revise.

6: Energize Yourself

Without a lot of effort, it’s impossible to achieve any goal. Stay hydrated, eat nutritious foods, and get enough sleep.

For a healthy body and mind, specialists frequently prescribe a Mediterranean-style diet. It isn’t uncommon for such a diet to include items that our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW advocated in his Sunnah.

7: Don’t Forget to Do it

It’s okay if your plans for the day don’t go according to plan on some days. Those are the days when you should take it easy on yourself.

For example, let’s say you study for 45 minutes after Fajr every day, and you’ve started memorizing 10 verses a day. But one day, no matter how hard you try, you can’t get past the third line! My advice is to give it you’re all for 45 minutes, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t meet your target for the day. You can do memorization online from different QURAN academies. You can also also learn Quran Tafseer course online. There are different Online Quran academies that offers online Quran learning.

There is hope for a better tomorrow, insha Allah.

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