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Waffle Ice Cream Cones Packaging Ideas for Small Business in the USA

Want to create a buzz in the industry with ice cream cone sleeves? Then you just need to go for customized solutions. The well-established brand easily invests in its large advertising campaigns and product packaging. But small businesses need to take every step cautiously due to having a limited packaging budget and fewer resources. Therefore, they can use their product packaging as a branding tool with minor changes that are not too costly and boost your sales. Moreover, you can captivate your customers with ice cream cone sleeves

Go for Custom Ice Cream Cones Sleeves 

No matter if you have a small corporate and ice cream parlor but never go for the premade or magazine paper ice cream cone sleeves. The use of premade cones sleeves decreases the brand’s value for target customers. In this regard, you need ice cream cone sleeves with customized and personalized solutions. Custom cone sleeves allow you to pick each factor according to your product quantity, sizes, and budget. Moreover, you can make them custom by choosing the design, add-on, and printing content. 

Pick Eco-friendly and Durable Stock for Ice Cream Cones 

Another idea is to use eco-friendly and biodegradable material for ice cream cones because it is the more consuming product, particularly in summers. So, ask your ice cream cone sleeves suppliers to provide nature-friendly ice cream cones. Thus, you can use Kraft, cardboard and bux board, and aluminum foil for cone sleeves. The material use of cone sleeves has polythene linings that protect them from damaging and melting. 

Make Them Branded with your Logo and Label 

Whether you have a well-established ice cream parlor or small business, your custom ice cream cone sleeves must have your logo and label. On this subject, place the unique, meaningful, and catchy logo on your cone sleeves that make your brand memorable for target audiences. Therefore, you can use the text-based logo, wordmark logo, abstract logo, combination mark logo, emblem logo, and mascot logo. Moreover, if you find a font style for the logo and brand name, you must go for the custom option to prevent copyright issues in the future. 

Be Sparing with Colors for Cone Sleeves 

Simple white ice cream cones look boring and not engaging. So, play with colors to make them spellbinding. So, choose your desired colors and ask your packaging supplier to provide the accurate shade with CMYK and PMS color models. Also, if you cannot afford 4-color printing, 3-color printing, 4-CMYK color with 2-PMS color printing for cone sleeves, you can choose 1-color printing or 2-color printing for your custom ice cream cone wrappers. One color and two colors can also captivate customers from long distances and provide recognition for your brand. 

Not Overload your Cone Sleeve with Content 

However, you need to place the logo, brand name, and artwork on your custom cone sleeves. But you need to adjust your content carefully and avoid printing too much information on the ice cream cone sleeves. In addition to this, contact a packaging designer who will help you with the right text management on the box. So, print ice cream cone wrappers wholesale with your brand information to make them recognizable to boost your sales. 

Encapsulations of Content 

The long and short of the discussion mentioned above is explaining ice cream cone sleeves ideas for small businesses in the USA. Therefore, you need to choose quality cardstock with polythene lining to resist moisture. Plus, you need to make your cone sleeves branded to increase brand recognition. Choose minimal but catchy colors to give a decent look to your ice cream cones and use a unique font style to create brand authentication. Moreover, you must use the brand logo and label on your ice cream cone covers and do not print too much content on your ice cream cone sleeves; it looks pathetic and messy. 




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