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Lizardfolk Clergy in D&D 5e


Is the Lizardfolk cleric in D&D 5e good or evil? This article will explore some of the key questions about this character type. Learn about Natural Armor, Powerful, and Domain spells, as well as how to choose the right one for your play style. Once you have a good understanding of the basics, you’ll be ready to tackle the game’s most challenging creatures!

Natural Armor

The Lizardfolk are a race of lizards native to swamps and swamplands. Because they mainly live in swamps and swamplands, they have evolved tough defenses and are incredibly agile. Their scaly armor and sharp maw make them formidable opponents, but their calm, rational nature keeps them from being overly fearful. These creatures are often compared to Dragonborn, and their languages are Draconic. They also frequently worship dragon gods.

The Lizardfolk’s Natural Armor is a great way to maintain AC while playing a MAD cleric. Their race and class is very MAD, making it easier to sustain a high AC. They also have two bonus skills that improve their Dexterity and Strength, which are great for a strength-based build. In addition, they gain temporary hit points.

The lizardfolk have high levels of Wisdom, CON, and Dexterity. These are fine stats to focus on, but the lizardfolk also need to focus on Dexterity to complement Natural Armor. So, even though the Lizardfolk have good natural armor, the cleric’s Dexterity should be the priority.

Despite their reputation as being squishy, the Lizardfolk cleric does not have to wear heavy armor to stay alive. They can be beefier, which is useful when playing in domains without heavy armor. The death domain is a good choice for clerics who love getting into the thick of the action. Their bite attack works in conjunction with touch of death to slay enemies.


The Lizardfolk cleric is powerful in DND because of their durability, great utility skills, and great range of attacks. In fact, a Lizardfolk cleric is an excellent choice for frontline characters as well as a Druid. There are some advantages to playing this class, too. This article looks at the key benefits and drawsbacks of Lizardfolk clerics.

As a cleric, the Lizardfolk racial feat is impressive. In addition to giving you a +2 bonus to your attack roll, the cleric also gains a 2nd-level bonus to WIS. The racial trait Detection is useful for both healing and buffing the party. This racial feat is useful for both character types, but it’s not essential to focus on it.

While the Lizardfolk are simplistic and merely a monster, they have an edge over most races. As such, most campaigns will feature them as enemies. However, this doesn’t mean they’re not customizable. Lizardfolk clerics can be incredibly strong and deadly in DND. Choosing a Lizardfolk class will help you personalize the race as you see fit.

The Lizardfolk cleric has a lot to offer as a druid. The Lizardfolk race is primarily a melee class, so their spells are geared towards melee combat. The druid builds focus on their ability bonuses, especially Wisdom, and give them necrotic damage. However, if you’re interested in healing, you’ll want to go with a life domain cleric.

Lack of concept of Good and Evil

A lizardfolk cleric has a unique challenge: lack of the traditional concept of Good and Evil. Lizardfolk are not typically religious or moral creatures. Instead, they are highly utilitarian and will eat anything, including humanoids, when necessary. Their lack of ethics makes them particularly objectionable to other players. Nonetheless, lizardfolk are unique enough to be considered viable options for clerics.

While lizardfolk are fierce allies, they are also confused by the concept of Good and Evil. They do not distinguish between monsters and humanoids, and eating one of the latter would be inappropriate. Hence, the lizardfolk should save the flesh of humanoids for eating, but it is not necessarily a good idea to feed them on humanoids. Moreover, a lizardfolk should not cook humanoids, as their concept of eating living things is in conflict with their belief that humans are their food.

Lizardfolk live a savage existence. Unlike humans, lizardfolk live in tribes. While they may appear unsociable and primitive, they are highly territorial. Their survival is their top priority. Other races are only resources, and they often end up serving evil gods and enslaved by a local draconic tyrant.

Domain spells

The Lizardfolk cleric can benefit from using several Domain Spells for his or her classes. Many of them are damage-dealing or utility spells. Detect Magic and Dispel Magic are good choices, but there are some excellent spells in this list. Detect Magic is a solid choice for a wizard, while Arcane Eye is a superior scrying spell. Teleportation Circle is a great choice for transportation, and Channel Divinity can turn other creatures aside or banish them.

Tempest is the cleric’s primary domain, providing offensive power and armour bonuses. This domain is ideal for sea-based campaigns, as its two spells can be used against enemy creatures. The fog cloud is a breath weapon that gives the character a smoke bomb-like effect. Thunder-wave, on the other hand, can be used as a breathing tool.

Cunning Artisan is a flavorful ability that rarely sees any use in a game, but it can be extremely useful underwater. It can also be used to deal with breathing hazards, as spellcasters must breathe to cast their verbal components. The spells listed above are useful to build a lizardfolk cleric’s character. And don’t forget that the Lizardfolk are a racial race, so if you want to play one, this is the path to take.

The lizardfolk cleric has some unique traits that set it apart from other cleric races. Although they are considered to be dangerous by most people, the Lizardfolk aren’t evil in their own right. They only care about their own survival and growing stronger. While the Lizardfolk may be dangerous, their loyalty does not last very long.


A Lizardfolk Cleric is a unique type of D&D cleric. While they are not considered normal humanoid races, Lizardfolk Clerics adhere to dragon gods and perform necessary actions for survival. Although their primary stats are Strength, Dexterity, and Wisdom, they are capable of taking on quite a bit of damage and showcasing their strength and armor.

A Lizardfolk Cleric is a scaly humanoid with more in common with dragons and iguanas than with humans. Their basic mindset is alien and they assess everything on utility and future value. Although their stats are different, they still have a few common traits with humans, elves, and dwarves.

The lizardfolk has scaly and tough skin. While they can fight unarmed and naked, they lack the Bard support and Strength bonuses offered by most races. Because Lizardfolk have an endless list of domains, it is best to select a melee domain. This will allow your lizardfolk to fight without fear of dying.

A lizardfolk cleric has similar traits to a sociopath, but they are less prone to aggression and are more likely to kill enemies that they can kill with a single swing of their tail. Lizardfolk clerics tend to be less loyal, as they only care about their own survival. However, they are usually quite smart compared to most human characters, so they may be a good choice for a caster if you’re looking for a little extra versatility.

Character build

If you’re looking for a fun and unique character build, consider making a lizardfolk cleric in DND. Unlike other types of clerics, lizardfolk clerics are not the heroes of their own stories. Indeed, they are usually viewed as evil. But that doesn’t make them bad; they’re simply trying to survive and get stronger. And, unlike most casters, Lizardfolk clerics don’t hold grudges or loyalty to others.

Unlike other classes, a Lizardfolk cleric’s focus is not on doing good damage; it’s more about doing good healing. Although his primary role is ranged, his strength and Dexterity are both useful. A high Strength score is a good option to maintain a healthy character, while a low Dexterity is not necessary. However, if you want to be a primary healer, a high Con score is important.

While the other races offer useful traits and bonuses for Clerics, none of them are particularly good for a Cleric. While DrowSCAG, VedalkenVGtM, and HalflingGGtR are all decent choices, neither have useful features that a Cleric could use. Choosing a different race would provide a better advantage. However, half-Orc and Halfling aren’t particularly strong options. Halfling and Stout are not very useful either, as they aren’t useful for a Cleric. Finally, HobgoblinVGtM, a human and a Half-Elf are all good options but don’t have much in the way of ability scores.

If you’re looking for a challenging and unique character build, a lizardfolk cleric is probably not the right choice for you. Their reptilian appearance and largely rational outlook on life make them an excellent choice for nature-loving melee classes. Their scaly armor and sharp maw make them a tough opponent.



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