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Write For Us Custom Boxes

Write For Us For Custom Boxes

If you need custom-printed boxes for your business, write to us for an estimate. Our team can assist you with everything from color and finishing to practicality and branding. You can even choose a unique design that reflects your brand personality and message. Whether you need boxes for a small or large business, we’re happy to help! Read on to learn more. Then, contact us to start your custom packaging project.

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Color and finishing

When choosing color and finishing for your custom boxes, you will have to consider how the artwork will be printed inside the box. If the artwork is a full-color image, you’ll need to make sure it is oriented in a certain way. If you don’t know what this means, contact the printer for assistance. They will work with you to create the cutting dies and printing plates for the interior of the box.

A clean, seamless look is the key to a strong presentation. You’ll want to use vibrant colors to captivate potential customers. Top-notch printing services will also give you the freedom to use mild colors. And while a bright color combination may draw attention, soft and muted colors will keep the price low. If you’re worried about your budget, write us a request for a custom box in a lower-cost color.


When you want your company’s logo to be on custom boxes, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, you should understand that some costs are one-time, and some are not. These include the original design work and stamp purchase, as well as print plate setup for large offset print runs. One-time costs are paid only once, while per-item costs are paid for each box that you purchase. For example, you will need to buy a certain amount of tissue paper and tape for each box.

A simple visual element on a box has a huge impact on the customer’s buying decisions. The average consumer reads 10 reviews before making a purchase decision. Research shows that more than 80 percent of 18-34-year-olds have written online reviews about products and services they’ve purchased. Having a custom shipping box makes it easy to stand out in a competitive field. Using a customized box can make your company stand out and inspire consumers to trust your brand.


If you’re looking to create a customized box for your products, you may want to consider the various materials available. You’ll find a variety of materials for mailers, from recycled cardboard to premium kraft paper. Depending on your design choices, custom mailers can stand out from the crowd or blend in with the rest of the boxing materials. Choose between HD Print quality on Magic White material for high-end branding, or a more rustic feel on Kraft.

When creating custom packaging for your products, you may want to take advantage of online services like Packwire. With their design studio, you can design a custom mailing box, rigid gift boxes, folding cartons, and shipping boxes. You can also get an instant price quote. If you need 250 12″x12″x10″ shipping boxes, for instance, the price will be around $3.76 each. Depending on the size and material of the boxes, you’ll have the option of ordering in bulk for discounted pricing.

When it comes to printing, you’ll have many options to choose from. You can get a one-color design, multiple-color printing, or four-color process printing. You can also choose a closure style such as ribbon-tied, interlocking, or tuck-tab. If you don’t want to print on both sides, you can choose a blank side. Custom boxes can be customized in many ways, so the only limits are your imagination.

Whether you need a small box for a small package or a full-blown packaging for a large one, you’ll find the right solution for your packaging needs. Custom boxes are perfect for businesses. You won’t have to compromise on quality – you can buy a box that expresses your brand’s values and add an imprint of your logo or message to it. And you’ll be glad you did!



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