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Google Analytics – Role and Benefits


It is a web analytics service that offers general analytical tools for the use of marketing and SEO which is also called Search Engine Optimization. Their services are free to use which means anyone can use them just with a google account as they are components of the Google Marketing Platform. We can make use of Google Analytics in various ways be it in tracking the performance of the website or attracting insights from the visitor. Google Analytics also helps the organization in determining the best source of visitor traffic, benchmarking the accomplishments of their activities and campaigns related to marketing, keeping records of completion of objectives like sales, purchases, items added to the cart by consumers, finding new trends, and patterns, and many others. To examine different analytics regarding consumer behavior various kinds of retail businesses also use Google Analytics be it small or medium retail business websites. We can assure you that value4brand can help you out with Goggle Analytics. We are saying after inspecting all value4brand reviews.

Work of Google Analytics

Just by using the page tags, Google analytics can obtain the data of the user from a particular website. For that, a page tag is placed inside the code of a particular page which is known as JavaScript. The function of the JavaScript tag is that it not only helps the website to work in the web browser of a particular visitor but also gathers the data and delivers it to a data collection server that is owned by Google. Moreover, Google Analytics also plays a role in generating reports which is customizable so that business owners can track and anticipate data. The data can be users’ quantity, bounce price, moderate time of the session, views on-page, completions on goal, and many more.

Tag plays the role of a web bug to collect data from visitors. Nevertheless, the system has to rely on cookies as the system can gather data only if it is enabled otherwise, it is impossible. Google Analytics also benefits us by providing attractive features which will help users to know the latest trends as well as the engagement of visitors with their site. The features also include the following:

  • Visualization of data and observing tools
  • Filtration, manipulation, and analysis of data
  • API collection of data which means Application Program Interfaces.
  • Communication and sharing based on email.
  • Acquisition, advertising, the behavior of audience of custom reports.

Benefits of using Google Analytics

  • It is free of cost: Google analytics is free of cost. Zero charges you have to pay to use Google products. This will become easier to make a budget and to invest accordingly as well as can be able to invest in some other thing to use its products. Moreover, google analytics also offers you relevant data, statistics, and numbers to enhance the performance of your website.
  • Compilation of data: For an automatic compilation of data, you need to sign up for your account on Google analytics. To gather information automatically from the website you need to copy a code on your website. Copying code will make data accordingly. You can also inspect your data and records whenever you deem fit. This will save your time and work.
  • Combination with other platforms: This is the remarkable benefit of Google analytics as it can offer an easy and clear interface. This Google analytics can be easily accessible on all types of devices be it a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or any other device. To work more efficiently and make it easy you can connect your analytics with google AdWords. This will provide your amazing insights which will help your website to lead the highest rank in the AdWords campaign.
  • Reason for bouncing off of visitors: Measuring the bouncing rate is very essential to know who does not show any interest in leaving your website. The less bouncing rate the more development of your website and vice versa. Many businesses notice a lot of traffic to their website but they do not remain constant as they are not getting what they want or for what they have come to your website. This will increase the bounce rate of your website.
  • Which platform to point: We can drive huge traffic through social media platforms and keep engaging the customers. Google Analytics will help you to get access to the keys which attract the attention of visitors and where you can locate your ads. You will be required to set up a great budget for ads especially on social media to promote your company’s products to potential customers.


To sum up, everything stated so far, as per value4brand reviews we can say that value4brand provides the best quality google analytics services you just need to get and give the opportunity. This will not only enhance the performance of your website but also expand conversions. So, it is highly recommended to use this free tool for managing and monitoring the analytics for your site



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