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Wedding Themes to Make Your Big Day Special

Wedding themes are used by more and more couples to turn their big day into an event that is both meaningful to them and enjoyable for their guests. Take a look at some wedding themes below and areas of your ceremony and reception that can be influenced by the theme you choose.

  • Destination

A casual beach theme requires the dress code to be casual, with dresses preferably short. If you plan it well, you can have one of the perfect romantic myrtle beach weddings.

  • Interests

Rock & Roll – Let your guests rock and roll all night long at your wedding. Fairytale – Get ideas for your ceremony and reception from your favorite fairytale stories. Movie – Capturing the feel of a certain movie for your wedding is an easy task.

  • Culture

If the bride or groom is of a particular Asian ethnicity, it’s important to incorporate the traditional dress of that culture into the wedding as well as food. Other cultural elements can be used throughout include traditional patterns, artwork, colors, writing, etc. for an Asian wedding.

  • Seasons

Spring, autumn and winter are all great seasons to have a wedding. Summer weddings should include lots of flowers and heavy use of color. Winter wonderland wedding themes are popular among many couples. Think of ways to incorporate snowflakes into the decoration of your venue and for your wedding favors.For more information visit greetingsus .


  • Time Period

The ideal ceremony location for this theme is a Victorian mansion or garden with a beautiful gazebo. Lace can be used to adorn not only the bride’s dress, but also the table setting and other elements for décor. The bride can be very creative with her wedding day look by wearing unique headpieces.

  • Golf Theme Wedding Entertainment and Food Ideas

Decorating a golf theme wedding can be relatively easy. The key is to create a mix of tradition and fun. You do not have to be a golf pro to enjoy a little mini-golf at the reception. It’s easy to go back to the traditions of country club golf with cocktails.

Bringing golf into the entertainment can be a challenge for guests. You do not have to be a golf pro to enjoy a little miniature golf. For friends and family who are avid golfers, you can hold a pre-wedding scramble. Invite the wedding party, of course.

  • Choosing the Best Wedding Dress for You

There are many bridal boutiques and wedding fashion stores that carry a wide variety of dresses. A wedding dress from a specialty boutique can be one of the more expensive routes of getting your gown for your wedding. Establishing your budget in advance will help you have the wedding day of your dreams.

  • All About Indian Wedding Sari

India is a large country and has different cultures and traditions when it comes to getting married. The wedding dresses will have to depend on the culture of the place. The Indian wedding sari may come in a variety of colors depending on the theme of the wedding. Most Indian wedding sari is colored red because it is the traditional color. The red color also represents happiness and good luck to the couple who are getting married. It is quite hard to look for the sari fabric in India so you need to go to India to buy it.

  • The Different Styles of Wedding Photography

There are three main styles of wedding photography available today. Different photographers shoot in different styles and it is important to find the right one for you. I have outlined the 3 main styles below, although it is possible for a photographer to shoot in more than one style.

  • Traditional wedding photography: 

Traditional wedding photography captures the most memorable moments of your wedding day. With careful lighting and expert posing traditional wedding photography creates a perfect record of your family gathering. A good photographer will be able to work quickly and put people at ease to ensure the posing doesn’t look uncomfortable.

  • Reportage wedding photography:

Photographer blends into the background and photographs events as they happen. Reportage, sometimes called Photojournalistic wedding photography, means literally “to report”. The growth of Reportage wedding photography appears to have coincided with the growth of digital photography due to the low expenses per photograph.

  • Contemporary wedding photography:

Contemporary wedding photography can involve unusual or “off the wall” ideas and strange camera angles. This style of photography brings more of the photographer’s personality into the photograph together with the artistic vision or individual style of the photographer. When done correctly the results can be fantastic and your wedding album will be unique.


Once you have set the date and booked your venue start visiting photographers and have a look at their work. Be sure to ask to see completed wedding albums as presented to their past clients. Does their style fit your requirements? I hope this little article helps you find the photographer who will record your special day.



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