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All Schools Should Be Private Schools

Schools, being a second home to children, play a crucial role in an individual’s life. Due to their significance, it is vital to make a careful decision. There has been a debate about whether all schools should be private or public. People have mixed opinions about the debate. However, the majority of people think that private schools are better than public schools. They think that all schools should be private since they are ideal for educating children.

What is the difference between a public and private school?

The primary difference between public and private schools is that of ownership. Public schools are funded and run by the government, while private schools are owned and managed by private owners. They do not receive any funding, rather earn revenue through students’ tuition fees. Public schools are either free or have a low cost of education for all students.

The biggest difference that strengthens the idea that private schools are better is that of the curriculum. Due to limited funding, public schools cannot add much diversity to their curriculum. On the other hand, private schools have control over their finances so they can design their curriculum according to their plan. They can introduce and implement modern learning techniques and learning through experience.

Reasons why all schools should be private

Here are all the good reasons private schools are considered better and why we think all schools should be private.

Better Infrastructure

Private schools arguably have better infrastructure than public schools. Infrastructure impacts the quality of education and its effectiveness for students. When students have a proper supply of required resources in a conducive learning environment, they tend to learn quicker and better. It also provides a smooth path for the transmission of education. Their approach toward learning becomes more practical, and thus their academic performance increases.

Advanced Curriculum

The curriculum imposed in most private schools is advanced with challenging topics and creative learning methods. Instead of boring traditional learning, students get to know about the modern world. Assignment writing service also reveals that most of the assignments that students get at a private school are based on the latest issues, technology, and ideas. Public schools usually have an outdated curriculum with less room for creative freedom for students. Such a curriculum results in students with a less creative mindset. It also hinders the development of certain essential skills among students, such as problem-solving, decision-making, and analytical skills.

Individual Attention

Due to overcrowded classrooms in public schools, students do not get personalized instructions or individual attention. This creates a hurdle in the way of effective education. On the other hand, private schools do not overpopulate classrooms and try to provide individual attention to every student. When students get timely feedback for their questions and other work, they can improve it. Delayed feedback can lead to confusion and the development of misunderstood concepts.

Skill Development

Private schools usually provide more skill development opportunities than many public schools. They have a skill-centric learning curriculum that prepares students for the modern world. This is the most worthy upside of private schools that makes them worth the hype. Through creative learning models, students can specialize in different subjects, including arts, science, athletics, and business. Most private schools are working on providing students with a comprehensive set of learning, having the perfect blend of theoretical, practical, creative and fun subjects.

Involvement Of Parents

Parents have a crucial role to play in students’ personality and career development. They can significantly improve their wards’ attitude towards learning and help them learn efficiently. For this, they must get involved in their children’s learning process. Private schools offer a learning model where parents’ involvement in students’ learning is ensured through regular meetings. An open communication path between the school and parents facilitates the uninterrupted sharing of information regarding children’s academic performance.

Sometimes, parents are invited to participate in different curricular and extracurricular activities with their wards for collective learning. These opportunities strengthen the motivation for learning and help parents stay aware of their children’s academic progress.

Small Class Size

Class size matters a lot when it comes to learning in a school. The bigger the class size, the more difficult it is for the students to interact with teachers and get answers to perplexing questions in their minds. Private schools cater to this problem by offering small classroom sizes with a better teacher to student ratio. It allows learners to feel more comfortable in the classroom with easy access to the instructor. It opens doors for an improved learning experience for students and a better teaching experience for teachers.

Technology-Based Learning

Technology surrounds our present, and it will define our future. The modern world is derived from technology, and it is crucial to equip students with the necessary tech-related knowledge at an early stage. Private schools employ the latest technological resources to enhance and improve the learning experience for learners. It includes incorporating technology in education in the form of audio-visual aid, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and others. All of these provide students with exposure to how the modern world operates and how they need to adapt themselves in relation to the latest technology.

Better Learning Environment

Private schools provide a comparatively better learning environment characterized by discipline and control. They introduce strict rules and keep a check on how students respond to them. With the clear focus of the school’s administration on a disciplined environment as their priority, students tend to abide by defined rules and regulations. This creates a better learning environment for all students.


Private schools clearly have the edge over public schools in terms of quality of education and resources. Every kid has the right to a quality education that makes him a better human for himself and others. Private and public schools must have this goal in their minds when designing their strategies. Even if all students cannot be turned into private schools, they can try to offer students the same services and facilities as private schools do.



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