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We Accept the love we deserve

Setting Healthy Boundaries – Why Low Standards Are a Disaster For Accepting the Love We Deserve

The way we set healthy boundaries is by being Selfish. Setting low standards is a disaster, and it leads us to attract people who reflect the worst aspects of our personality. Selfishness is the only way to set healthy boundaries. When we lower our standards, we are setting ourselves up for disaster. We end up attracted to people who reflect the worst parts of our personality, and this creates a cycle of low expectations and poor self-esteem.

Selfishness is the only way to set healthy boundaries

In our hectic world, sometimes we can benefit from practicing healthy selfishness. Self-care activities, standing your ground during difficult conversations, and ending unhealthy relationships are just some ways to take care of ourselves. In difficult moments or days, we need our own company and support to keep us sane. Selfishness is a positive trait if we use it to help ourselves and others. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some examples of healthy selfishness.

Setting boundaries is a way of securing your emotional bank account and preserving your mental health. But, setting boundaries can seem selfish to those around you. People who lack boundaries think that they should be available for others only when it is convenient for them, but you are the only one who knows when you need them. Selfishness means valuing yourself, not those around you. If you have strong boundaries, others will appreciate them.

Setting healthy boundaries is not selfish, but rather a human right. If you can set boundaries without hurting other people, you’ll enjoy a fulfilling life. Those who do not respect your boundaries are self-serving. They have a desire to do what is best for them, and they often use guilt-tripping tactics to manipulate others. While you’re trying to protect yourself, you’re trying to maintain the relationship with the other person. And, if you do feel uncomfortable with their actions, you can try to avoid the situation.

If you can’t say no to everything, don’t feel bad. Having a good friend is an ideal situation. However, if you’re constantly saying yes to everything, it’ll only be a problem. Instead, consider your own needs and what’s best for others. If you’re not feeling comfortable with your boundaries, you’re not being a good friend. You’re not helping others in the long run, and your partner won’t be happy either.

When setting boundaries, you must first examine the boundaries you already have in your life. Maybe you have a healthy relationship with your partner but not with your friends or coworkers. It is your right to set boundaries, but make sure you don’t over-explain your boundaries. This will only make you seem selfish. Remember that setting healthy boundaries is a good thing for your mental health. If you don’t respect your boundaries, you’re only sabotaging your recovery.

Setting healthy boundaries requires claiming your God-given selfhood. Being selfless won’t produce healthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries start with saying “yes” to yourself. Once you’ve done this, your boundaries will become fruitful. And if your partner is in need of a break, it’s better for both of you to express your needs. Selfishness, by the way, can be unhealthy.

Low standards are a disaster

When you’re in a relationship, you have different feelings about yourself and your partner than when you were single. This can increase your satisfaction with the relationship and make it more enjoyable, but too low standards can keep you from moving forward in a safe manner. Here are three reasons why low standards are a disaster for accepting the love we deserve. Let’s look at each of them. These feelings are interrelated:

When we are hurt repeatedly, we tend to have low standards for ourselves and others. In turn, we tend to assume that most people are like us, or worse, that we don’t deserve love. Our standards are based on our feelings and knowledge, but they’re not necessarily the best. If you don’t want to feel sorry for yourself, you may be jumping into relationships too quickly.

Dysfunctional people are attracted to those who reflect the worst parts of themselves

These individuals are attracted to those who reflect their worst traits. As such, they are more likely to become partners with people who reflect those same traits back to them. The following are common behaviors of these individuals. They are emotionally sensitive, argumentative, controlling, and lacking in personal boundaries. They are also more likely to blame other people for their relationship problems and suffer from severe depression or substance abuse.



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