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Tips on Locating the right mole check clinic to carry out mole checks

Finding the best doctor or clinic for an examination of the mole or skin test is a vital stage in identifying skin cancer. Your doctor might have expertise in finding and treating cancers of the skin. However, in the event that they don’t, going to a dermatologist or cancer clinic like Sundoctors could be an alternative. This article will discuss the various aspects you need to take into account when choosing a place to have your skin examined.

Locating a trusted skin cancer clinic

If you’re suffering from moles or other areas of concern, or you’re at risk for skin cancer and would like to have a complete body skin exam to determine the risk of skin cancer You must decide the location for your mole examination.

The person who is examining you must have expertise in detecting and treating skin cancers that include non-melanoma as well as melanoma skin cancer. They must also hold qualifications that demonstrate their expertise in this area.

Each of the dermatologists need to have sufficient knowledge and skills to detect and treat skin cancers. For a dermatologist to visit Australia first, you must get an appointment with an GP or other medical professional. Sometimes, this can lead to delays before the dermatologist is able to see you. This is the case in Melbourne is usually exacerbated by long wait times for dermatologist appointments.

A lot of General practitioners are easily accessible at short notice, and they have the right expertise and credentials. But, a lot of them don’t know their skills in different areas. If you visit an GP for a skin examination an easy method to determine if they are familiar in skin cancer exams is to determine whether they have the dermoscope, an instrument that magnifies and illuminates the skin. Anyone trying to study spots or moles without a dermoscope might not see indications of early skin cancer.

The skin cancer clinics typically are run by general practitioners who have an interest and expertise in treating skin cancer (although it isn’t always the situation). In some clinics , you might be evaluated by a nurse, or a doctor who has a limited amount of experience. If you are planning to go to a skin cancer clinic, make sure to check for the credentials of the personnel who will be treating you. Clinics for skin cancer are usually equipped with modern technology to aid in the diagnosis of skin cancer and monitoring of the skin, which is not common in dermatologist practices.

Mole photography and skin mapping clinics offer¬†an option where your moles or the entire face are captured by a nurse and then the photos are will be reviewed by a dermatologist, or other physician. These clinics nurses taking a look at your skin may not be permitted or competent to recognize areas of concern, which could mean you be waiting for a diagnosis after an examination by a doctor who has reviewed the images. These clinics aren’t likely to offer treatments for any skin cancers that they have identified and you’ll have to seek out another person to treat the troublesome area.


It is recommended to have your skin examined if find a spot that appears uneven with irregular borders or several colors, particularly in the event that it’s expanding, changing or isn’t similar to the other spots you have. If there aren’t any concerns about the spots You should think about having a complete skin examination when you have the risk factors for skin cancer, and it’s been longer than a year since your last examination of your skin.



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