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4 Ways to Lift your Sagging Brows without Surgery

It is natural for your skin to start to sag and get wrinkles as you get older. This is because, as the skin gets older, it loses its elasticity, so it gets droopy. Sometimes, droopy skin may come as a result of stress or heredity. The skin around the eyebrows is not an exception when it comes to this. When the eyebrows get droopy, the face looks tired and older. So this is not good for your appearance. Interestingly, lifting your eyebrows without surgery is now possible because of various new innovations. Besides, the nonsurgical methods to lift the eyebrow are less expensive. Some non-surgical methods are:

Dermal fillers

These are fillers that are also injected into the muscles. They go into sagging skin and fill it until it becomes normal. Dermal fillers provide a stable structure that holds the muscles high up. Therefore, it helps to lift the skin around droopy eyebrows.


Plasma is rich in platelets. The skin around the eyebrows may sag when a lot of skin tissues are dead and are not growing fast enough. Platelets in plasma can be injected into this skin and tissues, as they help to repair damaged tissues. Therefore, plasma helps in lifting eyebrows through a quick procedure.


Ultherapy is a way to lift eyebrows using radio frequencies. A device, which emits ultrasound frequencies, is used around the desired area. Collagen helps to straighten and lift sagging skin around the eyebrows. Through this therapy, the skin around the eyebrows will lift and lose all wrinkles.

Laser therapy

Although this may sound scary, it isn’t. By using lasers, the old layer of skin around the eyebrows is removed. This gives room for a newer layer of skin to grow. The new skin is strong and smoother, so it will eliminate all wrinkles and droopiness. So, the skin will look smoother and more healthy.


It is normal for the skin to get saggy as it gets older. But this doesn’t mean it is a pleasant experience. You don’t have to let it be if you don’t want to use surgical lifts. More so, you don’t need to hastily opt for surgery for a brow lift when they are other alternatives. Finally, you can reach out to  Sofwave to enlighten you on the best way to lift your eyebrow without spending too much. Sofwave are experts in handling crow’s feet



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