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Multan’s Best Hospital For Gynecological Treatment

Many women see a general practitioner on a regular basis for regular check-ups. This helps for the normal check-up but when it comes specifically to women’s health issues, you need a gynecologist. There are many issues related to women which require a gynecologist’s help. Women go through a lot of health issues over age, from adolescence to adulthood.

Difference between a general practitioner and a gynecologist

Many women confuse the general practitioner with a gynecologist. Everyone should have a general practitioner for regular check-ups but there are some issues related to women that only a gynecologist can deal with. General practitioners deal with the whole body and have a very wide skill set to deal with many issues with the human body. But gynecologists specialize in women’s anatomy.

Gynecologists deal with some specific issues related to women. They especially take care of women’s reproductive systems and menstrual issues. Women need a gynecologist during pregnancy, after pregnancy, and during menopause. Apart from that, there are other issues in which a woman needs a gynecologist, a general practitioner cannot help a woman with some issues.

A gynecologist helps you prevent the diseases

Gynecologists help women to prevent some diseases. It is important to visit a gynecologist when you feel something irregular in your body. Gynecologists run some screening tests and tell you if there is any potential disease. There are some diseases for which women have to do the screening tests like:

  •         Breast Cancer
  •         Transmitted diseases
  •         Osteoporosis
  •         Cervical Cancer

These diseases are specific to women and need preventive care. Every woman needs counseling regarding these diseases and issues. There are certain age groups in which these diseases are more likely to happen to women. Every woman should be aware of these diseases and health problems and a gynecologist can help women in every stage.

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital (MASH) Multan

MASH is Multan’s best hospital for gynecological treatment. With their qualified and experienced doctors, they provide the best treatment for women’s health in Multan. A gynecologist is the one with whom a woman cares to share every problem comfortably, as discussing these problems is normally considered taboo. Here are some services Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital offers to the patients:

Cancer screening

Every woman is advised to do a breast cancer examination every month. At MASH a regular checkup with a gynecologist is provided to the patients so that they can prevent any potential disease.

Reproductive Health

Reproductive healthcare awareness is very important for women. Women do not feel comfortable discussing these topics, but a gynecologist provides a safe space for every woman to discuss sensitive matters freely. As they are specialists, women can trust their advice and seek immediate help. MASH has the best gynecologists in Multan for health counseling.

Pre-pregnancy counseling

Many women do not visit gynecologists regularly before pregnancy, there can be some complications which are needed to be discussed with an expert. MASH provides proper counseling to women before pregnancy to avoid any such complications. This can be a very difficult time for a woman, a gynecologist can make it easy with the right and timely counseling.

Care during pregnancy

Every woman requires extra and special care during pregnancy. This can be a crucial time for some women, MASH is Multan’s best hospital for care for women during pregnancy time. Their gynecologists make sure to meet every need of the patient to make them feel comfortable. They keep records and track of the condition of the mother and the child throughout the pregnancy period. The health of the mother and child is the main priority of the gynecologists in MASH.

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Infertility clinic

Infertility is a medical condition in which a woman is unable to conceive a child. There are many treatments available for infertility. MASH also offers services for infertility in women, it is a serious issue that needs expert advice and treatment by experienced gynecologists. MASH has an infertility clinic for this purpose, to serve women with infertility problems.

Post-menopausal care

Menopause can be a very difficult time for women. Women require gynecologists throughout the menopausal period. This experience is not the same for every woman, some women get through it easily with the least health problems. But some go through different complications, in some cases, some women had to go through uterus removal surgery.

This is why every woman needs extra care after the menopausal period. MASH provides the care every woman needs during this time. All these services make MASH Multan’s best hospital for gynecological treatments. 



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