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How to Make a Breakable Chocolate Heart

A breakable chocolate heart is a perfect way to surprise someone special, whether it is for a gender reveal, engagement, birthday, or anniversary. They can be decorated with a variety of things inside, including a surprise inside! The basic price range of these heart-shaped chocolates starts at $40 and includes a solid color and lettering, with pricing increasing based on complexity of design and number of hidden items. They can also be customized to suit any occasion, from a simple birthday surprise to a wedding proposal.

Nikki’s Chocolates

If your loved one has a sweet tooth, a breakable chocolate heart may be just the thing. The breakable chocolate heart is filled with delicious candies that come in a variety of colors and styles. You can choose between light pink and colorful chocolate, and you can even get a dozen strawberries covered in melted chocolate. The price will reflect any special requests you might have. Nikki’s Chocolates Buffalo is located at 27 Chandler Street, second floor.

If you’re looking for a unique and fun way to surprise a loved one with a chocolate heart, try a breakable heart from Nikki’s Chocolates. This unique chocolate heart features a geometric shape that you can customize with a hammer. It also comes with a hammer that you can use to break it open. Breakable hearts are a fun way to show your loved one that you care.

You can fill the breakable heart with your favorite sweets, friendship bracelets, or even a personal note. If you want to go the extra mile, you can make the chocolate heart yourself! The breakable chocolate heart is a great way to show your special someone how much you care. This fun, memorable gift is sure to impress! You can make the breakable chocolate heart yourself or order one from a bakery or online. Just make sure to choose a fresh, healthy ingredient and place your order before Valentine’s Day to ensure quality.

Village Bake Shoppe

Located in Historic Lewiston NY, the Village Bake Shoppe has been satisfying the sweet tooth of dessert lovers since 1993. Located just a few feet from the Niagara River waterfront, this bake shop offers only the freshest ingredients and original recipes. This family owned business has been a favorite of Lewiston residents for over 25 years. Whether it is celebrating a new baby or simply celebrating a birthday, Village Bake Shoppe is sure to please.

From birthday parties to team building events to field trips, The Bakery is a great place for any special event. All food and beverages are included, so your guests can enjoy the event to the fullest. Give us a call today to schedule a special occasion! We will gladly host your next event at our bakery! We look forward to serving you! We will cater your special occasion. We’ll take care of everything.

Etsy seller

For a fun Valentine’s Day gift, consider giving a breaksable chocolate heart. Roxy Cosmetics, an Etsy seller, sells them in six different colors and includes a wooden mallet to smash it. They also sell chocolate-covered strawberries and cake pops. The heart should arrive on or around Feb. 9. There’s a $30 rush order option available, so you can have it in time for Valentine’s Day.

If you’d rather make a homemade version, check out this breakable chocolate heart. These pinata-like treats come with candy and sprinkles inside. They’re perfect for Valentine’s Day gift bags and come with a mallet to break them open. Breakable chocolate hearts were popularized by the Kardashians, who sent 150 to lovers and haters alike. They were created by pastry chef Chris Ford.

The chocolate hearts can be purchased from Zoe’s Facebook page or ordered for any event. You can learn more about the process and purchase one for yourself. Visit her website or Facebook page to learn more. You can also get a kit to make your own breakable heart with this Amazon kit. There are several options for making breakable chocolate hearts. A silicone mold, mallets, and silicone letters are also available for purchase.

Homemade version

A home-made version of breakable chocolate heart is an easy way to give a loved one a special treat. These tasty treats are great for kids. They can be wrapped in a special gift bag or incorporated into party favors. You can also add your own personalized message or favorite surprise to personalize the breakable chocolate heart. Here are some tips to create this sweet treat:

Use edible powder to brush the heart with designs. You can also use chocolate to make letters, write a special message, and attach them to the top of the heart with melted chocolate. Once you’re satisfied with your heart, you can give it away to your loved one in a pretty box with a hammer. These chocolate hearts are sure to be a big hit! They make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts.

Another idea for a home-made version of breakable chocolate heart is to use candy melts or other sweets instead of the typical baking chocolate. Instead of melted chocolate, use a silicone bowl. This helps the chocolate melt more evenly and tastes better. Kids can help you measure the ingredients, melt the chocolate in increments, and drop candies inside. This is a fun craft for kids of all ages!

Once the chocolate is melted, you can decorate the heart however you want. The heart will need to be presented to the recipient within a day. If you use dairy-free chocolate, it will probably start to discolor. To receive exclusive emails from the DIYandFUN newsletter, sign up below. If you would like to receive exclusive recipes and helpful tips, sign up for our newsletter. It’s free! So don’t wait any longer!


First, melt some chocolate in the microwave, stirring constantly, for 30 seconds. Pour the chocolate into the heart mold, swirling it around until it reaches all sides, and then place the mold in the refrigerator to cool. The chocolate should be at least 90 degrees F. Stirring continuously helps temper the chocolate. Apply the melted chocolate in an even layer, building up around the edges. Once the chocolate has cooled, you can gift it.

If you’ve chosen a breakable chocolate heart with a thin coating, you can use melted candy wafers to fill in the tiny holes. To make the filling smooth, apply it with a toothpick, the back of a spoon, or a fingertip. You can also use edible glitter spray to add shine to the finished product. If you want to make the filling look more professional, use a glass plate that is slightly warmer than your hands.

If you’d prefer a smoother texture, you can use real chocolate instead of melting wafers or chocolate chips. These types of chocolate will taste better and melt more evenly. Make sure to get a chocolate heart mold from Amazon. Then, melt chocolate in increments. Once it’s soft, place your favorite candy inside. This treat will impress the recipient and make them feel extra special! You can fill your breakable chocolate heart with strawberry, marshmallow, or other favorite sweets. And, it’s safe for kids, too!

Once the chocolate has set, you can fill it with treats. It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t want the candy to melt completely. A solid filling will keep the chocolate from sticking to your hands. To make your breakable chocolate heart even more adorable, you can place a piece of candy inside the center. It’s time to show your love. Don’t forget to share some chocolate with your Valentine!



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