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Gold Chiropractic and Sports Recovery


Dr. Doug Gold is a chiropractor and soft tissue specialist with extensive experience in sports injury care. He is a former athlete and understands the challenges that athletes face on a daily basis. He became certified in Active Release Technique (ART) and is currently a full body ART Masters certified. He realized the benefits of combining soft tissue techniques with chiropractic and pursued further education. Dr. Gold combines the best of both worlds in his practice.

Dr. Shane McCann

Dr. Shane received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida. He has extensive experience treating patients of all ages and sports. His advanced training includes multiple soft-tissue treatment techniques. He also holds certifications with a variety of organizations. While completing his education, Dr. McCann participated in various sports and studied exercise science at the University of Delaware.

He specializes in active release techniques, spinal alignment, and rehabilitation after injuries. While treating all areas of the body, his practice focuses on the neck and spine. In addition to these specialized techniques, he has specialized in McKenzie Method, a technique that identifies the root cause of the condition and suggests the best course of action. The goal of treatment is to alleviate pain and improve circulation.

Dr. Douglas Ccsp

Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) is a postgraduate designation that Dr. Douglas Ccsp holds at Gold Chiropractic and Sports Recovery. This designation requires a physician to complete a 120-hour postgraduate program requiring specific physical fitness instruction and sports injury evaluation. Upon completion of the program, he must pass a comprehensive written exam. Dr. Douglas Ccsp has received a number of accolades and awards for his services to the chiropractic field.

He is a graduate of UC Davis’ undergraduate program in 2002. He then worked in the sports and physical therapy fields, gaining valuable experience and knowledge in the field. He also completed an internship at the Champions Chiropractic Clinic, where he received specialized education in soft tissue and sports injury care. His passion for helping others is evident in the many volunteer programs he supports. Dedicated to the community, Dr. Angelo frequently speaks to groups about various health issues related to sports and helps out at community events.

Dr. Doug Gold

The practice of Dr. Doug Gold is a well-known sports chiropractor in Los Angeles. It has treated professional athletes as well as amateur sports enthusiasts. The doctors at the practice have helped Ted Williams, a well-known baseball player, stay in peak condition throughout his career. This renowned sports chiropractor offers a variety of treatments to help patients recover from their injuries and remain at peak performance. The team has helped many professional athletes such as NFL, NBA, and MLB players.

The team at Dr. Doug Gold Chiropractic and Sports Recovery includes sports specialists who specialize in recovery from sports injuries. The practice’s staff includes certified massage therapists and chiropractors with extensive experience. They are also highly trained in adjusting sports injuries. Dr. Gold is a board-certified sports chiropractor with advanced training in Active Release Technique and Graston techniques. Additionally, the team at Dr. Gold Chiropractic and Sports Recovery has undergone continuing education in soft tissue assessment. Dr. Gold has completed postgraduate courses at the Postural Restoration Institute, Neurokinetic Therapy, RockTape, and golf chiropractic care.

Located in Miramar, Dr. Doug Gold Chiropractic and Sports Recovery is home to the official chiropractors of the Jamaican Olympic team. This clinic offers multiple therapies including manipulation under anesthesia, kinesiotaping, and assisted isolated stretching. Athletes may benefit from chiropractic therapy and have seen incredible results. Athletes such as Lance Armstrong and Usain Bolt regularly see Dr. Doug Gold. Douglas Rapid Rehab has two locations in the tri-county area. With top-notch treatment facilities, Douglas Rapid Rehab has been serving injured people for over twenty years.



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