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ColourPop Animal Crossing: New Horizons Collection

ColourPop cosmetics has announced their collaboration with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a popular game for the Nintendo switch. There are 11 pieces of makeup in the collection, all inspired by the game’s world. Below are some of my favourite products from the collection. I’m really excited to try them all out! The Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection is available at Ulta starting today, so you should definitely keep your eyes out for them!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The ColourPop Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection is due to launch on January 28th, but it sold out quickly. Fortunately, a second batch of the product will be released later in January. In the meantime, fans can look forward to a fun new game! The new release features items inspired by the popular Nintendo video game. To celebrate the launch, ColourPop has created a colourful island for the game.

The launch of the game was one of the most anticipated of 2020 and will continue to receive free updates into the next decade. The company has also announced the price range and release date of the new collection. Fans of Animal Crossing will be thrilled to know that their favourite characters will be immortalized in cosmetics, including new lip tints and blushes. ColourPop and Nintendo have partnered to create the new line of products for the game, which includes mini eyeshadow palettes and lip tints.

The new range from Colourpop is inspired by the popular Nintendo switch video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The collection is comprised of 11 new products, including four eyeshadow palettes with four shades each, three tinted lip sets, two powder blushes, glitter gel, and a new matte eyeshadow. As with previous Colourpop collections, the Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection includes the colours of a character from the game.

The new product range will launch in January 2018. The brand will sell products inspired by the game’s new expansion. The brand has yet to reveal other in-game content and events. ColourPop’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. You can also purchase the products directly from the company’s website. There are a lot of different ways to buy ColourPop products. And don’t forget, you can even win a free copy of the game online!

Characters inspired by ColourPop’s new collection

The Animal Crossing game series has been around for more than two decades, but only last spring did the series become an even bigger phenomenon. After all, the game served as an escape for the global COVID-19 pandemic. The popularity of the game has led to collaborations between various brands and video game developers, but few have released an actual collection inspired by the series. ColourPop is one of these brands, with the ACNH collection launching on January 28 at Ulta Beauty.

The New Horizons collection by ColourPop is inspired by the popular Nintendo Switch game Animal Crossing. The collection includes 11 colours inspired by the game’s characters. You’ll find three different tinted lip sets, two powder blushes and glitter gel. You can find matching colour pops in each of the animal-themed shades to complete your look. You can also get a free colour pop when you purchase the range.

The Animal Crossing-inspired collection will be available on the Colourpop website on January 28. They will also be available in Ulta stores from Valentine’s Day. You can buy them on the website to get the look of your favourite characters. ColourPop’s animal crossing collection will be released on January 28 at 10am PST. Whether you’re a long-time Animal Crossing fan or just want to make sure you look your best, this collection is a must-have for fans of the video game.

The Animal Crossing New Horizons collection features 11 different products, all inspired by the game. There are four eyeshadow palettes, three tinted lip sets and two powder blushes. A shimmery Super Show Shadow, glitter gel, and a metallic eyeshadow will make your look pop. The range will be available in limited quantities, so get in quick to avoid disappointment! There’s something for everyone!

Launch date

As you probably know, ColourPop is working on a collaboration with Nintendo’s Animal Crossing franchise. ColourPop shared a sneak peek of the range on Twitter, where it’s clear that the new collaboration will be colourful and fun. The collection will also have exciting names. ColourPop put out feelers for this collaboration way back in April, asking fans to share their love of Animal Crossing. Now that the collaboration is finally coming to fruition, the brand has gone all out with its designs and names.

ColourPop X Animal Crossing New Horizons was one of the most popular games to launch in 2020, and the company promises more will be available in the coming months. The new range includes four eye shadow palettes with four different shades, three sets of fruit-themed stick shadows, two blushes, and a glitter gel. In addition, ColourPop has revealed prices for each product in the range. If you’re interested in a makeover and want to see the new shades, you can order a set of four eye shadow palettes, lip tints, and blushes online.

The new range of Animal Crossing-themed ColourPop products will be available on January 28th, 2021. The New Horizons collection will feature 11 products, including four eyeshadow palettes, two pressed powder blushes, three lip tint sets, and four eyeshadow palettes. There will also be a single glitter shadow, eyeliner, and lipstick. As with previous collaborations, ColourPop will also release the range in limited editions.

ColourPop has also announced a limited edition collaboration with Nintendo’s popular Animal Crossing. The new Animal Crossing line will include special-edition makeup items, including four palettes, three lip duos, two blushes, and a glitter pot. It is expected to launch on January 28th at 10am PST. If you’re interested, sign up for email alerts! This collection will probably sell out quickly.

Available at Ulta

Fans of the Animal Crossing video game have a new opportunity to purchase products in the brand’s ACNH collection. ColourPop has teamed up with Nintendo to produce an Animal Crossing range of makeup inspired by the popular video game. As you’d expect, ColourPop’s ACNH line is as bright and colourful as the game itself. ColourPop’s ACNH range features four eyeshadow palettes based on popular characters and themes from the game.

In case you’re wondering if you can buy ColourPop’s Animal Crossing collection at Ulta, there’s good news! The brand has announced a restock date on February 18th. The collab will officially hit Ulta on February 14th, and the collection will cost $125. You can purchase the individual components for around $8 each, or buy the entire collection for $125. Please note that all prices are in USD.

ColourPop’s Animal Crossing collection has been a huge hit since it launched at the end of January. However, most of the items are already sold out – only the owl-inspired “what a hoot” eyeshadow palette remains available. As this collection is not limited-edition, ColourPop hasn’t released a restock date yet. Regardless of how popular the Animal Crossing collection is, you should expect to see it at Ulta Beauty in February.

This collection features four eyeshadow quads with four shades each, as well as lip tints and blushes inspired by the Animal Crossing video game. ColourPop has also released a line of character-themed palettes, including Disney Mulan. As you can see, this collaboration is a hit and will likely continue in the future. If you’re in the market for a new ColourPop look, make sure to check out the website and sign up for their newsletter.



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