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Unique Gifts From the Forward Observations Group

If you are looking for unique gifts, merchandising and art, you can buy products designed by independent artists through the Forward Observations Group. Each item is handcrafted by an artist and printed one at a time on quality products. Each purchase puts money directly into the artist’s pocket. Learn more about the benefits of this socially responsible company. We’ve compiled a list of our top three favorite gifts to make.

Artillery observer

A forward observer is a member of an artillery unit that assists field artillery with fire missions. In addition to their mission of identifying targets, forward observers must perform other duties as well, including land navigation and calling for fire missions. A forward observer in the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment Battle Group serves as the artillery observer and is responsible for guiding the unit’s guns to target enemy positions.

An artillery observer is a member of the Field Artillery corps, and holds Military Occupational Specialty 13A or 13F. They complete a thirteen-week training course in Call-For-Fire tactics and general field craft, as well as small unit tactics. Officers and enlisted soldiers serving as Forward Observers also attend Ranger School. These positions require special training and are often found in combat zones.

The artillery observer’s role in war was crucial. During the Korean War, the Forward Observer played a major role. The artillery forward observer facilitated a rapid and effective response to incoming artillery shells. In addition, he also helped bring in numerous prisoners and weapons. This made the artillery forward observer a key factor in the victory of the allies.

Artillery commanders needed to understand the artillery in a fluid tactical environment. They needed to know the battlefield intimately, and be prepared to call fire missions on multiple actions at the same time. As such, they were assigned positions in artillery headquarters. These units were divided into three firing batteries. Each of these batteries was responsible for monitoring the artillery. These units were responsible for ensuring that the artillery was hitting its targets as intended.

The Forward Observer would adjust the initial round for line of sight and range, and would be within 100 to 200 yards of the target. In addition to this, the observer would give a command to fire for effect when observing the target from an angle. Depending on the target, the Forward Observer would fire a series of consecutive rounds that were aimed at the enemy’s target. This procedure is repeated until the rounds hit the desired spot.

Marketing consulting services business

Forward Observations Group is a small company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It primarily operates in the Marketing Consulting Services sector, which is part of the Engineering, Accounting, Research, and Management Services industry. This company has been in business for two years. It generates an annual revenue of $34,669 and employs one person at its single location. This is a good company to start for someone looking to build their marketing consulting services business.


If you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member, why not consider buying them a Forward Observations Group mug? These gifts make great gifts for a variety of occasions and are an excellent way to show someone you care. They’re an excellent choice for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. And they’re affordable too! Whether you’re shopping for a friend, colleague, or family member, you can find a mug perfect for every occasion.


Interested in purchasing Forward observations group merchandise? This website carries a wide range of items. You can purchase a hoodie, tank top, or long-sleeve tee. The company’s merchandise is designed and printed by independent artists on quality products. These products are shipped worldwide with a guarantee of quality. Each item has a price tag to match. If you want to buy a tee for yourself or a friend, this site is an excellent choice.



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