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How To Utilize Teamwork In A Remote Company

Teamwork is essential to fulfilling your company’s mission and effectively serving its clients. As more jobs transition to a virtual environment, though, it’s clear that the online workplace can pose some challenges in this department. It isn’t always easy to collaborate when you’re playing phone tag, dealing with a video delay, or waiting for an email response. Each of these problems is an opportunity for innovation, though, and there are plenty of ways you can collaborate — even if you work at a remote company. Get ready to schedule a team meeting and use your Zoom Immersive View backgrounds download. It’s time to leverage the power of teamwork.

Find Everyone’s Strengths

Some people struggle with collaborating in a virtual space because they place a premium on face-to-face communication. Indeed, communication is an essential component of the teamwork experience, but there’s another factor that’s far more important — the strengths of each individual team member. Every person you work with was hired because they possess a unique skill set, and collaboration is really about utilizing these skills effectively. Working in a virtual space doesn’t dampen anybody’s abilities, so it’s best to shift focus and use your team members’ strengths.

The first step is to identify these strengths. If you’re working on a major proposal for a client, for example, one team member may be particularly adept at graphic design, while you might be the resident social media expert. Tasks should be clearly delegated according to these skills and collaboration should take place as an organic process. When it comes time to combine efforts, you should check the Zoom background requirements and join a video call with your colleagues. Make sure to identify your goals as a team and discuss the final execution of the project.

Prepare to Brainstorm

Brainstorming is the name of the game when you’re building a teamwork mentality in the virtual office space. Although each person has their own unique strengths, it’s important to remember that your team is at its best when all of these strengths are joined. Video calls offer a great opportunity to have open-ended conversations and invite new ideas that can propel the company forward. Brainstorming sessions should always be based on an environment that’s encouraging, focused, and most importantly, completely judgment-free. You can even add branded Zoom backgrounds to these calls to create unity and camaraderie amongst your team.

Brainstorm sessions should also prioritize quantity above quality. It can be difficult to have discussions about the future when every team member is seemingly contained in their own remote unit, but when everybody gathers to pour out ideas, a sense of teamwork readily emerges. Remember that brainstorming shouldn’t be done simply for its own sake, though. You should always identify a clear goal for a session and encourage any input that may serve this objective. All ideas — even the ones that may seem silly at first — should be acknowledged and noted. This facilitates a teamwork environment that unites staff members and transcends the virtual setting.



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