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Exterior Paint Colours for Commercial Buildings

Have you owned a commercial building? Are you unable to decide what should be the exterior paint colour? However, you can get the complete guidelines from the commercial painters in Perth. Only professional commercial painters can guide you regarding commercial painting.

Moreover, if you search on the internet about commercial painting ideas, you may get many ideas there. On the internet, you will not be able to decide what colour will be suitable for your commercial building. In order to assist you in choosing exterior paint colours, you need the right commercial painting services in Perth.

The colour of commercial building matters!

Exterior Paint

The exterior painting of a commercial building is essential to maintain a good impression. It’s also essential to maintain the property from any harm. Exterior maintenance of a commercial building is crucial because of so many elements. One of the main reasons is to impress the potential customers.

A well-maintained exterior of a commercial building can help create a positive impression. To grab the attention of potential customers, you need to choose the right paint colours that can define your business. However, not all commercial business owners tend to understand its importance. But if you want to create a good impression, you can go for it.

Choose the colour according to the services;

The exterior colour of a commercial building says a lot about the services and brand. However, the paint colours have the power to build brand recognition. Moreover, the first thing to understand is the services of the commercial building before choosing a paint colour.

First of all, decide the colour scheme according to the service. Definitely, a hospital needs different association colour than an office building. Moreover, a bank would prefer different exterior paint than the warehouse. The colours are strongly associated with the services. So, before choosing the colours, you must take assistance from commercial painters in Perth.

Ideal exterior paint colours for a commercial building;

The commercial painters in Perth recommend some ideal paint colours for the exterior of a commercial building.

Add extension to your brand with unique hues;

In order to improve the gloomy aesthetic of the exterior of a commercial building, you must consider using different colour hues. Moreover, you can make the spot easy for the visitors by making an eye-catching exterior.

If you own a warehouse and want an aesthetic exterior look, choose the red colour. Therefore, the professional commercial painters in Perth recommend the red colour. Because the red colour provides an earthy tone and reliability to the space that requires high attention to detail.

Benefits of neutral colours

The neutral colours evoke the feeling of cleanliness and well-being. Moreover, the neutral colours always provide a graceful exterior to commercial buildings like hospitals.

  • First, look peaceful and clean

The hospitals and many healthcare centres require cleanliness and a peaceful environment. So, the white colour always evokes a peaceful feeling and a clean environment.

  • Second, help in brand recognition

in order to recognise your brand, You can choose neutral colours like blue, green, red, orange and yellow colours. The bright colours will be a huge benefit for brands.

People can easily access your commercial building by remembering the exterior colour.

Bold neutral colours

If you want to maintain the office exterior, you must choose colours according to the services. Due to the nature of service, office owners aim different colour palette than hospitals.

  • Impeccable colours

Impeccable colours are always a safe choice for the office building exterior. therefore, must use impeccable for a catchy exterior.

Creamy white

Sandy beiges



These colours are the safe choice for an office building.

  • Be respectful of the environment and brand colours

Be sure to be respectful of the local environment and brand colours. A bold colour exterior can make your building stand out on heights, but you must give lease space to others.

  • Potential issues with bright paint colours

Bright colours may distract people from noticing the business banner and logos. Consider using the colour contrast with the signboard.

Vibrant and energetic colours for shopping store exterior

Shopping centres and retail stores look vibrant and energetic with such colours;

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

These colours grab the attention of visitors and customers.

  • Benefits of vibrant colours
  • Vibrant and energetic exterior push the customers to take an interest.
  • Make the customer initiate an emotional response
  • Accelerate the customers’ decision-making process


Above all, Commercial buildings need proper attention from inside and out. The impression of the building creates a reputation. In order to create a positive impression of the building, you need to maintain the exterior of the building. If you need painting ideas for the exterior of the commercial building, here are the ideal colours for you to consider.



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