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Boyish Dress Style

How to Create a Boyish Dress Style

You can create your own boyish dress style by incorporating several elements into your wardrobe. Some examples include high necklines, plaid flannel, Tartan sneakers, and layering. You can also try wearing pants or shorts with drawstrings, a plaid flannel shirt, and a pair of sneakers in a matching color. To keep your boyish look chic, follow these tips:

Drawstring trousers

Boys love the look of dress pants, but aren’t quite ready for the formality of pants. A great semi-formal alternative to pants is a pair of drawstring trousers. While dress pants feature a fixed elastic waist, a drawstring adds a casual touch. And since boys’ feet grow so fast, drawstring trousers can be adjusted to fit a variety of body shapes and sizes.

As the name suggests, these pants draw the eye to the waist. They also flatter the midsection, drawing attention to the area between the shoulders and hips. You can accessorize with a belt to accentuate this area. This versatile style is also perfect for hot summer days. Just don’t go overboard with the embellishment. To balance the boyish silhouette, wear a fitted top with a feminine detail.

Boys generally prefer a pair of loose-fitting, stylish pants. Their style and fit will depend on their school dress code and sports activities. Many brands produce husky and slim versions of these pants. Chinos are another great option for summer. These pants will keep your boy looking stylish and comfortable, and will inspire confidence. Conversely, jeans are a classic, year-round pant choice. Made from durable denim material, they can be worn all year round.

Plaid flannel

When it comes to boyish dress style, plaid flannel has plenty of options. Light colors are always appropriate, including yellow, orange, and green. Light colors like beige and taupe will also work in this type of outfit. Shirts in plaid are also versatile and will look great with leggings, pants, and textured shoes. In addition to being a practical piece of clothing, plaid shirts are also versatile enough to wear as a jacket over a dress.

Boyfriend flannel is another great option. When worn with leggings and sneakers, it gives off a boyish vibe. You can also turn it into a “going out top” by rolling the sleeves up with a pair of scissors. Winnie Harlow has a sexy plaid look in which she wears two plaid shirts with shorts. If you want to try this look, make sure to invest in a matching baseball cap!

Black flannel shirts are another great option. These shirts look great with many different outfits, and can give a grunge or edgy vibe. They can be paired with black pants, sneakers, or even dark blue denim to give your boyish dress style a rugged image. It also gives off a nice, warm feeling, which is something every boy needs in cold weather.

Oversized flannels are another option for boyish dress style. They were once worn mostly by older people, but now young men are sporting them as a way to add an urban vintage vibe to their outfits. Oversized flannels are a perfect base layer or mid-layer over shorts or ankle-length pants. They are also extremely comfortable to wear and offer warmth. If you’re looking for a casual outfit, you can opt for a t-shirt or even a skirt.

When choosing a plaid flannel shirt for a boyish dress style, consider the length and style. A single-colored flannel shirt is fine, but a large check will make the outfit look less formal. Big checks, or outlandish design elements aren’t appropriate. Try to choose a simple, neutral-colored flannel shirt that will go with a variety of pants. Shirts made of a single-color flannel look can look extremely cute with a pair of jeans and brogues.

Tartan sneakers

Top-end sneakers are often loud and daring, but you can still wear them with refined tops. Simple t-shirts and polos will work well with this look. Shirts with thin, knit ties are a great way to add a touch of refinement to your outfit. On-trend sneakers like Jordans, 95s and Superstars can be worn with any outfit. They also look great with long blazers and singlets.


The ’90s fashion trend is one of the most popular styles of men and boys today. While it started with men, this look is slowly filtering into the fashion world for women. Look no further than the hair of Billie Eilish and her oversized clothes. These styles are both versatile and fun. Here are some ideas for incorporating this look into your wardrobe. It will make you feel like a ’90s girl!

The key to the tomboy look is to layer. For colder months, wear a sweater or leather jacket over a tank top and jeans. During summer, opt for lighter layers. For instance, you could pair a plaid shirt with skinny jeans. This outfit would be perfect for a day at the park or a weekend at home. When layering your boyish style, you’ll have a chance to wear lightweight pieces under a thicker jacket to stay cool and comfortable.



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