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Black Kitchen Cabinets

How to Add Elegance to Black Kitchen Cabinets

While black kitchen cabinets are an elegant backdrop, it is important to remember that they also tend to show fingerprints and grease stains. When cleaning black cabinets, use a damp microfiber cloth and oil soap. To bring out the glamor of your black cabinets, add brass hardware. Chris Loves Julia created an elegant black-and-white kitchen. To achieve this look, she incorporated wood accents and plants into the space. In the photos below, Julia Marcum accentuated the kitchen with brass hardware and warm wood accents.

Less discoloration

Black kitchen cabinets are the easiest to keep looking fresh. This is primarily because black paint is more forgiving than many other colors. While you can use a paint chip or a touch up, a black kitchen cabinet is less likely to show discoloration than a white or light-colored cabinet. This is why many places that deal with lighter colors keep a small can on hand. It is also easier to find a matching paint chip in a black-toned cabinet.

In addition to being easier to clean, black kitchen cabinets hide dirt, stains, and fingerprints better than white cabinets. However, they also show every day dust and fingerprint smudges. If you are concerned about the appearance of dirt on black cabinets, you can use a cleaner containing vinegar or water. Be careful, though, to not touch the surface of the cabinet with wet towels. This is because oil can spoil, which can leave your cabinets looking dirty and unattractive.

Another great benefit of black kitchen cabinets is their versatility. Whether you want to go traditional or rustic, black cabinets can match any style of decor. Choose your cabinet style carefully so that your walls, flooring, and paint colors compliment one another. Black kitchen cabinets can work with many other design elements, including white countertops. Adding an island or backsplash will add pops of color to a room. If you don’t like the traditional look of black cabinets, try mixing and matching the hardware and wall color.

Another benefit of black kitchen cabinets is that they show less discoloration than lighter-coloured ones. While lighter-coloured cabinets tend to show smoke and grease stains more quickly, black cabinets do not show any of these stains. Antique white and light-colored kitchens can get yellowish over time, but black painted cabinets don’t. Keeping your black kitchen cabinets clean and sanitized will ensure that they look as new for many years to come.

A solution of white vinegar and hot water is an inexpensive natural method that won’t damage your cabinets and is effective on a variety of materials. A small amount of mineral spirits is also effective in removing stubborn spots. Mineral spirits is an excellent choice for this method, and Briwax makes toluene-free versions as well. However, this method will take longer to work than a toluene-based product.

Simple design

To create a striking effect in a kitchen, try combining the color black with wood. The combination works with both dark and light wood, as long as the two elements are well-matched. Bright colors work with black to give an elegant feel, while dark wooden elements bring an industrial note. In both cases, the accessories play a critical role in determining the overall look. You can also use black and wood to create a warm, rustic atmosphere.

Black and wood are often paired together in the same kitchen. They have complementary shades of black, which look particularly stunning with industrial-style designs. If you want a bold color but still maintain a modern aesthetic, you can choose wood countertops and backsplashes. You can also choose to use patterned tiles in your backsplash, which will provide an accent and dreamy symmetry. However, you must be careful not to overdo it.

As a color, black does not absorb too much heat, making it ideal for kitchens. In addition, it maintains adequate humidity and temperature levels. Moreover, it helps in making a room look spacious and airy without appearing bulky. Black is also a great choice for a kitchen because it hides all clutter. It can be used on cabinets, countertops, and even walls. Black also exemplifies elegance and visual manipulation. If used in the right proportion, it can have a regal appeal.

Black is a versatile color and can enhance the interior design of any room. It makes an impact when it is used in conjunction with a neutral color. Black kitchen cabinets can be paired with any color scheme, and any design element you wish to use. A simple black kitchen will give the room the perfect touch of sophistication. The simplicity of black kitchen cabinets will leave you room for a creative idea or toss out an original touch.

Black and white combinations go together well, so the colors of the black cabinetry will stand out in a bright and spacious kitchen. Black kitchen cabinets can be complemented with other textural elements, such as an exposed brick wall, which gives a juxtaposition of textures. To complement the shine of black cabinetry surfaces, consider marble tiles. They also complement the glossy surface of black cabinets. You will be happy you did. And, if you want to add some splashes of color, choose a kitchen with a little jazz.

Dramatic accents

There are many different ways to add drama and flair to black kitchen cabinets. For starters, you can add wood, a striking texture, and multiple levels of lighting. Alternatively, you can incorporate colorful accents to create a striking focal point. A backsplash can also be a decorative piece. Alternatively, you can create a feature wall using a wood-paneled backsplash. Whatever way you choose, you’ll find dramatic accents to go with your black kitchen cabinets.

If you love black, but are worried that it will overwhelm your room, consider using a black and white color scheme. You’ll avoid visual overload by using this color scheme in combination with a neutral palette. In addition, you can use a monochromatic palette to achieve a dramatic and moody look. But be careful not to go overboard. Black can look overwhelming when used too much, so keep it to a minimum and play up other colors with your black kitchen cabinets.

While black may be an unexpected color, it can also suit those who are not afraid to take risks. The dark color may have taken a while to catch on, but it’s certainly proving its value. And you’ll find many ways to make black work in a kitchen without sacrificing its traditional look. Just remember: it doesn’t have to be boring. And a splash of color can go a long way.

If you love the look of a black kitchen, add a pop of colour with accessories or decor. You can use glass-fronted cabinetry to break up the monotony. These pieces are perfect for setting off the other cabinets around them. You can even have your glass cabinetry lit from within to add a dramatic effect. Also, choose smoked glass or fluted glass accents to create a dramatic effect.


A kitchen can look stunning if it has black kitchen cabinets, but how much do they cost? The answer is very dependent on your own style and budget. The cheapest options are stock cabinets, which cost about $60 to $200 per linear foot, while custom cabinets can range from $500 to $1,200. Stock cabinets are the most affordable option, but you may have to pay for the installation of the cabinets themselves. Also, they are not as customizable as custom cabinets, which can make them an unattractive option.

You can buy inexpensive spray paint in an enamel finish, and apply several light layers to avoid bubbles. Don’t use heavy coats of paint, since they might not dry properly and leave a glossy finish. You should also sand the rough spots on the cabinets before applying new paint. To finish the look, install new cabinet hardware that contrasts with the black color. A stylish backsplash is another way to change the look of black cabinets, and it won’t cost you much money.

For a more classic look, consider matte black cabinets. These cabinets have no visible hardware and look sleek and modern. You can break up the black color with colorful rugs. You can also paint molding and soffits in the same color as the cabinets. The impact will be stunning. However, make sure that the backsplash matches the rest of the wall. If your budget doesn’t allow for all the new cabinets, consider a darker color for the walls.

If you don’t want to spend much money, you can also choose to spray paint the cabinets. The cost for this process is approximately $40 per linear foot, and you can choose the color that matches the rest of your kitchen. You will also need to buy paint for the cabinets. Paint will cost you between $1,500 and $8,000 for a 200-square-foot kitchen. However, the cost of a custom kitchen may be higher.

Black kitchen cabinets look great with gold or silver hardware. You can even coordinate your knobs and pulls to match your appliances. You can even use silver appliances if you want to get extra fancy. In either case, you can go for a rustic style or an eclectic look. Either way, black cabinets can be a great addition to any kitchen. If you’re not sure what kind of hardware to use, go with black or silver.



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