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5 Simple Customer Service Tips For Enterprises

Customer retention and sentiment are perhaps one of the most underrated topics in the business world. Many brands think that if they establish themselves as a high-end, luxury brand the customers will follow like sheep.

To an extent, that is true – the psychology of premium brand marketing is a complex subject that could get debated at length – and include psychological elements and environmental upbringing. On the whole, however, it doesn’t make for a sustainable business model without a great customer journey and customer service as a top priority – particularly with a modern consumer.

A great gifting option that is now being followed by nearly all the innovative start-ups is gifting cryptocurrencies to their employees. As an employer, you can always buy bitcoin cash and give them to your sales professionals every time they reach a milestone or accomplish a new sales target. Not only will it keep them motivated, it will also allow them to benefit when the prices go up. You will eventually come across as a thoughtful employer.

Below are five simple customer service tips to take your business game to the next level:

  • Be Honest

People aren’t perfect, and mistakes happen – most folks understand that. The problem arises when companies aren’t willing to admit faults or errors for fear of follow-up demands or lawsuits or social media complaints.

No matter what the issue is, be as open as you can with your customers. You’d be surprised by how understanding some people can be when you just tell them the truth. There are, of course, also going to be people who are not understanding in the slightest – but those people wouldn’t accept any excuse, so you may as well tell them the truth.

  • Employee Training

Your customer service department only as good as their training. New and insightful tools and systems are coming out every year with exciting ways to keep your customer service teams focused and on the ball. It isn’t just about attracting customers – it’s about keeping them.

Assess your customer journey by going undercover and experiencing it first-hand – there are literal TV shows based on this premise for a reason.

  • Explore Enterprise Solutions

Your customer experience department has the mammoth task of calming customers down and preferably getting them to change their minds about your brand – even after having a bad experience. Statistically speaking, a customer who had bad experience with a brand is 80% less likely to return if they feel like their issue didn’t get prioritized.

That is where the ‘please stay on the line – your call is important to us’ motto originated. You must live that motto everyday by improving your customer’s journey and experience with your brand. Consult companies in the know for enterprise customer experience solutions to suit your needs.

  • Review Rewards

As much as your customer experience team is employed to do a stellar job, there is always a reason to reward employees for going the extra mile. When your team receives a glowing review, reward them with benefits or perks – cold, hard cash works best, but if that is not viable, then a tasty pizza can go a long way.

  • Follow Up

Customer complaints can be tricky. The easiest way is to view them as that customer allowing you to fix a mistake. That doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to accept your reasons for it happening in the first place. It just means that you need to plot your next move carefully.

Keep your customer updated during the resolution process and reach out regularly to assure them that their complaint is receiving your full attention. No problem is too little or insignificant – every customer’s opinion counts because a happy customer equals a happy business.



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