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Is Satellite Service Better Than Cable Services?

We’ve come a long way from black and white television; not only do we have color, but the picture is crisper and clearer. Nowadays, people can choose between cable, satellite, or going with a myriad of streaming services that are starting to frustrate viewers. 

Below, we’ll discuss cable and satellite services to discuss which is the better option and save you some frustration.


When you’re paying for a service, you want it available when you want to use it. With cable, this is easier if you live in a city, but what if you live in a small town or an even more rural location? Since cable providers build their networks in major cities, providing them with more options, some small towns have minimal choices. 

With satellite services, you have nationwide coverage no matter where you are. The only downside is that it is likely to run into problems if you have an obstructed southern view or experience heavy storms.

Hidden Fees

One reason people want to get away from cable is all the hidden fees associated with the service. There’s the hidden installation fee, cable box fee, HD fee, DVR fee, and all the tiny little taxes; some are even charged a router rental fee when they own their router. With satellite, the fees aren’t hidden; if they exist, they are minimal compared to cable.


If you live in a relatively new residence, chances are it already has cable and internet lines installed within the wall, especially if you live in a city. If your home doesn’t have these lines, it’s easy for a technician to install them. 

If you’re renting, your residence may already have a satellite dish. If it doesn’t, then you would need to ask your landlord if you can have one. One of the benefits of satellite installation is that you don’t need a technician to come inside your home.


There are Satellite TV services that offer more content, greater control over live TV, help you overcome the frustration with streaming services, and offer free international channels that the dish picks up. 

One frustration with streaming services is that people have to jump between providers to find a show they want to watch. Satellite services provide a customized experience and thousands of on-demand options. Some satellite TV services also allow you to record shows, so you never miss live events.

Saves On Internet Data

Streaming your monthly data can lead to throttling or exceeding your data limit. Satellite services keep you connected and entertained and eliminate the worry of how close you are to your monthly data limit. If you live in a rural area, you likely have connectivity issues with cable or slower speeds, which is why many people in rural areas prefer satellite over cable.

Regarding satellite TV services, DIRECTV has been at the forefront for nearly three decades, delivering innovative experiences. If you’re ready to experience better availability of entertainment with better options to choose from while saving on your internet data, then it’s time to switch by ordering online or giving us a call.



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