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3 Best Casual Shirts for Men in 2022

Shirts are the most common western wear for men in the world. Besides T-shirts, the only basic wear that men can pair with pants and trousers. Shirts come in many different fabrics, styles and varieties, and each is earmarked for a specific purpose. 

There are both casual shirts for men and formal shirts for men, and one can choose a shirt based on the kind of occasion or usage a person has. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of Online casual shirts for men to choose from and can be paired with the right kind of trousers; they can be worn in the most fashionable way. 

Casual shirts for men

There are many kinds of shirts for men casual based on what a person is looking for. Casual shirts are either cotton or linen. Winter casuals include options such as denim, Corduroy and wool. 

Dress casuals may include raw silk and a mix of silk and cotton apart from linen. Office casuals are usually cotton or poly cotton, a type of fabric that is not as stiff as cotton and has more flexibility and stretch. 

Based on the occasion, a person must have a collection of all types of shirts. Each type of season, trend and even trousers requires a specific kind of shirt and therefore, a man must have a collection of a wide variety of shirts with him to go with every kind of occasion. 

Types of casual shirts for men

Below is a list of some of the most popular types of casual shirts for men:

1. Cotton shirt

Cotton shirts serve as the classy option and are the holy grail for all shirts. A white cotton shirt is a basic and must-have for every man as it is the ultimate casual or formal shirt for men. Casual Cotton shirts for men can be worn formally and casually based on how one presents them. 

Neatly ironed, tucked in, and sleeves closed is a formal way to wear it, but the same shirt can be tucked out, sleeves folded, and in a relaxed manner, and is a great casual shirt option. Cotton is the best material for a shirt, and it is perfect for all seasons, especially summer, thanks to its breathable fabric and lightweight quality.

2. Linen Shirts

Linen shirts are the young and fashionable cousin of cotton shirts, one might say. Linen and cotton shirts are closely associated with each other and have similar qualities. Linen is more dressy, has a very soft appeal, and looks richer than cotton. 

Linen is also more expensive than cotton, but in a way, the cost is justifiable given the quality of linen when compared to cotton. Linen is more suited for harsher weather than cotton as it has a slightly cozy appeal, unlike cotton, which is more breathable and airy. 

3. Denim Shirts

Denim is one of the best materials when it comes to casual shirts. They are attractive to look at, make a nice casual, dressy appeal and still manage to keep the person looking sharp. The fabric is more suited for fall, unlike the first two fabrics discussed. But denim is one of the best casual shirts for men in this category with its urban and youthful appeal. 



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