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Original resume: the best tips and tricks for success

You are currently looking for a job and to improve your application, you want to have all the best tips for writing an original resume? You are on the right page. Yes, it is essential to stand out from the others to win. And for that, there’s nothing like a striking and original CV that effectively outlines your academic and professional background. Here are some ideas on how to stand out from the crowd with your resume.

Do not write anything randomly

The CV is like your business card. Without it, you can’t apply for a job because it’s the only way your recruiter can get a sense of what you’ve experienced professionally before. In any case, the writing should not be done on a whim. Don’t think that it can be standard, even if it is for some people. Depending on the position you are applying for, you need to be careful about what information you include. 

Since recruiters only spend about 7 seconds on average on a CV, you will need to know how to catch their attention at first sight of your resume. Your CV must therefore be effective and original. You should only use words that you have carefully chosen to accentuate the visibility of your CV. If you are looking for your first job, you can check out resume examples online

Highlight all the information that is essential to you in your CV and as far as skills are concerned, specify them well. You can also add your hobbies if you think that they distinguish you from others. Be careful not to include superfluous information in your CV. The purpose of a resume is not to tell your whole life story but to highlight your strengths so that you stand out from the rest. 

Be sincere

Being truthful can be a detail that some people tend to overlook in their resumes, yet it is very important. When you are sincere, the information you write in your resume will be clearer and more concise. Don’t fall into the temptation of making up anything to make yourself stand out from other candidates. In addition to missing out on the job, there are also criminal penalties for lying on your resume. 

To stay authentic, you have to be real. If you are sincere in your resume, it reflects your personality at the office. And it gives your future employer confidence. What you don’t know is that recruiters always end up, sooner or later, realizing the deception of people who have lied on their CV. 

And for your resume to be perfectly creative, you must tailor it to each position. Have others proofread your resume if necessary to check for errors and to judge its authenticity. 

Adapting the formatting

Before starting to write your original resume, first determine which format can both enhance your application and suit the recruiters. Is it classic or modern? Or colorful or sober? The current trend is to print and/or send their CV in PDF format. Why is this? Because it is a protected format that helps the candidate to keep their information safe. It can no longer be modified.

And that’s not all. Formatting is also the visual aspect of the CV. Your CV must make the reader/recruiter want to read it to the end. The problem is that most resumes look the same. To make yours unique, try to start with a punchy catchphrase or a quote that perfectly defines who you are personally and professionally.

A CV is successful when it gives that little feeling of wanting to know a little more about you. And it is this feeling that makes the recruiter call you for a possible interview. A beautiful resume is also proof of your creativity, your good taste, a quality that all recruiters love, no matter what sector of activity you are in. 

Choose colors sparingly and don’t make the mistake of sending a colorful resume. 2 to 3 colors are enough and always keep it in sober tones to remain professional. Also, write in legible fonts (Calibri or Times New Roman) at the ideal size (12) to avoid your CV being rejected. 

Get inspiration from online resume creation platforms

And finally, if you’re out of ideas to make your resume original, you can go to online resume writing platforms like Pinterest or Canva. It’s not about copying everything because note that the examples posted online are standard templates. It’s up to you to look for ideas that can embellish your resume based on what recruiters are looking for and what you want. The most talented will use online software such as Indesign, Photoshop or Illustrator.



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