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Who Made Me a Princess?

The movie who made me a princess follows the life of Athanasia, who sits on the throne of the Kingdom. As the man on the throne reads the princess’ achievements, the girl gets bored. Athanasia knew that it would be a tough task becoming the successor to Emperor Claude de Alger. In the end, she makes the right decision. It was her mother who made her a princess, who was not her biological mother.

Claude de Alger Obelia

The main character of Who Made Me a Princess is Claude de Alger Obelia, the current emperor of the Obelian Empire. This is an interesting book because it tells the story of how Obelia gained its throne by killing its oldest blood-related daughter. Obelia’s title is not derived from his birth, but rather from his name, which means “immortal.”

In the novel, Princess Athanasia was born as a child but later executed by a cold-blooded emperor. Claude de Alger Obelia had no idea how to raise her, and the maids of the Ruby Palace raised her. The emperor could care less about the princess, and she longed for parental love. Unfortunately, she was framed for a crime, and her father was executed, and she was left with no way to live her life.

When her father died, she was left as the only heir to the kingdom. Her father had a crush on her cousin Jennette, but he couldn’t stop himself from killing his daughter. She was a beautiful princess who spoke the common Pascal Tongue, and she had the royal gene. Despite being a princess, she seems to be much younger than her age. In a way, she is.

Claude had a debauched life in the royal family. He met Diana during a royal banquet, and she became his concubine. She died of childbirth, so Claude killed the other concubines in Ruby palace. Luckily for Claude, the Emperor didn’t know his daughter was pregnant, but he didn’t want to risk losing her life because she was the daughter of a noble.

Athanasia de Alger Obelia is a princess and she meets Claude when she is nine. The two of them have tea every morning at 10am. Claude and Athanasia grow close over time and he starts to care for her. In the end, Claude is the true prince, despite his dark past. But Athanasia’s life is not over and he has to protect her from the consequences.

Athanasia’s debutante ball is quickly approaching. Claude mentions her birthday, and Athanasia politely declines. He then compliments her beauty and accompanies her to the ball. Athanasia hesitates when everyone is watching them, and Claude intimidates the crowd into bowing their heads. In addition, he asks if Felix would be good as her escort.

Claude’s father Felix tries to persuade Athanasia to marry him. He makes sure to mention the princess’ favorite chair in Claude’s office, her private library, and the rose gardens in every corner of the palace. Claude is impressed with the fact that his daughter is so devoted to him. However, she does not want him to have her as his wife, so she asks Felix to make it happen.

Ananta Constantine Dante

Ananta Constantine Dante is a third-generation imperial princess. She is considered a saint by many. She is tired of dying, and wants to protect her empire, her people, and her family. In the novel, she returns to the timeline of her first life, only to find that the fates were not quite the same. As she learns how to protect herself and her family, she tries to prevent the same thing from happening again.

Dante traces papal simony to the pope, who he has mistaken for a later pontiff, Boniface VIII. In reality, it is the Roman nobleman Giovanni Gaetano Orsini who served as Pope from 1277 to 1280. In this way, Dante lays the blame for the church’s violation on the pope, who was not a true king.

Crown Princess of the Empire

The title character of Crown Princess of the Empire, Victoria-Margaret, is the descendant of the queen, Victoria I, who shaped the history of the empire two centuries ago. Victoria I practiced genetically arranged matchmaking, so she would marry a man who would be politically advantageous. Margaret will spend the summer incognito in Toronto, where she meets Helena Marcus, the daughter of one of the empire’s greatest placement geneticists. She will also meet August Callaghan, heir apparent of a powerful shipping firm besieged by American pirates.

Caroline gained the title of Princess in 1899, when the Empire of Austenasia declared independence from the United Kingdom. She was the daughter of the first Emperor, Terry I, and second in line to the throne. She was responsible for the attack on the Prime Minister’s Office on 25 May 2009, where she was rescued by Crown Prince Jonathan and Lord General William. Her brother, William, was then arrested and she was placed under house arrest.

Isis’s influence over noble society is immense. She is often referred to as Princess Isis, although this is only partly a reference to her engagement with Asterope Franz. The Aristocratic Fraction successfully pressured the Crown Prince into marrying Isis, and she is widely considered the true regent of the Empire. The entire noble society, and the Imperial family, are subservient to Isis’ power, and the Crown Prince is de facto powerless.

In October 2011, Caroline was elected to the Council of State. She was elected with 66% of the vote, making her the second-highest ranking woman in the council. The Crown Prince appointed her Chancellor, Chief Ambassador, and Secretary-General. While she was viewed as a competent cabinet member, her lack of experience as an individual leader hindered her from taking the throne. The future children of the Emperor will take the crown.

Lafiel is a Basrogrh pilot, and a good friend of Jinto. She becomes an ambassador to Jinto a few times, and insists on keeping him within sight after he is taken hostage. In addition, she takes leave from her military service to accompany Jinto on his journey to the Hyde Star System. She later assumes the role of Crown Princess of the Empire, when the empire’s capital is sabotaged.

In addition to her role as Crown Princess, Mako also visits the Kingdom of Bhutan where she pays a courtesy call on King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. He also visits Viet Nam and Madagascar where he studies indigenous livestock. His Imperial Highness also studies domestic fowl. A brief history of the two princesses’ personal relationship with the Thai Royal Family can be found in the official website.



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