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Pathfinder Mithral Breastplate


The pathfinder mithral breastplate is a flexible and lightweight form of armor. Unlike other heavy armor, it does not affect Strength or Dexterity checks. It is also light enough to wear under your normal clothing. The pathfinder mithral breastplate is a good piece of Pathfinder equipment. Let’s take a look at the benefits and costs of this piece of Pathfinder gear.

Darkwood mithral breastplate

Darkwood mithral breastplates are light, flexible, and mechanically simple. Compared to steel and iron, mithral weighs half as much and does not impose a disadvantage on Dexterity Checks. In addition, mithral does not have a base strength requirement. This lightweight metal allows a character to wear the breastplates under normal clothes. The disadvantage is that they are underwhelming and feel under-powered.

A fully-equipped mithral breastplate costs around 1,800 gp. Darkwood mithral breastplates are not immune to corrosion, but they corrode twice as slowly as greenwood. This makes them the best choice for stealthy rogues. However, the price is significantly higher than average for mithral armor. That said, it is still an excellent investment in stealth.

Mithral is also lighter than steel, making it easier to wield. It is harder than steel, but less dense, making it less expensive to wield. Unlike steel, mithral does not impact weapon weight category. In addition, mithral weapons count as silver for damage reduction, and they are always masterwork items. Mithral is a rare material, and it is worth the price.

A darkleaf mithral breastplate is a great choice for combat. It weighs half as much as normal leather or cured hide, and it is twice as light. It is a great choice for heavy armors, since it reduces the chances of failure to spells and increases maximum Dexterity bonuses. It also reduces armor check penalties by 2.

Mithral chainshirt

The Pathfinder mithral breastplate chainshirt has many benefits. It prevents interruption of bardic performances and skald’s Raging Song. It also grants +2 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls for revived allies, as well as immunity to bleed effects. Moreover, the mithral chainshirt is a rare item, requiring special care and maintenance. Here’s how it works.

A mithral chainshirt is made of a light-weight metal, such as magnesium. Unlike mail hauberks, it doesn’t impose any disadvantage on stealth checks, and it has no strength requirement. Mithral armour was also fashionable. It looks like a mail hauberk. Its weight is half that of mail hauberks, but still provides significant protection.

If you are looking for an item that will help you in battle, Mithral is the right choice. It is a versatile piece of armor for many classes. It augments finesse fighter, dexterity fighter, and spellcaster builds, and is an excellent stopgap until you can afford a better item. For a front line Paladin, it can act as a tank until he can upgrade his gear.

Besides giving the wearer more protection, mithral chainshirt provides additional bonuses for his character. With +2 chainmail, he can cast aspect of the wolf spell as a 10th-level druid, which grants him +4 enhancement bonus to his Constitution. The +5 mithral chainshirt provides maximum Dexterity bonus but also a -1 penalty to armor checks. It also has a 15% chance of failure of arcane spells.

Among other benefits, it grants +4 enhancement bonus to Charisma and Wisdom. Similarly, it grants +2 competence bonus to attack and damage rolls. The +5 mithral chainshirt also provides a +4 morale bonus on Reflex saving throws and Mobility checks. Additionally, it grants a +4 morale bonus when saving against fear effects. And if you are a 7th-level cleric, the mithral breastplate chainshirt grants you the ability to cast touch of slime twice a day, which is an awesome bonus for your combat skills.

Mithral light steel shield

The mithral light steel shield is a versatile piece of armor, and its cost and use are determined by its level. The basic design is based on a stylized turtle shell. The +1 mithral full plate offers additional protection but does not have the hallmarks of its maker. Mithral is a rare silvery metal that is lighter than iron but as hard. It is used to make armor and other items, including weapons. It is also commonly used in elven armorsmithing. In addition to being a versatile metal, elven suits of mithral armor are typically enchanted.

This type of metal shield costs 17,180 gp and has an aura of faint abjuration. The material is black and absorbs light. It also allows the wearer to disintegrate objects, including creatures and weapons, once every two days. This type of shield requires a melee touch attack, and is therefore only useful for attacks. However, it does not stack with other shield types, and has a low AC rating.

The mithral light steel shield is crafted from thin strips of mithral. While it is not an armor plate, it offers substantial protection and makes you immune to spells that limit movement. It is also proudly imprinted with the mark of Luiren, a region of strongheart halflings whose militias are backed by powerful divine magic. The light steel shield can also be used to deal 1d6 holy damage to undead creatures.

A mithral heavy steel shield is more expensive than the standard steel shield but can be useful, despite its size. Its price is 36,155 gp and has an aura of strong abjuration. It weighs 15 lbs. Depending on its level, it can block incoming melee attacks. The only catch is that you cannot use the arrow deflection special ability while wearing it.

Celestial Armor

The full plate and half-plate versions of pathfinder mithral breastplate grant +3 enhancement bonus to Wisdom and Charisma, and they also give the wearer an immunity to mind-affecting effects. A +2 mithral half-plate grants immunity to poisons and negative energy, and a +4 mithral full plate grants a +4 sacred bonus to saving throws against compulsion effects. Both full plates and half-plates grant a +5 bonus on Reflex saving throws, which result in a successful save and no damage. A mithral breastplate is typically worn by a character who is 5th level or higher, and a full-plate gives a +2 enhancement bonus to that character’s Strength, Reflex, and Constitution.

Celestial Armor is more durable and cost-effective than any other light-armor type, so it should be used when the wearer’s Dexterity is higher than 13 or the armor’s base damage is greater than normal. However, this feat is only effective for a specific cost range, so the cost should be considered when choosing this kind of armor. Also, note that mithral breastplates are significantly more expensive than their basic counterparts.

A mithral breastplate can be used as both a shield and armor. Its double-duty nature makes it a great choice for heavy armor since it provides a +4 armor bonus to AC. Furthermore, its tower-shield size allows you to use it as standard heavy armor. You can also switch between the two types of mithral breastplate and shield as a free action. Furthermore, this item grants the ability to benefit from panoply mastery, which reduces spell failure by 75%. A mithral full plate can also be used as a shield, making it useful for spell-casting.

The +3 banded mail is more effective against magical effects. It grants a +3 enhancement bonus to the wearer’s AC and grants the wearer a dignified, commanding aura. When wearing this piece, the wearer can also take advantage of an incorporeal creature’s feats and gains an enhancement bonus to AC and Leadership. The +3 banded mail has a CR of 12th.

Other options

The Pathfinder Mithral Breastplate is an armor piece that can be used by Pathfinders in Pathfinder. Its advantages include light weight and protection from magic and energy attacks. It can also be worn under normal clothes and doesn’t reduce Strength and Dexterity checks. It is a great piece of equipment, and it does not require any special skill. But there are a few things to consider before choosing this piece of armor.

The first thing to keep in mind is the price. A mithral breastplate is expensive. The good news is that it has a few other advantages. It is a great decoy and can prevent attacks. It can also increase your speed, provide magical enhancements, and have a number of other advantages. But before deciding on purchasing this breastplate, consider your class and build. You will have several different options when it comes to your class.

The Pathfinder Mithral Breastplate costs four thousand gp and is easy to craft. Crafting it is a quick process, which involves weekly checks for sp and gp. It takes about a month, but it is worth it if you want to wear this armor piece frequently. Its weight makes it a great choice for heavy-armor-wielding male characters with panoply mastery.

A mithral plate can be fully equipped and has AC of 18. However, this is not immune to corrosion. However, this type of armor also has a greater AC, which means that it corrodes twice as slowly as normal. If you want to avoid corrosion, however, it is better to choose a different type of armor. A mithral breastplate may be worth the extra money. And it could mean the difference between survival and death for several parties.



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