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Who Snitched on Big Meech?


Big Meech is a very well known mafia family in the United States. Money laundering and drug trafficking are integral parts of any mafia organization. However, who snitched on Big Meech? We have compiled a list of ‘potential snitches’ and their names. Which one do you think is a good bet? Read on to find out!

William Doc Marshall

A recent documentary aired on Starz about William Doc Marshall, the man many believe snitched on Big Meech. Hussey explains the story of Doc Marshall and the many other snitches, and shows that the investigation started much earlier than Doc Marshall. It’s not hard to imagine why these men would have snitched on Big Meech.

A man’s marriage is one of the primary reasons for being arrested. Big Meech’s wife, Sabrina Peterson, has launched a petition to seek a lighter sentence for him. Although Big Meech hasn’t mentioned his previous relationship with his wife, he has been linked to a number of women. He’s also a fan of tattoos and often wears ‘funky’ clothing, like rap stars.

Two former BMF associates, Omari McCree and William ‘Doc’ Marshall, snitched on Big Meech. McCree is accused of telling the feds that Big Meech provided him with cocaine. The rapper also claimed that he ‘changed his mind’ after hearing about Marshall’s cooperation with the feds. He also revealed information about the Black Mafia Family’s distribution network. In the end, Marshall’s cooperation with the feds forced Big Meech and his former associates to take plea deals to avoid further incarceration.

Omari ‘O-Dog’ McCree

Omari ‘O-Dog’ ‘McCree snitched on Big Meech’, William ‘Doc’ Marshall, and the Southwest T. Three prominent members of the Black Mafia Family have been convicted of snitching on Big Meech. Among them are William ‘Doc’ Marshall and the former narcotics agent Omari ‘O-Dog’ McCree. All three were convicted in federal court of charges that stemmed from a drug trafficking and money laundering operation.

Omari McCree and the brothers snitched on Big Meech by signing a confidential source agreement with federal investigators. In that agreement, McCree detailed his role in the $270 million Atlanta drug ring. He named Demetrius Flenory, a brother of Terry Flenory, as his primary source of cocaine. Both men are charged with supplying cocaine to the BMF. McCree was not charged with any crime in connection with the cocaine trade, but he did cooperate with the investigation, revealing information to the authorities.

Despite the fact that Big Meech and the BMF are now in prison, the two men remain on the streets. In the years that followed, the two men pleaded guilty to multiple charges. Omari McCree also pleaded guilty to a separate drug charge and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Southwest T, on the other hand, pleaded guilty to several charges.

Omari ‘O-Dog’ is an alleged snitcher who is a member of the Flenory organization. He is currently behind bars at USP Lompoc in California. He is an ex-convict, and his rape record is a testament to his criminal past. The FBI and DEA claim that BMF distributed controlled narcotics throughout the United States.

Dexter ‘Sosa’ Hussey

Sosa Hussey is known for revealing the identity of William Doc Marshall, who snitched on Big Meech. Hussey’s testimony is important for understanding the nature of the black mafia organization and the gang’s infamous rap music. Sosa was the pigeon in between his brothers, Big Meech and Demetrius Flenory. Sosa was at the center of the Black Mafia Family’s drug operations. The SouthWest T was responsible for dealing drugs with Mexican cartels while Big Meech handled distribution. Marshall’s compliance with the feds forced Big Meech and Southwest T to plead guilty to rap crimes.

In the episode titled “Big Meech: A True Story”, Sosa Hussey reveals that he met Meech in 1985. This meeting changed his life, and those around him. Dex Sosa also reveals that he and Big Meech have been friends for a long time, and that they are still close friends. Hussey also discusses how he met Meech, and his summer break with Big Meech. Sosa Hussey’s story is a fascinating read.

Omari McCree snitched on Big Meech, along with William ‘Doc’ Marshall. He allegedly told the feds that Big Meech supplied him with cocaine. The rap group’s other key members, including Demetrius Flenory, were also suspected of snitching on Big Meech.

Sosa also documented who snitched on BMF. Though many believe Doc Marshall was the main component behind the downfall of the BMF, Hussey provides documentation of the others who snitched before the fall of the rap group. Sosa Hussey is also credited with establishing a communication channel between Meech and Southwest. Ultimately, the two companies reached an agreement on the morning of their trial in 2007.

Rick Wershe

The case of a Detroit police officer who snitched on a big meech was widely covered, but one man was able to get away with it. Rick Wershe is an ex-convict who snitched on a drug gang. Although he did not reveal who summoned him, he was shot by an associate and died. After the shooting, the police told Wershe to make a claim of an accident.

Wershe was a regular visitor at the home of the Curry Brothers, the Detroit police department’s emperor-mayor Coleman Young. Rick Wershe’s involvement in drug dealing was so widespread that his father, the late Coleman Young, became a fugitive. He also became a celebrity of the worst kind. Police and reporters knew him and his father. His dad’s name was used on the paperwork.

A sting operation followed him for six months. He was questioned about his drug use and his involvement in a drug ring. He was charged with operating a Continuing Criminal Enterprise, which falls under the “Kingpin” statute. The sting operation was looking for an informant, and Wershe was the perfect candidate. He was paid cash for information and could be rewarded handsomely.

Despite the publicity surrounding his arrest, White Boy Rick Wershe Jr., a young informant with the FBI, was sentenced to life in prison. His snitching on a big meech was so scandalous that it was later made into a film. However, his appearance in the film was as brief as Eminem’s acting credits. And yet, Rick Wershe snitched on a big meech – that’s what his family did for him.

As a teenager in the 1980s, Rick Wershe was a violent drug kingpin. His father, Richard Wershe, Sr., had a terminal disease and decided to recruit his son as an informant in exchange for some cash from the FBI. The father had agreed to let his son become an informant because of his aging health. Herman Groman, Rick’s “handler” for years, agreed with this arrangement.



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