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Eat and Drink Travel Tips


Whether you’re on a budget or on a tight travel schedule, here are a few eat and drink travel tips to help you make the most of your trip. When it comes to food and drink, research is key! Follow travel blogs and read food-related articles. UNESCO has even recognized various food traditions from around the world. Planning your travel-day food itinerary is also key. And don’t forget to consider a variety of ingredients.

Avoiding unpasteurized foods

There are several reasons to avoid eating unpasteurized foods while traveling. First, unpasteurized milk and cheese contain pathogenic bacteria that can cause severe illnesses. Milk and cheese should be served in sealed containers and not be consumed at room temperature or in an open container. Additionally, pregnant women and those with weakened immune systems should avoid drinking unpasteurized milk. Alcohol is also a good option for travelers, but make sure to avoid ice in drinks and unsafe mixers.

Water is another common risk. While it may be tempting to drink the water from a fountain, it can be contaminated with bacteria and lead to food poisoning. Fortunately, water is usually safe when you travel; however, some unpasteurized water is not. If possible, drink bottled water. In addition, make sure to boil water when possible to avoid food-borne illness. Lastly, bottled or boiled water should always be the safest bet when traveling.

While foodborne diseases can strike at any time, the risk of infection is greatest in developing countries. Developing countries are prone to outbreaks of food-borne illness, including those with poor sanitation. You can avoid this by following CDC guidelines and avoiding raw and unpasteurized foods wherever you travel. You should also consider antibiotics if you are susceptible to food-borne illnesses. You can get a vaccination at your doctor’s office or travel clinic.

Planning a travel-day food itinerary

When planning a vacation, don’t set the schedule in stone. Make room for spontaneous activities and make sure you budget for travel-day food. Getting upgraded seats on a plane may mean a reduction in food budget. A proper budget will prevent you from overspending and allow you to do some fun things on the trip. Planning a travel-day food itinerary is a must! Here are some suggestions to make your holiday go as smoothly as possible.

Planning a budget meal

While on vacation, setting a food budget is a good idea. You can set a strict limit or an overall goal for your food budget. Keeping to your budget will ensure you do not spend more than you have. You can plan special activities around your budget so you can eat in some nice restaurants, but still stick to your budget. Planning a budget meal while traveling will allow you to experience a vacation without breaking the bank.

Another tip for traveling on a budget is to eat at local eateries. Many tourist cities have dozens of restaurants and you may not have the funds to try every one. Try to find a trolley eatery, or a street vendor selling cheap food. If you can, go with a group to share the bill. If you’re traveling alone, consider asking someone you know to join you at the local restaurant. Although this might not be the most romantic meal in the world, you’ll be sure to have a great experience!

When dining out, try to choose midday meals, if possible. Lunchtime meals can be much cheaper than dinner, but they’re typically smaller portions. You can also try the local small-plate evening tradition to get a cheap dinner. These are usually tied in with happy hours. It’s a good way to sample all types of food and not break the bank. Once you’ve figured out the best times, you can make a budget plan and stick to it!



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