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Who Made Me a Princess – Book Review


Who Made Me a Princess follows Athanasia de Alger Obelia, a girl who is mistakenly reincarnated as the fictional story of The Lovely Princess. Her original life is marred by tragedy after she was falsely accused of poisoning Jennette Margarita and executed by her father. In this new life, she must learn to navigate the world and establish a relationship with her new father. The plot is filled with twists and turns, including an unreliable narrator.

Ananta Constantine Dante

Ananta Constantine Dante is a third-generation imperial princess who is considered a saint by many. After dying over again, Ananta decides to protect her empire, people, and family. To do so, she returns to the timeline of her first life, where she must learn how to protect herself and prevent the same thing from happening again. Fortunately, Ananta is not alone in this quest.

In Ananta Constantine Dante made me an emperor, Dante’s story begins with a dialogic meeting with the late Pope Nicholas III. Despite the fact that Dante mistakenly believes Boniface VIII, this was actually a Roman nobleman Giovanni Gaetano Orsini, who was the pope from 1277 to 1280. Dante blames the pope for breaking the law and destroying the church, but it is not his fault.

Claude de Alger Obelia

In the novel, Claude de Alger Obelia is the reigning emperor of the Empire of the Obelians. His brother, Anastacius de Alger, was executed by his father after usurping the throne, and Claude takes up the throne in his place. Claude’s daughter, Athanasia, is the proper heir to the throne, but when she meets her father four years ago, he becomes suspicious of her.

Claude was born into a royal family, but was treated as an outsider and a spare. His father, Anastacius de Alger Obelia, had no intention of giving him a princely title. As such, he was neglected by his father and ignored by his family. During his childhood, Claude hid the fact that he was the youngest son of the king, and he was treated like a spare. His clothes were worn out and his skin was covered with bruises, the result of his step mother’s abuse.

Athanasia’s father, Felix, attempts to convince Claude to marry Athanasia. He mentions that Athanasia’s favorite chair is in his office, and that there are rose gardens in every corner of the palace. During their first meeting, Felix tries to convince Claude to marry Athanasia, but he is too late. He is unsure of his daughter’s intentions, and he does not have the heart to take her.

Claude has an odd personality. His first partner died, and his second partner, Diana, did not survive him. He lost his family and his mother, but was still in love with her. His dark magic wiped out her last partner’s memory. Claude hopes this will freeze her heart, but it has twisted the way it worked. When he meets a new love, he will feel a different way.

Claude de Alger Obelia’s royal life was a debauched one. He met Diana during a royal banquet and became her concubine. She was pregnant and died, but he did not want to kill her. In the Ruby palace, he slaughtered his concubines and their children, but he did not kill his daughter. The name of the princess made him hesitate, and so he did not kill her.

Claude decides to kill his daughter

After saving his daughter Diana, Claude is unable to sleep. He asks her ghost to leave, but she refuses, claiming that she killed herself without his permission. There is no reason for Claude to love his daughter, since he has no memory of her. However, he can’t help but feel sorry for her. The ghost then tells Claude that he can’t make her a princess, and he decides to kill her.

Athanasia, now a young woman, visits Claude. She asks if he remembers her, and Claude answers by averting his gaze. When she returns to the palace, she confesses her wish to Claude, who then orders the maids to take her away. Meanwhile, Athanasia, who was a princess for only a few days, orders the knights to kill her, prompting a lightning storm.

Claude’s actions may seem harsh and cruel to fans of Who Made Me a Princess. However, the story is still compelling. It explores the complex nature of human relationships and the effects they have on people. While the book is a classic tale of love and loss, it is still disturbing. Claude’s actions, however, are never completely self-serving and he never expresses remorse for the wrongful execution of his daughter.

Ananta steals the hearts of her family members

Ananta is an Indonesian political prisoner who was held for 14 years and released several fiction pieces, including the award-winning “House of Glass.” In his most recent video, he spoke about rape and how he took the initiative to edit out women’s clothing from his videos. He also talks about the positive elements of his videos. Despite his controversial views, Ananta manages to steal the hearts of his family members.



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