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Interesting Ways of Using Storage Units

Most people have rather bland and unimaginative uses for their storage units, such as storing holiday decorations or old clothes. Isn’t that what storage units are meant for? Decluttering the home? Safely stacking cartons over cartons of things we seldom use but can’t bear to part with “just in case.” 


Storage units can be much more than your “junk” drawer. With a little imagination and creativity, they can become your man cave, she-shed, or even a place to run your business.

So, let the boring and primary uses for storage units go by the wayside and look at some master-level ideas for using storage units to their fullest potential.

Home Office:

Working from home is a rising trend, and we love it. But, with noisy kids, naughty pets, and a demanding spouse, it can be pretty distracting to keep your head in the game. And, honestly, none of us have jobs that pay us enough to lease private office space. It is especially true if you’re in Milford, where commercial real estate is at a premium. 

But, good news! Storage units are the perfect place to set up your home office. If you need a better reason, Google took birth in a garage. You’ll be a level higher with a nicely sorted storage unit.

Luckily, Milford storage units offer reasonably priced services. A simple search like storage units Milford DE can help you locate a storage unit facility that’s convenient to access.

So, just dust off that old desk your grandmother left you and set it up in your new and cool office. Then, bring in a few comfortable chairs for meetings, some filing cabinets, and a few shelves for your printer and office supplies. And that’s all you need to get started!

Art Studio:

Amateurs and professionals alike understand the king-sized expenses of being an artist. The costs can spiral out of control, from hefty canvases to delicate sculpture materials. Plus, the house can become a total disaster if you have toddlers who transform into Picasso lite (gone wrong).

So, it’s natural for you to want a room in your house that’s strictly for your art. But, alas! The garage is full of your husband’s junk, and the basement is leaky. Where can you go? Look no further than your local storage unit.

For a few hundred bucks per month, you can have all the space in the world to create and store your masterpieces. And, if you get a unit with climate control, you won’t have to worry about your paintings warping or your sculptures melting.

Be fearless; use your creative juices and bring that storage unit to life by decorating with lights, tapestries, and rugs. And don’t forget to set up a comfy chair when you need a break.

Craft Room:

Crafting is a popular hobby that many people use to relax and de-stress. But, a lot of material goes into a handcrafted travel journal or an intricately crocheted baby blanket. So, where do you keep all those extra rolls of washi tape, extra skeins of yarn, and half-used boxes of beads?

Every nook and cranny is crammed with supplies, projects in progress, and half-finished gifts for friends and family. That’s the pain that only a true crafter knows. But, there’s a solution for the mess. And, it’s not as heavy on the wallet as you might think.

A storage unit can be ideal for keeping all crafting supplies safe, organized, and in one place. If security is a concern, you can even get a unit with an alarm. And, if you need to take your projects on the go, most storage units have dollies and hand carts that you can use for free.

Seasonal Wardrobe:

Aye, aye, fashionistas! We know you love to change up your wardrobe with the seasons. But, where do you put all those clothes that you only wear a few times a year?

It’s not practical or cost-effective to keep your summer clothes in your tiny apartment all winter. And, it’s not fair to your winter clothes to cram them into the back of your closet and forget about them until next season. Plus, you can never be certain there isn’t any mold or mildew growing on them.

So, what’s that one super practical solution that will save your clothes and sanity? A storage unit, of course!

You can bring in some railing and hangers, and voila! You have a walk-in closet that you can access anytime or at night. You can also set up shelving to store your shoes, handbags, and other accessories. And, if there’s enough room to add a chair and a full-length mirror, you can turn your storage unit into a dressing room.

Mini Basketball Court:

No day can go wrong when it starts with a game of HORSE. But what do you do when your kids outgrow the Nerf basketball hoop?

You can’t leave a full-sized basketball hoop in your driveway. It’ll take up too much space, and it’s not safe for the kids to play around. You can’t even take it in your lounge. It’ll mean dodging furniture every time before crashing a dunk.

Where can you put a basketball hoop that won’t damage your home but will still give the kids a place to play? Enter: the storage unit.

That’s right, folks. You can turn your storage unit into shoot the hoop basket for the kids. It’s not Madison Square Garden, but it’ll do in a pinch. Set up the hoop at one end of the unit and mark the pointer parameter with painter’s tape. 

Recreation Room

You’ve just gone through a hell week at work, and it’s to kick back and work on a new riff. You come back to your apartment, but you’re having trouble getting in the zone.

Consider using a storage unit as a temporary room to kick back and practice without disturbing your neighbors. If you’re not a musician, you can use this spot for me-time to kick back and catch up on your favorite Netflix binge-worthy seasons.

Do remember to clean up and bring a supply of food that will last you during your time out. It’s important to clean up before you lock up, or you’ll cause pest infestation.

Wrapping Up:

So, storage units don’t have to be your regular, run-of-the-mill storage space. With a little bit of creativity, you can transform a storage unit into anything you need it to be. However, before you move in or start a business out of your storage unit, check with your insurance company. Some activities may void your policy.

You must also research and understand everything to look into when renting a storage unit. Size, price, location, and security features are all important factors.



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