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Who makes the best barber scissors in the world?

So, your inner 5-year-old wants to know which country, not just a country, has the world’s best hair barber scissors. As much as we’d like to, it’s not as simple as naming one winner as the best. A good hair shear can come from various brands, all of which offer similar but distinct barber scissors, keeping each brand separate and preventing too many of the same scissors from being sold.

Because we’re realists, we know that different manufacturers’ scissors will look identical at first glance. However, even if you only glance at a pair, you might notice something unusual about them. To find out what the best hair barber scissors in the world are, keep on reading!

What makes a Barber scissor the best?

A decent pair of barber scissors is more than simply the price tag; the entire breakdown of a high-grade pair of barber scissors matters. Steel, blade type, shear length, handle design, and color are all important considerations, as is the final pricing. We’ve outlined everything in the table below to make things easier.


First, the most critical factor is the steel grade utilized to create the blades. Why? As a result, if the steel isn’t high or of good quality, your shears will be a waste of money because they won’t last very long. The best steel for shears is Japanese 440c. One of the strongest and best steels for making shear blades is high-quality Japanese steel, which can do no wrong.

Blade Type

Additionally, we must not forget about the blades’ cutting edges and what they are made of when discussing stainless steel. I’m afraid there is more to the sword than meets the eye. Understanding the four raw edges that barber scissors can have is helpful when looking for the best professional hair cutting shears. We won’t overburden you with information; we’ll provide what you must know. The three types of edges are the convex edge, semi-convex edge, and beveled edge. In the meantime, let’s have a look at some expert razors.

Convex edge –

Professionals should only use shears with convex blades because they are known to be sharper than the other edges. Slide, point, and feathering cuts are the most common uses for this particular edge. However, it can also be used for blunt cutting, but it won’t have the same impact. When making the right beveled or semi-convex edge, the second pair of shears is always a good idea. Once again, we recommend having a second pair of convex shears available to ensure proper care of these fine razor-edged blades. This means that beveled and semi-convex shears (more so beveled than semi-convex) are better suited for blunt cuts or thicker hair since they can withstand more power during cutting and are less likely to break than convex shears.

Semi Convex –

You may have the best of both worlds with Semi Convex. While a natural semi-convex edge is slightly narrower than a beveled edge, it is far from convex. Because of this, we recommend having a second pair of convex barber scissors in your arsenal if your primary scissor blade is convex. You can use a semi-convex shear just like a true convex, but you risk pulling the client’s hair if you take a thick portion.

To avoid damaging your clients’ hair, take smaller amounts with a semi-convex shear while cutting parts. It’s worth noting that the semi convex shear is a terrific all-arounder for point cutting, feathering, slide-cutting, and blunt-cutting, but remember to take finer sections and be patient.

Handle Designs:

What could be better than a pair of razor-sharp blades? Of course, the design of the handle of the hair-cutting scissors. We can’t say which hair styling scissors are “the best” because every stylist and barber is different.

Some may have underlying wrist injuries related to hairstyling that necessitate a specific handle, while others may be fine and can use whichever design they feel most comfortable with. Some of the best hair-cutting shears have the most straightforward or intricate handles.

There are four basic handle designs to simplify things, each of which can accommodate finger inserts and remove them as needed. What are the four distinct styles? We have four types: Classic, Offset, Crane, and Swivel. For your hair-cutting shears, let’s look at the many handle options available.


We have to incorporate color into this discussion to discover which hair cutting shears are the most effective if they are dull. Just because they aren’t the best doesn’t mean they aren’t a good option or that others don’t support your color choice.

Silver is the most prevalent color in all brands, as most barbers and stylists know. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the population has the misconception that colored hair cutting scissors are inferior to silver hair cutting barber scissors in terms of cutting performance.

A trustworthy firm like scissortec.com can promise you that no matter the color of the professional hair shears, they will be constructed from the highest quality 316L stainless steel blades. There is no need to worry about the color of your shears changing or fading while cutting hair, as long as you purchased colored ones! Even after repeated usage and sharpening, the colors of colored professional shears are meant to remain true to their original hue.

Who makes the best hair shear in the world, then?

That being the case, as much as we would like to limit ourselves to one, we simply cannot. As a result, here are our top picks for the best hair shears around the Globe. Piranha Cut is one of the best Barber scissor dealers. That provides its customers with high-quality scissor products. Piranha cut has a lot of satisfied clients all around the Globe. You can explore the wide range of products on their website. You can also check the client reviews.

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