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6 Italian Restaurants Los in Angeles that Have the Best Pasta

Pasta is an absolute delicacy, and if it’s cooked to perfection, it seems amazingly heavenly. Italian cuisine has the best pasta without any doubt. Like many restaurants in Los Angeles that cook delicious pasta, finding the best Italian restaurant in Los Angeles with perfect pasta can be challenging. So let’s have a look at the list we compiled for the best pasta found in Los Angeles.

Italian Restaurants Los Angeles

Despite its image as a carb-averse city, Los Angeles has many excellent pasta restaurants. For all the pasta lovers in Los Angeles, this blog is for you. As we will tell you the top places to get great pasta that will curb away your pasta cravings.

Best Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles That Serve Pasta

  • Burrata House

The Apulia region of Italy is where burrata originated. As long back as 1920, the Bianchini farm in Andria. Italy was producing the wine that is now known as Bianchini. At Burrata House, they only deal with suppliers that share their values of striving for perfection. Promoting Italian goods with care, and never settling for less than the highest possible standard of excellence.

Fresh and locally produced ingredients are at the heart of Burrata House’s concept. Italian cuisine is served; with family or friends in a convivial atmosphere.

  • Crossroads Kitchen

Tal Ronnen is the chef at Crossroads Kitchen; where he makes handmade pasta that is among the best Italian food in Los Angeles. Because fresh pasta typically requires eggs, this meal represents a significant step forward in veganism. Chefs in the kitchen create fantastic fettuccine, rigatoni, and Antolini pasta. With a firm al dente flavor or tasty sauces to go with it. The flowing carbonara and hearty bolognese both include a tomato-based “egg.”

  • Italian

Next on the list of Italian restaurants in LA is Eatalian. It’s hard to believe that Eatalian, is a casual Italian restaurant in Gardena’s warehouse district. Serves authentic Italian fare with no frills. Hefty platters traditionally. The carbonara has a rich sauce that compliments the guanciale perfectly. You and your family will enjoy this spaghetti at a reasonable price.

  • Uovo

Sugarfish co-founders Lele Massimini and Jerry Greenberg have made Uovo; a pasta-focused restaurant focused on quality or speed, a stand-alone success. The company ships pasta overnight from a kitchen in Bologna, Italy, and serves it in the city’s minimalist, well-appointed premises. Tortellini topped with Parmesan cream or swum in broth is another popular option.

  • Colapasta Restaurant

Thanks to his time at La Botte (which received a Michelin star in 2008) and Piccolo on Venice Beach, Stefano De Lorenzo’s food is well known on the Westside. A seasoned Italian chef-created Colapasta, a low-key Italian restaurant on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade. 

  • Etta Culver City

Cooked-to-order handmade pasta dishes; are a staple of Etta’s Italian-inspired cuisine. While the agnolotti is supposed to be stuffed with maize or cheese; the casarecce is filled with a hearty, flavorful bolognese. You may eat snail shell pasta with a vivid Sungold tomato and basil to taste Italy’s springtime.

  • Pasta Sisters

Pasta Sisters have noodle fans covered; whether they want to cook or reheat. Ready-to-eat pasta sheets such as spaghetti, tagliatelle, pappardelle, and lasagna are available; as are prepared meals such as bottarga and porcini mushrooms.

  • Bestia

Chef Ori Menashe’s rustic, meat-centric Italian cuisine is excellent. it’s impossible to deny that the exquisite; Heart-warming pasta is the actual draw here. The restaurant’s most popular dishes are spaghetti rustichella and cavatelli Alla Norcia. With house-made pig sausage or black truffle. Agnolotti packed with braised beef cheek and spaghetti rustichella, or Pomodoro sauce with buttery uni or crab are some of the standout dishes.

  • Forma Restaurant & Cheese Bar

When it comes to the skill of making pasta from scratch. Santa Monica’s Forma is the place to be. Among Forma’s many signature dishes; is a dish in which freshly-made noodles are tossed with a massive wheel of Italian cheese. For an extra layer of creamy richness; as noted in the restaurant’s full name.


Pizzeria Mozza, one of the city’s best-known pizzerias, never disappoints. Nancy’s chopped salad or burrata; Which includes house-made burrata, are good starters. There are a variety of pizzas to pick from. Including classics like the Margherita, Bianca, and more adventurous options like the meat lover’s pizza. The now-famous butterscotch budino, topped with caramel sauce; Crème Fraiche, and Maldon sea salt, is a must-have.

For Queries, Consult the FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions) Section Below.
Do these restaurants provide Gluten-free Pasta?

No, they mainly don’t provide gluten-free pasta.

Do these restaurants offer home delivery?

Yes, you can avail the home delivery option; Right to your doorstep by contacting the restaurant.

Can we pre-book a table at these restaurants?

Yes, you can have your table pre-booked by making an early reservation through which the restaurant will reserve a table for you in advance.

Do these restaurants have dishes other than pasta?

Yes, they have many other options; pasta is their specialty. 

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