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10 Best Microsoft Word Productivity Tips

Microsoft Office Word (MS Word) is important in our daily lives, so you need to know different MS Word tips. MS Word serves as a helpful tool for everyone, especially writers, editors, professors or teachers, office workers, and lawyers, to name a few. MS Word is one of the essential tools you can use in Microsoft Office, and Microsoft has made sure to build MS Word to meet the needs of a wide range of users and enhance user experience. In addition, it covers most of the needs of people of all walks of life and business. Here given the 10 best Microsoft word productivity tips.

Automatically Generate Other Gibberish

If you are the type of person who would like to find something — anything — on a page so that you do not have to stare blankly at all that white space, you may be happy to know that Word lists a few types of popular text. Very close.

Focus and Focus on Something

Maybe you want to get rid of one of Word’s cruft distractions along the way, or perhaps you want to remove the nuke said cruft ultimately. If this is the first time, press the CTRL key and then press F1 (Command + Option + R on Mac), and the ribbon menu at the top will drop, leaving a small menu. Use the same key sequence again to restore it. And for little information, click the focus icon at the bottom right of the window. It will provide your page with a flashing cursor and blank background. Start typing and return to the menu. Click on the three small dots at the top of the screen or press the Escape key.

Does This Word Mean What I Think It Means?

It’s easy to get carried away trying to make your text beautiful. So if you find yourself using a word but are not sure what it means, right-click it and select the Search Center mid-menu option for a description. This feature also helps to check background information. For example, when writing about bald eagles, select the whole phrase “bald eagles” and use the Search option to learn more about eagles without leaving Word.

And if you want a similar but completely new name, right-click and select the Synonyms option for other options.

Where was I?

If you are editing a long document and have been clicked between several different pages, there is nothing as frustrating as losing your site. Thanks to Microsoft’s preview, you can navigate to the latest elevator and edit locations by pressing Shift and then pressing the F5 key. It makes jumping backward less stressful.

Add Pictures Without Leaving the Word

As someone who has experienced a fair amount of software scripts and product screenshots for my livelihood, I am shocked, embarrassed, and irritated every time I spend taking screenshots and uploading them to Word. There is always a similarly designed Screenshot feature; when clicked, it allows you to select open windows on your computer — which is then neatly inserted into your document as a screenshot.

Adjusting Automatic Repair Settings

AutoCorrect is a feature that will automatically correct typing errors and spelling errors as you type. This feature should automatically turn on and perform actions such as capitalizing words for days of the week and capitalizing at the beginning of sentences. AutoCorrect also contains a built-in dictionary of often misspelled or misspelled words that should be corrected. The good news is that we can make our additions to it or even remove the entries that cause the spread (sometimes AutoCorrect is seen as not typing correctly, which is a good word).

Work With Styles

Professional Web designer says the formatting of everything in Word depends on the styles. You can quickly and effectively format an entire document with a few clicks by working with types. Classes can also ensure a consistent look in your documents. There are caption styles, tables, footnotes, links, and everything. If Word users are talking about classes, they probably refer to style themes. Title styles provide a quick and consistent format for your articles and give the structure of your document. Once Word understands where your titles are, a table of contents, cross-references, and hyperlinks can be built from theme styles.

Setting Themes and Color Programs

A theme is a format that includes a set of theme colors, fonts, line-like effects, and fill products. The article can be used in a document to quickly and visually look professional and professional. Themes are great for companies that try to ensure that employees create documents with a specific look and feel that meet the guidelines and apply a particular color scheme. Themes can be found on the Design in Word 2013 tab. And the Page Layout tab in Word 2007 and 2010. Select the article you want to use in the list to use the music in the text. This is highly recommended to match your preferences.

Always Keep Your MS Word File

One of the essential MS Word tips to remember is to repeatedly save your MS Word file. If your PC or laptop encounters problems and reboots unnecessarily, regularly keeping. Your MS Word file is beneficial to your work. You wouldn’t want to lose your hard work just because of a power outage or a random power outage. You do not need to repeat everything you wrote right away by doing so. MS Word also provides a permanent recovery tool. However, it is not always guaranteed that you can get back to the exact content you had before you lost your document.

Use the Auto-Correct Tool

MS Word can test your basic language program using the auto-correction tool. It can always check spelling to make sure your file is properly checked. You can even change the language setting to check your MS Word spelling. Cipd assignment writing help in Dubai says various grammar tools like Grammarly can also be included as another tool for checking and building sentences to make typing your document free of grammatical errors.



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