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Audio or Video Transcription: Do You Need It?

As more people listen to podcasts and watch videos online, the demand for digital content transcribers is on the rise. In today’s fast-paced digital world, finding time to read articles or watch videos is almost impossible. With a rising need for speed and accuracy in reading and understanding text, transcription is an answer to that problem. While there are all these benefits of transcription, do you need the services? Here are a few signs that you need these services.

You Want to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Transcription is a great way to improve the visibility of your websites in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It will ensure that visitors across the globe know what they’re looking at when they land on your site. They find the required information within a short while hence maximizing the time spent on your site.

By having a good SEO service, you’ll also increase traffic to your website as people will search for relevant information on what they’ve just read or heard. Transcription provides an excellent service to meet these requirements because it accurately transcribes recorded audio or video files into written text.

You Have A Few Podcasts and Video Content on Your Website

Transcribing audio and video content can work very well for a small website with limited media files. It’s the best method only if you have a small number of podcasts or videos on your website. For example, if you do not want to download or upload the audio or video files, transcription is an option for you.

Almost all transcription services are easy to use because they can provide a direct link to them. However, this also means they are affordable compared to service providers offering other media types.

Your Business Majorly Deals with Business Conferences

Transcription is the best method for those who organize regular business conferences. While there are many presentations and discussions during every conference, you cannot use the same for all of them because some topics may only focus on a certain niche.

For example, if you organize a gardening conference, you can use audio recordings of talks to create a transcription of the event. You can also use video files to create transcripts, even though they should be more expensive than audio files.

Your Business Makes Hundreds of Phone Calls Daily

Similar to other types, transcription services can also transcribe recorded phone calls. Although transcribing phone conversations is not common, it can be quite useful in the right context.

For instance, if your business deals with telemarketing and you use this service in all your calls, it will help you record the conversations and transcribe them later when necessary. Adding that there are many different phones within every business, this service can also help them track their calls.

Your Business Handles A Lot of Interviews

If a business conducts interviews with its clients and needs them written down, then a transcription service can be very instrumental; they can use a transcription service to do so. Conversely, if you are a company conducting interviews to investigate your market competitors and want transcripts of the same, you can do the same in both these cases. These services will help your business save time by saving them from sending the recordings elsewhere.

You Value Data Security and Confidentiality

Transcriptions are made as a result of voice recording. When you use an audio transcription service for your business, the recordings can be kept in your possession so that even if certain data breaches occur, none of the information will be leaked. This will prevent data breaches and make your business secure from the outside world.

Most transcription services will also require you to keep some kind of security protocol personally approved to ensure that no one else has access to such crucial data.


It’s no surprise that in today’s digital world, more and more people are turning to audio and video as a way to communicate. Whether podcasting, streaming your favorite shows, or sharing videos with your friends and family, multimedia content offers many communication opportunities. With professional audio and video transcription services, many companies and enterprises can stay organized without wasting resources such as time and money.




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